Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tennessee SB1141/HB670

Well, all I can say is... It's about damn time!  We here in Arizona have been on the front line of this all alone.  We are only 6 million people.  We can't do it all!  Now, to the rest of America I say... well?  what are you waiting for?

The Fiscal note on the SB 1141 page and the HB 670 page both link to the pdf of  HB 670.

Governor Bredesen signed a controversial immigration bill into law.
SB1141/HB670, which takes effect in January, requires state jails to report any undocumented inmates to federal authorities.

Monday, Governor Bredesen signed a controversial immigration bill into law.

SB1141/HB670, which takes effect in January, requires state jails to report any undocumented inmates to federal authorities.

In Loudon County, law enforcement officers typically discover the residential status of inmates upon booking.

"That's when we'd determine, or at least try to determine, whether they have good, valid documentation," said Loudon County Sheriff Tim Guider.

Up until Monday, if inmates weren't able to produce valid documents, they were treated similarly to other inmates who could.

"You'd book them like anyone else and hope it's the right name," Sheriff Guider said.

That didn't always include a call to federal immigration authorities -- now, it has to.

Pete Stark (D-CA) says our borders are quite secure

Pete Stark (Dumbass - CA) says our borders are "quite secure" and alot of other idiotic things in this video.  He was also incredibly rude and condescending to the constituents.

Californians you elected this idiot. I hope you're happy. He and you for continuing to elect him are part of the problem. He actually believes the bracero program, which has not been in place for decades, is still in force. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. I'm ashamed of you.  I hope you're happy; you're destroying this country.  Soon, you'll see what living with no freedom in a third world hell-hole is like.  Right there in your own homes.

Go ahead and call him.  His DC staff are incredibly rude, just like he is.  It won't do any good.  Fine.  I'm on my own boycott ... of all things Californian.

Washington Office

239 Cannon Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
(p) 202-225-5065
(f) 202-226-3805
Fremont Office

39300 Civic Center Drive,
Suite 220
Fremont, CA 94538
(p) 510-494-1388
(f) 510-494-5852

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Email CA State Senate and Assembly in opposition of Arizona boycott

I've compiled all the email addresses of the California State Senate and Assembly to make it more convenient for you to register your opposition to their plan to boycott Arizona.

CA State Senate to vote on SCR 113 - Arizona Boycott

CA SCR 113

Be sure to remind them that California law is more strict than Arizona's SB1070 which makes them hypocrits.  Or, just too cowardly to enforce their own laws.

Section 834b in the California Penal Code

834b. (a) Every law enforcement agency in California shall fully cooperate with the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service regarding any person who is arrested if he or she is suspected of being present in the United States in violation of federal immigration laws.
(b) With respect to any such person who is arrested, and suspected of being present in the United States in violation of federal immigration laws, every law enforcement agency shall do the following:
(1) Attempt to verify the legal status of such person as a citizen of the United States, an alien lawfully admitted as a permanent resident, an alien lawfully admitted for a temporary period of time or as an alien who is present in the United States in violation of immigration laws. The verification process may include, but shall not be limited to, questioning the person regarding his or her date and place of birth, and entry into the United States, and demanding documentation to indicate his or her legal status.
(2) Notify the person of his or her apparent status as an alien who is present in the United States in violation of federal immigration laws and inform him or her that, apart from any criminal justice proceedings, he or she must either obtain legal status or leave the United States.
(3) Notify the Attorney General of California and the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service of the apparent illegal status and provide any additional information that may be requested by any other public entity.
(c) Any legislative, administrative, or other action by a city, county, or other legally authorized local governmental entity with jurisdictional boundaries, or by a law enforcement agency, to prevent or limit the cooperation required by subdivision (a) is expressly prohibited.
Email addresses of all California state Assembly and Senate:
Assemblymember.Adams@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.Ammiano@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.Anderson@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.Arambula@assembly.ca.gov;
Assemblymember.Bill.Berryhill@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.Berryhill@assembly.ca.gov;
Assemblymember.blakeslee@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.Block@assembly.ca.gov;
Assemblymember.Blumenfield@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.Bradford@assembly.ca.gov;
Assemblymember.Brownley@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.Buchanan@assembly.ca.gov;
Assemblymember.Caballero@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.Calderon@assembly.ca.gov;
Assemblymember.Carter@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.Chesbro@assembly.ca.gov;
Assemblymember.Conway@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.Cook@assembly.ca.gov;
Assemblymember.DeLaTorre@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.deLeon@assembly.ca.gov;
Assemblymember.Evans@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.Feuer@assembly.ca.gov;
Assemblymember.Fletcher@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.Fong@assembly.ca.gov;
Assemblymember.Fuentes@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.Fuller@assembly.ca.gov;
Assemblymember.Furutani@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.Gaines@assembly.ca.gov;
Assemblymember.Calgiani@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.Garrick@assembly.ca.gov;
Assemblymember.Gatto@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.Gilmore@assembly.ca.gov;
Assemblymember.Hagman@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.Hall@assembly.ca.gov;
Assemblymember.Harkey@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.Hayashi@assembly.ca.gov;
Assemblymember.Hernandez@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.Hill@assembly.ca.gov;
Assemblymember.huber@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.Knight@assembly.ca.gov;
Assemblymember.Lowenthal@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.Ma@assembly.ca.gov;
Assemblymember.Mendoza@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.Miller@assembly.ca.gov;
Assemblymember.Monning@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.Nava@assembly.ca.gov;
Assemblymember.Nestande@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.niello@assembly.ca.gov;
Assemblymember.Nielsen@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.Norby@assembly.ca.gov;
Assemblymember.John.Perez@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.Manuel.Perez@assembly.ca.gov;
Assemblymember.Portantino@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.Ruskin@assembly.ca.gov;
Assemblymember.Salas@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.Saldana@assembly.ca.gov;
Assemblymember.Silva@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.Skinner@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.Smythe@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.Solorio@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.Strickland@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.Swanson@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.Torlakson@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.Torres@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.torrico@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.VanTran@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.villines@assembly.ca.gov; Assemblymember.Yamada@assembly.ca.gov; Senator.Aanestad@senate.ca.gov; Senator.Alquist@senate.ca.gov; Senator.Ashburn@senate.ca.gov; Senator.Calderon@senate.ca.gov; Senator.Cogdill@senate.ca.gov; Senator.Corbett@senate.ca.gov; Senator.Correa@senate.ca.gov; Senator.Cox@senate.ca.gov; Senator.Denham@senate.ca.gov; Senator.DeSaulnier@senate.ca.gov; Senator.Ducheny@senate.ca.gov; Senator.Dutton@senate.ca.gov; Senator.Emmerson@senate.ca.gov; Senator.Florez@senate.ca.gov; Senator.Hancock@senate.ca.gov; Senator.Harman@senate.ca.gov; Senator.Hollingsworth@senate.ca.gov; Senator.Huff@senate.ca.gov; Senator.Kehoe@senate.ca.gov; Senator.Leno@senate.ca.gov; Senator.Liu@senate.ca.gov; Senator.Lowenthal@senate.ca.gov; Senator.McLeod@senate.ca.gov; Senator.Oropeza@senate.ca.gov; Senator.Padilla@senate.ca.gov; Senator.Pavley@senate.ca.gov; Senator.Romero@senate.ca.gov; Senator.Runner@senate.ca.gov; Senator.Simitian@senate.ca.gov; Senator.Steinberg@senate.ca.gov; Senator.Strickland@senate.ca.gov; Senator.Walters@senate.ca.gov; Senator.Wiggins@senate.ca.gov; Senator.Wolk@senate.ca.gov; Senator.Wright@senate.ca.gov; Senator.Wyland@senate.ca.gov; Senator.Yee@senate.ca.gov;

