Monday, August 30, 2010

Typical AZ Republic Paper Reporting of Mexico

The largest newspaper in the state of Arizona has on it's online front page today an article entitled Mexico celebrates sounds of daily life.  Seriously, that's front page news when Mexico is imploding thanks to the violence of the drug cartels?  Google "Mexico gun fire".   The Arizona Republic (the online home of which is AZCentral) is a constant advocate for open borders, amnesty, and the illegal alien "human right" of border crossing with impunity.  It is also a statewide disgrace and in financial trouble.  It is nothing more than a propaganda tool for communists, marxists, and other assorted leftists.

I cancelled my subscription to this rag ages ago.  The continued to phone me and mail me for years begging me to restore my subscription.  They didn't stop until I finally told them that I would never even consider it since it would be supporting propaganda for hideous ideologies.  Of course, I had to explain what those big words meant.

Damn shame it is.  Especially when one remembers that the Arizona Republic was originally a voice of traditional American Conservatism called The Arizona Republican.

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