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Illegals leaving Arizona heading for New Mexico - Good!

Illegals are allegedly leaving Arizona over SB 1070 and heading for New Mexico.  Good.  (It would be better if they actually went back to old Mexico though.)  This happened when we passed the Legal Arizona Workers Act a few years ago too.  In fact, at that time, many headed for Texas and even (gasp!) Mexico.  The Mexican government whined that they couldn't handle the influx of their own citizens.  Too damn bad.  I have zero sympathy for the Mexican government.  If the Mexican government wasn't so corrupt, Mexico could be an amazingly rich, beautiful, welcoming country for it's own citizens and for entrepreneurs from around the world.  Mexicans love their country.  Give it back to them.  Get rid of the corruption and drug cartels and let the people be free to pursue happiness at home.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Milwaukee County Dim Bulb

This is unbelievable.  Milwaukee County Supervisor Peggy West, who actually has a degree (in Human Services from the Milwaukee Area Technical College) said something som incredibly stupid, that the Board of Supervisors decided to delay their vote to boycott Arizona.  Milwaukee Technical College should rescind her degree.  What are "human services" anyway?

buzzsawmonkey asks if that is a palestinian flag in front of her.  It's definitely not a Wisconsin flag.  I am convinced it is.

Update:  The Osprey tells us it looks alot more like a black liberation flag.  Man is she confused or what??

Another Dim Bulb On The County Board Takes Center Stage

No one will ever confuse a meeting of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors with a get-together of the Mensa Society. Still, it is amazing how many truly dim bulbs have managed to get themselves elected to local office.

Today's example: Milwaukee County Supervisor Peggy West.

West is one of the ever-so-politically correct County Supervisors pushing an ordinance that would prohibit Milwaukee County from doing business with firms in Arizona because of Arizona's position on illegal aliens. The fact that a law like this would do nothing but hurt Milwaukee businesses demonstrates its stupidity and short-sightedness.

That's not really the point though. The Milwaukee County Board is, unfortunately, comprised of a lot of grossly overpaid political hacks who fill up their days believing that it's their role to solve all the perceived ills of the world. In this regard, Peggy West is probably no better or worse than a lot of her colleagues.

What distinguishes West however is that while many of her cohorts are - in a word - dumb, they manage to conceal it pretty well. In contrast, West appears to wear her ignorance as a badge of honor.

In a rambling speech expressing her concerns with the Arizona law, West opined: "If this was Texas, which is a state that is directly on the border with Mexico, and they were calling for a measure like this saying that they had a major issue with undocumented people flooding the borders, I would have to look twice at this. But this is a state that is a ways removed from the border." Wow! There's stupid - and then there's Peggy West.

In an interview afterwards, West tried to claim that she "misspoke". To that I say, watch the video and if you believe West "misspoke", be sure to duck when you fall off the turnip truck.

It's scary that Peggy West is making decisions that impact on the taxes that those of us in Milwaukee County pay. What's even scarier though is that I'll bet at least eight other members of the County Board agreed with her when she said that Arizona doesn't share a border with Mexico.

Look for this video to both go viral - and serve as yet another cautionary tale for anyone that wants to start a business in Milwaukee County.

Perhaps the new County Board slogan should be: "The Milwaukee County Board: Who Needs A Bright Light When You've Got A Lot Of Dim Bulbs"!

CA State Senate to vote on SCR 113 to boycott AZ

I have had it with the state of my birth.  Those of you who live there need to take some responsibility and get these freaks under control.

Contact information at the links I've added.  Senate, Assembly.  OR, cut and paste this into the TO field of your email:  To Be updated later today.

CA SCR 113

INTRODUCED BY Senator Cedillo

JUNE 22, 2010

Relative to Arizona law.
SCR 113, as introduced, Cedillo. Arizona law.
This measure would urge various state and private entities to withhold financial support of Arizona businesses in response to recent Arizona state laws relating to illegal immigration.
Fiscal committee: no.
WHEREAS, On April 23, 2010, the Governor of Arizona signed into law Arizona Senate Bill 1070, that permits state and local law enforcement officials in Arizona to engage in racial profiling, thereby turning the clock back a generation of civil rights gains;
WHEREAS, SB 1070 specifically turns unlawful presence, which is a civil administrative offense under federal immigration law, into a state crime, requires Arizona state and local law enforcement to question people who they "reasonably suspect" of being in the United States unlawfully, and grants Arizona police the power to arrest individuals without a warrant if they believe the individuals are in the United States in violation of federal immigration laws, thereby giving Arizona police an arrest authority normally limited to criminal violations; and
WHEREAS, On April 30, 2010, the Governor of Arizona signed into law Arizona House Bill 2162, modifying SB 1070 (collectively, the Arizona law) to prohibit racial profiling but still criminalizing unlawful presence, thus requiring Arizona state and local law enforcement to engage in immigration enforcement, question individuals they "reasonably suspect" of being in the United States unlawfully in the course of any "lawful stop, detention or arrest," and arrest individuals without a warrant for federal immigration violation; and
WHEREAS, The Arizona law undermines fundamental civil rights and civil liberties, and poses a special threat to people of color who live in and travel through Arizona; and
WHEREAS, Although the Arizona law states that it prohibits racial profiling, public officials assert that undocumented immigrants can be identified by the clothes they wear and the way they speak, and are therefore using stereotypes as proxies for race that will inevitably lead to racial profiling; and
WHEREAS, The State of California prohibits the unequal treatment of its residents and prohibits racial profiling of any kind; and
WHEREAS, According to the United States Census Bureau, an estimated 68 percent of California residents are people of color and 37 percent are of Hispanic or Latino origin who potentially could be targeted and harassed by law enforcement officials in Arizona as "reasonably suspect," if they fall into a stereotype held by law enforcement officers; and
WHEREAS, The Major Cities Chiefs Association stated in 2006 that when police engage in immigration enforcement, immigrant community members are less apt to call them when they witness or suffer a crime, thereby undermining the ability of police to protect the entire community and threatening public safety; and
WHEREAS, To the extent the Arizona law threatens public safety in Arizona, it also threatens public safety in California, as a neighboring state, and could potentially undermine trust between California communities and the police that serve them; and
WHEREAS, Civil rights leaders, constitutional rights scholars, elected officials, and police chiefs across the country condemn the Arizona law; and
WHEREAS, The City of Los Angeles, City of San Diego, City of Oakland, and City and County of San Francisco have all passed resolutions condemning the Arizona law; and
WHEREAS, We need humane and workable solutions, not an irrational and irresponsible response, to our broken immigration system, and we need solutions that help our state and country move forward together, rather than divide us apart; and
WHEREAS, The California Latino Legislative Caucus condemns the Arizona law and its impact on civil rights; and
WHEREAS, The California Latino Legislative Caucus cautions California residents from traveling to, or spending time in, Arizona due to the risk they may face in being subjected to inappropriate and unlawful scrutiny; now, therefore, be it
Resolved by the Senate of the State of California, the Assembly thereof concurring, That the Legislature and the California Latino Legislative Caucus urge the California Public Employees Retirement System and the California State Teachers Retirement System to cease making new investment in Arizona until Arizona Senate Bill 1070 and House Bill 2162 are repealed; and be it further
Resolved, The Legislature urges Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig to remove Arizona from consideration for hosting the 2011 All-Star Game until Arizona Senate Bill 1070 and House Bill 2162 are repealed; and be it further
Resolved, The Legislature urges an economic boycott of Arizona until Arizona Senate Bill 1070 and House Bill 2162 are repealed and requests California businesses to evaluate their investments in Arizona to affirm that business in this state do not directly or indirectly support any Arizona laws that sanction racial profiling; and be it further
Resolved, That the Secretary of the Senate transmit copies of this resolution to the author for appropriate distribution.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lake Elsinore, CA city council passes resolution in support of AZ SB 1070

And it also requires employers to use the Federal E-Verify Program to ensure that job applicants are legally authorized to work in the USA.

Contact the mayor and the city council here:
Phone: (951) 674-3124
Fax: (951) 674-2392
Email: cityhall@lake-elsinore.org
Cut and paste this line into the TO line of your email: 
mailto:cityhall@lake-elsinore.org;%20mmelendez@lake-elsinore.org; abhutta@lake-elsinore.org; tbuckley@lake-elsinore.org; dhickman@lake-elsinore.org; rmagee@lake-elsinore.org
The Lake Elsinore City Council voted Tuesday to support the Arizona law that makes it a misdemeanor to hire undocumented immigrants and calls on police officers to check on the residency status of people they stop or detain.

The council also approved an ordinance that requires employers in the city to use the federal E-Verify program to ensure that job applicants are authorized to work in the United States.

"This is about the right to work in this country," Councilman Bob Magee said.

The proposals on Arizona Senate Bill 1070 and the E-Verify program were brought to the council by Councilman Daryl Hickman in May, but held for further study.

"I did this out of frustration that the federal government is not doing its job," Hickman said Tuesday during the discussion on the E-Verify item.

Both items passed on 4-1 votes. Mayor Pro Tem Amy Bhutta said voted against the resolution backing the Arizona law because she could not support it at this time. Hickman opposed the E-Verify ordinance because he wanted the requirements to be tougher.

He said he brought up the program because he said many jobs, such as construction and for young people, are being done by undocumented workers.

"The way to curb this illegal immigration is to cut off" jobs, Hickman said.

Concerns were raised in May, and restated Tuesday, about the cost of enforcing the E-Verify program, which is provided by the Department of Homeland Security.

Magee said the city does not have the funds to administer such a program.

Also, the business community raised questions about whether the program would be applied to new employees or would pertain to all workers, and if it applied to all workers, how much time employers would have to comply, according to a staff report.

The ordinance proposed for Lake Elsinore is modeled after one approved by the city of Lancaster, the first in California to require employers in a city to verify the status of its workers. Lancaster, though, does not enforce use of the program.

The Lake Elsinore ordinance calls on employers to provide proof of enrollment in the program as part of the business license procedure. Still, according to a report, enrollment would not confirm businesses were using the program.

In seeking support for the proclamation backing the Arizona bill, Hickman again said he brought it up out of frustration with the federal government.

Raymond Herrera, who showed up at the meeting after attending a Temecula council meeting on similar issues, called on the Lake Elsinore council to support the proclamation.

"Arizona passed that law to protect its people," Herrera said.

Those speaking against the proclamation said it would create a division among residents and police in the city and "create a hostile environment in neighborhoods.

"Victims of crimes will be afraid to come forward," said Jonathan Dunlap.

San Antonio, TX votes to express an opinion in opposition to SB 1070

Well, at least they aren't boycotting us!

The Mayor of San Antonio wrote up this resolution thinking it would be hugely popular.  That's odd.  It's especially odd since TX Governor Perry has already said he woudln't sign such a law.  So, the mayor is just attempting to jump on the bandwagon.

Council member Clamp was on local radio today and asked that we flood their inboxes and voice mail!  Let them know you don't appreciate them embracing illegal alien invaders over normal American citizens and legal immigrants!

You can cut and paste this line into the TO line of your email or see info below:
mayorjuliancastro@sanantonio.gov; district1@sanantonio.gov; district2@sanantonio.gov; district3@sanantonio.gov; district4@sanantonio.gov; district5@sanantonio.gov; district6@sanantonio.gov; district7@sanantonio.gov; district8@sanantonio.gov; district9@sanantonio.gov; district10@sanantonio.gov

Resolution Urging Texas Legislature and Governor to Refrain from Passing Immigration Law

S.A. council plans vote on resolution opposing Arizona immigration law

The City of San Antonio may pass a resolution expressing its opinion on the measure.

Mayor Julian Castro has said it's important for the city to speak out against Arizona's immigration bill, but not all council members agree.

Councilman John Clamp is one of several council members who plan to vote against a city resolution opposing Arizona's new immigration law.

The council is expected to have a lively debate this Thursday, and those on both sides of the issue plan to show up.

Meanwhile, several state lawmakers have announced their intention to introduce similar legislation in the next state legislative session in January.

Leaders such as San Antonio Police Chief William McManus and Gov. Rick Perry have said that authorities in Texas have no business acting as immigration officers.

San Antonio City Council

Mayor Julián Castro
(210) 207-7060
District 1 Mary Alice P. Cisneros
(210) 207-7279

District 2 Ivy R. Taylor
(210) 207-7278
District 3 Jennifer V. Ramos
(210) 207-7064

District 4 Philip A. Cortez
(210) 207-7281

District 5 David Medina, Jr
(210) 207-7043
District 6 Ray Lopez
(210) 207-7065
District 7 Justin Rodriguez
(210) 207-7044
District 8 W. Reed Williams
(210) 207-7086
District 9 Elisa Chan
(210) 207-7325

District 10 John G. Clamp
(210) 207-7276

VJ Day in Honolulu

Pops and his brothers were all in WWII. One of my uncles was part of the planned invasion force of Japan which was, fortunately, changed to an occupation force.  This video, which I saw at Breitbart, is a beautiful thing. And thanks to Breitbart for calling it VJ day!

Support the citizens of Fremont, NE

The citizens of Fremon Nebraska have voted to make it illegal for employers to hire illegal aliens and for landlords to rent to illegal aliens. The citizens of Fremont should be commended for their courage to do the right thing. These decent normals circulated petitions and got this referendum on the ballot and then voted for it in a landslide.

City leaders, some religious leaders, and some business leaders argued against the city passing the ordinance because, they said, it would be so costly to defend against the inevitable legal challenges. These people should be called out as the greedy cowards that they are.

Contact the Mayor and the City Council and let them know that you support the free citizens of Fremont, NE in their battle to retain control of their own city.

The Mayor has no email but can be contacted here:
City of Fremont

400 E. Military Ave.
Fremont, NE 68025
Ph: 402.727.2630

City Council Members
Steve Navarrette


Gary Bolton

Jon Gilfry

Jeff Kuhr
402 721 3332
Sean Gitt

Scott Getzschman

John Anderson

Jennifer Bixby

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

LA City Council of Cowards

Earlier this year, Los Angeles City Council voted to boycott AZ. Now, tomorrow, they are voting on whether to give themselves and exemption due to the amount of $$ they would have to give up due to the red light camara company being HQ'd here in AZ.

email and/or call them and tell them to stick by their principles no matter how stupid they are. i will NEVER set foot in Los Angeles again. screw them. i got yer boycott right here assholes.

LA City Council

the only member to vote against the AZ boycott, thank him!
District 12 - Greig Smith

all these voted FOR the AZ boycott
tell them to stick to their principles
District 1 - Ed Reyes

District 2 - Paul Krekorian

District 3 - Dennis P. Zine

District 4 - Tom LaBonge

District 5 - Paul Koretz

District 6 - Tony Cardenas
(213) -473-7006

District 7 - Richard Alarcon

District 8 - Bernard Parks

District 9 - Jan Perry

District 10 - Herb J. Wesson, Jr.

District 11 - Bill Rosendahl

District 13 - Eric Garcetti

District 14 - Jose Huizar


District 15 - Janice Hahn

Chuck D really is an enemy of the public

The latest racist dumbass to hate on Arizona is Chuck D of Public Enemy who said "the governor is a Hitler".

I left the idiot a message on the contact form.  I repeat it here for your reading pleasure and to preserve it for ever.
the governor of AZ is a hitler?

have you even READ AZ SB 1070? CAN you read? if so, then read it

there are no concentration camps in AZ. there are no killing camps in AZ. there are no military round ups in AZ. we are enforcing FEDERAL LAW. if you don't like that, then attack the FEDS.

what we do have in AZ is a wide open border with rampant human smuggling (and the women are routinely raped) and rampant drug smuggling. these smugglers carry fully automatic weapons and shoot down anything that gets in their way.

five hundred thousand of the 6 million people who live here are illegal! you think that doesn't affect the unemployment rate? i bet you do think that. rich and out of touch with the normals who actually work for a living.

your statement is ignorant and foolish. drag your sorry butt over here and see what happens if you enter one of the huge areas controlled by the drug cartels.
As always, retrieved from the Mike Broomhead show on KFYI.

I got mad and left a second comment
i bet you can't do any math either.

500,000 of the 6 million residents of AZ are in the country ILLEGALLY. that's 1/12th of the population of AZ. so, out of every dozen people you talk to here, one of them is illegal. if we are LUCKY, then all they are here for is to take a job from an American.

but we aren't lucky. Phoenix, the 5th largest city in the USA, is the the kidnapping capital of the USA. it is second only to Mexico city in that record. Almost all are a result of the drug smuggling and the human smuggling.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Obama Admin Holds Border Security Hostage to Comprehensive Immigration Reform

If you had any doubt that Obama was a thug of the most vile sort, you can put your mind to rest now.  He is holding Border Security, the safety of Arizonans and all Americans, and even our jobs hostage in order to get his way on socalled Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

No Amnesty!  Not now, not EVER!

I read and comment at The Blogmocracy. Another commenter there, Scott Madsen, noted this which you can find at Red State and which I duplicate here in it's entirety:

On June 18, 2010, Arizona Republican Senator Jon Kyl told the audience at a North Tempe Tea Party town hall meeting that during a private, one-on-one meeting with President Obama in the Oval Office, the President told him, regarding securing the southern border with Mexico, “The problem is, . . . if we secure the border, then you all won’t have any reason to support ‘comprehensive immigration reform.’” [Audible gasps were heard throughout the audience.] Sen. Kyl continued, “In other words, they’re holding it hostage. They don’t want to secure the border unless and until it is combined with ‘comprehensive immigration reform.’”

Sen. Kyl also said he reminded President Obama that the President and the Congress has an obligation, a duty, to secure the border.

(This part of Sen. Kyl’s remarks begins at the 3:17 mark of the video below.)

ACLU and President of Gun Owners of Nevada team up?

I subscribe in my blogger dashboard to Stop The ACLU.   While I was not shocked to learn that ACLU sues over Nevada immigration initiative, I was shocked to find that the President of Gun Owners of Nevada is a party to the lawsuit.  On the wrong side.

Why in the world would the Robert Johnson, President of Gun Owners of Nevada, which is a single issue organization,, nonpartisan be involved with What Happens in Arizona Stops in Arizona, an ACLU group (they don't even have their own website!  it's ALL through the ACLU!  it's a fake front group for the ACLU) which has filed suit in an effort to prevent a ballot initiative similar to AZ SB 1070 from being put to either the NV Legislature or the Nevada voters.  Now, why?  Why would the president of a single issue nonpartisan gun rights group take that side in this issue?  This is not a rhetorical question.  I genuinely can't figure it out.

Their contact information is below.  They also have an online contact form.

I phoned them and left a message stating that if this Robert Johnson is acting on his own behalf and not that of Gun Owners of Nevada, then he should not be using his title as President of Gun Owners of Nevada.  Also, if he is not acting on behalf of the organization, then the organization should make a public statement about it and demand that he stop using their name for his personal political agenda.  And, I asked if he is acting on behalf of the organization, why is the organization getting involoved in this at all since their own website states they are a single issue entity?

Gun Owners of Nevada

1350 E Flamingo Suite 589
Las Vegas Nevada 89119
Phone: (702) 430-6051
email: info@gonv.org

A House Divided? Not so fast.

I was watching a Rasmussen Report (Where is the Tea Party Strongest?) of June 18 and came across the above.  That should frighten not just politicians worried about hanging on to their jobs, premium private medical insurance, and extraordinarily generous pensions (6 years service to get 100%!) but everyone in this country.  How can a country function normally with three quarters of the people angry at their government?  The American Revolution only took 1/3 to be enraged at England!

But, this isn't really a house divided as in the Civil War.  This is a nation divided between the vast majority of it's people and the ruling elites.  That's the problem.  Our government isn't governing.  They are ruling.  They are elitists who believe they know what's best for everyone.  That is as Un-American as it gets.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mexican Drug Cartels Threaten Nogales, AZ, USA police

Mexican drug cartels, angered over an incident in which off-duty Nogales, AZ police caught some drug smugglers and siezed part of the load, have threatened the Nogales, AZ, USA police officers with sniper attacks.

These people are not uniformed soldiers of the Mexican armed forces.  Therefore they are not covered by the Geneva Conventions.  They need to be treated like illegal combatants.  Those of you who have read the Geneva Conventions know what I mean.  Those of you who haven't, read it and figure it out.  Their cohorts on this side of the border should be treated the same.  Their cohorts on this side of the border who are also American citizens should be tried as traitors for aiding and abetting these illegal combatants.

Build a damn fence!  Stop the tide of both drugs and humans coming across the border!

Drug cartel issues threat to off-duty Nogales police officers
A Mexican drug cartel has threatened Nogales police officers, saying they will be targeted for retribution if they conduct off-duty drug busts.
Nogales Police Chief Jeffrey Kirkham told the Nogales International on Friday that the threats stemmed from an incident approximately two weeks ago, when off-duty officers surprised marijuana smugglers while riding horseback in an unincorporated border area east of town.
The officers seized part of the drug load, and the smugglers were able to flee back into Mexico with the other part.
“As a result of that,” Kirkham said, “our officers have received threats from the cartel that they are to look the other way if they are off-duty, or they will be targeted by a sniper or by other means.”
NPD learned of the threats through informants, he said.
Following the threats, Kirhkam said, NPD notified the Border Patrol and other federal law enforcement agencies, which responded by stepping up manpower and surveillance in the area where the off-duty bust occurred.
In addition, Kirkham met with his officers to advise them of the threats and to authorize them to take precautions, including wearing firearms while off duty.
“The Nogales Police Department will not be intimidated,” he said.
Kirkham said the threats highlighted the need for more federal law enforcement at the border.
“This has nothing to do with SB 1070 or illegal immigration,” he said, “it has to do with narco-trafficking and the violence of the cartels.”
Santa Cruz County Sheriff Antonio Estrada said he was unaware of similar threats being made against his deputies.
“They seem to respect an officer who’s doing his job,” Estrada said of the cartels, “but when you do it as a civilian, they really take offense.”
Given the cartels’ track record of violence, Estrada said, any such threat “has to be taken very seriously.”

Cartels Threaten Off-Duty Police Officers

A Mexican drug cartel has threatened Nogales police officers, saying they will be targeted for retribution if they conduct off-duty drug busts.

Nogales Police Chief Jeffrey Kirkham told the Nogales International on Friday that the threats stemmed from an incident approximately two weeks ago, when off-duty officers surprised marijuana smugglers while riding horseback in an unincorporated border area east of town.

The officers seized part of the drug load, and the smugglers were able to flee back into Mexico with the other part.

“As a result of that,” Kirkham said, “our officers have received threats from the cartel that they are to look the other way if they are off-duty, or they will be targeted by a sniper or by other means.”

Friday, June 18, 2010

Milwaukee, WI illegally boycotts Arizona

The latest boycott of Arizona brought to us by Mike Broomhead of KFYI, as always.  Broomhead phoned and spoke with School Board Vice President Peter Blewett who rambled on and compared SB 1070 to China, slave labor, etc. 

These people are obviously imbeciles or liars.  They either haven't ready SB 1070 or they don't care what it actually says..  FEDERAL LAW already requires immigrants to carry their immigration papers with them at all times!  Don't believe me?  Ask a LEGAL immigrant.  I've known plenty and they ALL knew the federal rules.

Contact Info for all of these people below.
I can't find the actual resolutions.

County, MPS panels endorse Arizona business boycott (this website takes comments!  let 'em have it!)

A Milwaukee County Board committee and a Milwaukee School Board committee separately endorsed resolutions Thursday calling for an economic boycott of Arizona in response to that state's recently adopted immigration law.

The county's Finance Committee and school board's Legislation, Rules and Policies Committee each unanimously approved the resolutions that call for banning the county and Milwaukee Public Schools from purchasing goods and services from businesses based in Arizona.

The Arizona law makes it a crime for immigrants not to carry immigration documents and gives police broad power to detain suspected illegal immigrants.

School board member Larry Miller said the board would be acting on a civil and human rights issue, calling the Arizona measure racist.

County Supervisors Peggy West and Elizabeth M. Coggs also called the Arizona law racist.

The resolutions must now be taken up by each board.
County Board of Supervisors
Milwaukee County Courthouse
901 North 9th Street, RM 201
Milwaukee, WI 53233
Phone: 414-278-4222 Fax: 414-223-1380

Each web page below offers a contact form as well.

Chairman Lee Holloway
▪ (414) 278-4261 ▪ lee.holloway@milwcnty.com

Mark A. Borkowski
▪ (414) 278-4253 ▪ mark.borkowski@milwcnty.com

Gerry P. Broderick
▪ (414) 278-4237 ▪ gerry.broderick@milwcnty.com

Paul M. Cesarz
▪ (414) 278-4267 ▪ paul.cesarz@milwcnty.com

Elizabeth M. Coggs
▪ (414) 278-4265 ▪ elizabeth.coggs@milwcnty.com

Lynne De Bruin
▪ (414) 278-4263 ▪ lynne.debruin@milwcnty.com

Marina Dimitrijevic
▪ (414) 278-4232 ▪ marina.dimitrijevic@milwcnty.com

Nikiya Q. Harris
▪ (414) 278-4278 ▪ nikiya.harris@milwcnty.com

Willie Johnson, Jr.
▪ (414) 278-4233 ▪ willie.johnson@milwcnty.com

Patricia Jursik
▪ (414) 278-4231 ▪ patricia.jursik@milwcnty.com

Christopher J. Larson
▪ (414) 278-4252 ▪ chris.larson@milwcnty.com

Theodore A. Lipscomb
▪ (414) 278-4257 ▪ theodore.lipscomb@milwcnty.com

Micheal Mayo. Sr.
▪ (414) 278-4241 ▪ michael.mayo@milwcnty.com

Joseph Rice
▪ (414) 278-4243 ▪ joseph.rice@milwcnty.com

Joe Santelippo
▪ (414) 278-4247 ▪ joe.sanfelippo@milwcnty.com

James "Luigi" Schmitt
▪ (414) 278-4273 ▪ james.schmitt@milwcnty.com

Johnny L. Thomas
▪ (414) 278-4259 ▪ johnny.thomas@milwcnty.com

John F. Weishan, Jr.
▪ (414) 278-4255 ▪ john.weishan@milwcnty.com

Peggy A. West
▪ (414) 278-4269 ▪ peggy.west@milwcnty.com

The Office of Board Governance

Milwaukee Public Schools
P.O. Box 2181
Milwaukee, WI 53201-2181
Tel.: 414/475-8284 TTY: 888/808-0928 Fax: 414/475-8071
email: governance@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us
(no individual email

Milwaukee Public Schools Switchboard at 414-475-8393.

School Board Directors

Michael Bonds (President)
Tel: (414) 520-3890

The following are all at the same number
Tel: (414) 475-8284

Peter Blewett (Vice President)
Tim Petersons
Jeff Spence
Annie Woodward
Larry Miller
David Voeltner
Bruce Thompson

Terrence Falk
Tel: (414) 510-9173

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Portland, OR City Council calls SB1070 Un-American

The Portland, OR City Council is clearly a bunch of idiots.  They indirectly call us racists and say that we here in AZ are targeting people based on the way they talk and the color of their skin when SB1070 explicity, specifically, and repeatedly makes racial profiling illegal!

I'm am mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!  I called each and every one of these people and told them what i just said above and more.  If they are against racial profiling, then they should support SB 1070 which prohibits it.  This socalled "border violence" stretches all the way to Interstate 8 which is 80 miles north of the border.  Several national monuments are now no-go areas for American citizens.  The human smugglers, coyotes, are rather unsavory creatures raping the women who are making the trek and then hanging the womens underwear in trees as a sign of the machismo.  They hold these people in drop houses (50 and more people in 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom) and then extort more money from their families back home.  The drug cartels and the coyotes are armed with fully automatic weapons.  They are literally killing us down here!

Please call and email them and let them know that you do not appreciate this!  We are NOT racists!  WE do not racially profile!  We love the Mexican culture here!  We embrace the Mexican culture here!  If I were anti-Mexican, I'd have to to be against my own family members!  What we are against is criminal activity, including illegal border crossing.

e-mail: mayorsam@ci.portland.or.us

NICK FISH, Commissioner of Public Works
(503) 823-3589
e-mail: Nick@ci.portland.or.us

AMANDA FRITZ Commissioner of Public Utilities
e-mail: amanda@ci.portland.or.us

RANDY LEONARD Commissioner of Public Safety
e-mail: randy@ci.portland.or.us

DAN SALTZMAN Commissioner of Public Affairs
e-mail: dan@ci.portland.or.us

LA VONNE GRIFFIN-VALADE Auditor of the City of Portland
e-mail: lavonne.griffin-valade@ci.portland.or.us

Portland City Council calls Arizona immigration law un-American
The Portland City Council voted unanimously to oppose a controversial Arizona state law that allows police to check the immigration status of anyone suspected of being in the country illegally.

The vote was 4-0, with city commissioner Dan Saltzman absent. The Portland resolution allows the city attorney to assist in legal efforts by the mayors of Flagstaff and Tucson to overturn the Arizona law. The resolution also allows city lobbyists to push for stronger Oregon laws against racial profiling.

Portland’s measure stops short of boycotts called by Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and other cities to stop travel to Arizona and contracts with companies based in Arizona. Mayor Sam Adams does not think boycotts are useful or legal.  (Kirls - and yet he supports it!)
Portland’s city council is — based on their skin color — glaringly white. Still, each member spoke eloquently about the un-American nature of judging people on the way they talk or the color of their skin.

Commissioner Randy Leonard is of Irish descent and delivered, before his aye vote, a brief history of racism and discrimination in the United States, including the incarceration of Japanese and Japanese Americans in “concentration camps” during World War II.

Commissioner Nick Fish said he knows many people who could be "targeted" by the new law in Arizona, including his mother-in-law, who after three decades in the United States still speaks imperfect English, with a Spanish accent.

Commissioner Amanda Fritz emigrated from England. She said she knows her accent “is considered charming by folks, sometimes,” but that goodwill doesn’t apply to all accents.

“We are serious about equal rights in Portland, in Oregon, in the United States, aye,” she said.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sacramento, CA illegally boycotting Arizona

Kevin Johnson, mayor of Sacramento and former Arizona Suns NBA player, you should be ashamed of yourself!

Sacramento council approves economic sanctions against Arizona
The Sacramento City Council (phone numbers and links to each members page at that link - Kirls) voted Tuesday night to place economic sanctions against Arizona companies in response to that state's immigration laws.

The sanctions passed by a 6-1 council vote are on par with the broadest actions passed by other California cities, including Los Angeles, San Francisco and Oakland.

They include forbidding city workers from attending conferences in Arizona on the city's dime, boycotting companies based in Arizona "where practicable and where there is no significant additional cost to the city" and potentially canceling current contracts with firms from Arizona.

Councilman Robbie Waters voted against the boycott, arguing, "We should be taking care of our business here at home first." He asked for a report on how many city staff hours have been spent to look at the city's contracts.

I spoke with Councilman Waters office today to let them know how much I appreciated their vote.  They were very pleasant.  Please call and thank them everyone!
And, if you wish, call the boycotters and tell them what you think too!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Burlington, VT illegally boycotts Arizona

The city council of Burlington, VT, is calling for a boycott of my home state of Arizona.  They do not care if it's illegal (all Interstate Commerce is governed by the Federal Government).  I say fine.  Just keep your butts up there in winter when it's 40 below and freeze!  We'll be here enjoying clear blue sunny skies and mid 70s temperatures all winter!

I can't reproduce the stupid AP article but it was pushed by the mayor, Bob Kiss, a Progressive, and the three Republicans opposed it.  Bob Kiss has an online comment form or can be reached at 802-865-7272 or via email at mayor@ci.burlington.vt.us.  I left a message noting the lies in their resolution and stating that I expect an apology by morning.

Here is the actual city council resolution Opposing Arizona State Law SB 1070 & Affirming Burlington as a City of Immigrants (it's a .doc).  It is filled with lies:
Senate Bill 1070 (Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act), requiring all local law enforcement to investigate a person's immigration status when there is reasonable suspicion that the person is in the country unlawfully, if the officer comes “into lawful contact with that person” regardless of whether that person is suspected of a crime;

SB 1070 encourages racial profiling ...
It goes on to blather that neither Federal funds nor local funds should be used to enforce immigration laws.  Well, that makes it pretty clear... they want open borders.  Anarchy.  Idiots.
All the City Council Members are listed here alone with their home addresses and phone numbers (wow, how incredibly stupid!).  I'm reproducing it here (minus home addresses) so it can't suddenly be "disappeared".  I'm also taking a screen shot.
Ward 1

Ed Adrian (2012) (D)
862-9851 (h) 233-2131 (c)

Sharon Foley Bushor (2011) (I)
658-3604 (h)

Ward 2
David Berezniak (2012) (D)
863-2598 (h)

Bram Kranichfeld (2011) (D)
338-1992 (c)

Ward 3
Marrisa S. Caldwell (2011) (P)
578-7325 (c)

Emma Mulvaney-Stanak (2012) (P)
540-0185 (h)

Ward 4
Nancy C. Kaplan (2011) (D)
862-8807 (h)

Kurt Wright (2012) (R)
658-1410 (h)

Ward 5
William J Keogh (2012) (D)
Council President
862-5270 (h)

Joan Shannon (2011) (D)
860-7489 (h & w)

Ward 6
Mary Kehoe (2011) (D)
862-5520 (h)

Karen Paul (2012) (I)
863-3817 (h)

Ward 7
Paul Decelles (2012) (R)

Vincent Dober, Sr. (2011) (R)
865-4907 (h)

Public Lands South of I-8 now a no-go area

UPDATE: From the border north 100 miles AZ is lawless and given over to illegals.

The Bureau of Land Management apparently believes that public land south of Interstate 8 should be avoided.  If you can't read it, the sign says


  • Active Drug and Human Smuggling Area
  • Visitors May Encounter Armed Criminals and Smuggling Vehicles Traveling at High Rates of Speed
  • Stay Away From Trash, Clothing, Backpacks, and Abandoned Vehicles
  • If You See Suspicious Activity, Do Not Confront!
  • Move Away and Call 911
  • BLM Encourages Visitors To Use Public Lands North of Interstate 8.
For more information
call (623) 580-5500

Here's the actual photograph.  Click on it for a larger version.

I verified that the phone number is the BLM Phoenix District but it's mostly concerned with fires.

I just have one question.  If the public lands south of Interstate 8 are too dangerous, what about the private lands?  Hundreds of thousands of people live in Tucson, Bisbee, Tombstone, Benson.  Some of the mot beautiful rugged areas of the state.  I will not give them up.


LA Congressmen, You Are Not In Asia Anymore

Is this idiot kidding??? No.

Would someone tell this fool that he can do whatever he wants "in the Asian culture" as long as he does it in Asia. We are not Asia. Moron.

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Monday, June 14, 2010

The God Bless Arizona Tour

Michael Berry and the God Bless Arizona (“GBA”) Tour Planning Committee announced dates for the upcoming tour to Arizona. The GBA Tour will take place over the July 4th weekend.

For the full itinerary, click here.

Listeners of Mike Broomhead’s Show are welcome to join the Tour in Phoenix, please register!

Michael Berry, Radio Talk Show Host, developed the concept to support Governor Jan Brewer, Arizona law enforcement, and the citizens of Arizona after their passage of SB 1070 by proactively spending money and patronizing Arizonan businesses. Mr. Berry has been highlighting Arizonan businesses on his afternoon radio show and his website.  In addition to “buycotting” Arizonan products, Mr. Berry took his support for Arizona to the next level and created the God Bless Arizona Tour, the Freeway to Phoenix.

Berry appealed to his listeners to form an all-volunteer planning committee. The Committee is responsible for planning and coordinating all areas of the tour including transportation, accommodations, research, media and political contacts. The Tour will travel to the border to meet with Border Patrol Officials, visit Tombstone, overnight in Tucson, meet with Governor Jan Brewer, overnight in Phoenix, visit Sedona, Tour the Grand Canyon, march in the 4 th of July Grand Canyon Parade, and overnight in Flagstaff before returning to Phoenix and then Houston. We will have official police escorts along the route and we’ll meet the Mayor’s of each city we pass through.

The dates for the tour are July 2nd – 5th. The tour will be designed to accommodate those wanting to fly, caravan and/or stay for additional sight-seeing and vacation. Berry and the Committee are committed to keeping time away from work to a minimum and being respectful of different economic situations.

Click here for a list of area restaurants we prefer.

Well, look at that!  My favorite is on the list!  Chino Bandido!  If you're coming to Phoenix, it's a must!  Don't let the name fool you, this is not Mexican food.  Rather, it's an amazing fusion of Mexican, Chinese, and Caribbean.  Delicious!

Also, you don't have to be from Houston or Phoenix to register.  Just be here for the start in Phoenix and join up!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Alien Invasion

Video proof of the alien invasion.

I was looking for information of this type earlier today.  Ask and you shall receive.  There it was on Hannity this evening.

Border Invasion Pics

Secure Border Intel - Tucson Sector

These people are nearly 100 miles north of the border.  This is not only in Tijuana and Douglas and Nogales.  This is far into our country.

See also these pictures (from Reuters) of arms caches.

A sample...a mere 50 miles south of the USA border.

Mexican soldiers display seized weapons after a raid operation on a drug hitmen training camp near the municipality of Higueras, some 50 km (31 miles) away from Monterrey May 11, 2010. The army seized machineguns, rifles, four rocket-propelled grenade launchers, two rockets, grenades, ammunition, twelve trucks and communication radios during the raid, according to local media. One drug hitman died during the operation. REUTERS/Tomas Bravo (MEXICO - Tags: MILITARY SOCIETY CRIME LAW

This could be stopped if the elected leadership chose to make it stop.  It's not like we don't know where these people are coming across.  And it's not like a DAMN FENCE wouldn't work!

Dead on the Arizona Mexico border

Some of you will recognize what that is.  Others, read on.

If you had any doubt as to why Arizonans and Americans support AZ SB 1070 in huge numbers, read the news stories below.  Dead found on the both sides of the international border.

Anyone who tells you that the violence isn't spilling over to the Arizona side of the international border, is a liar or an ignorant fool.

I am in possession of a number of photos of large stockpiles of weapons recovered seemingly by the Mexican authorities on the Mexican side of the border.  I have not been able to confirm a source for these photos yet and so they are not posted here.


2 Found Shot Dead Near Illegal Border Crossing in Arizona
Arizona authorities found two bodies near a common illegal border crossing Sunday, not far from where a deputy was shot last April, MyFoxPhoenix.com reports.

Emergency dispatchers in Pinal County reportedly received a 911 call Sunday night from a man saying he and his friend had been shot before the cell phone signal was lost.

Officials later found the bodies and two weapons, described as a long gun and handgun, according to the station.
Update 2 Bodies Found in Pinal County Desert
CASA GRANDE - Pinal County officials found two dead bodies in the desert off I-8 and milepost 150, not far from where a deputy was shot and injured in April.

Dispatch received a 911 call in Spanish from a man Sunday night stating that he and a friend had been shot. Then the cell phone signal was lost.

About an hour later, officials found the victims, dead. Two weapons, one an automatic rifle, were found nearby.

Detectives say the bodies were found about 500 to 1,000 yards from some sort of migrant camp and the area, known as Antelope Pass, can be a very dangerous place.

"Detectives are telling us that this scene is in an area considered a migrant camp, where people are dropped off... a transition point where they'll be picked up and moved to drop houses in the valley," says Lt. Tamatha Villar.

The victims had tattoos indicating that they're from the area. The victims were not carrying IDs, but one had a birth certificate on him so blood-soaked it could not be read. The Pinal County Sheriff's Office has not made a conclusion on the victims' legal status.

The area is a hot spot for human smuggling and illegal activity. Investigators aren't sure if the two men were part of the drug trade or just victims of the violence there.

It's a bullet hole.  In the sign which advises caution.  I added the arrow so you can't miss it.  This is not "on the border".  Casa Grande is 100 miles north of the border.  It's halfway to the Phoenix metropolitan area which is home to nearly 5 million people.  Why don't our elected officials care about the citizens of this country?  Why do they care infinitely more about the so-called poor migrants?  They are traitorous.
And that's not the worst of it.

Mexican police have found the shot and mutilated bodies of 11 men in a stolen van with Arizona plates near the US border, Reuters reports. The arms and legs of most of the bodies had been hacked off. Threatening messages believed to be from a drug cartel were left with the corpses. Police believe the same drug gang shot at a police station with heavy-caliber weapons the previous day.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Everyone Agrees with ME!

I knew it.  No wonder no one payed any attention to my pro-AZ SB 1070 T-shirt when I went to visit family in SoCal for Memorial Day.  Vote here.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Brass Ovaries. ROAR

I found this great video, again, courtesy of New Zeal.

Brass Ovaries.  heh.  I like that.  I am woman.  Hear me ROAR!  Yes, Kirly too is a woman, not a bald stooge.

US Rep Sanchez (PDSoA-CA) smears Arizona

Via NEW ZEAL (which, if you don't read it, you should) who has the audio of this.

United States Representative from California, Linda Sanchez (Progressive Democrat Scialist of America - CA (202) 225-6676 and (562) 860-5050) has smeared the state of Arizona and any other state which decides to protect their citizens via a law similar to AZ SB 1070 by stating that it has been "documented" (although she refuses to provide said "documentation") that "white supremacist hate groups" are behind it all.  Sanchez, herself a white hispanic who uses her maiden name to make herself appear more hispanic, is ignorant of both AZ SB 1070 and Federal Law.  AZ SB 1070 does not allow the authorities to "stop anybody and ask them for their documentation" but Federal law does indeed.

This person encapsulates damn near everything which is wrong with America.  Educated at UC Berkeley and UCLA school of law (that's your tax dollars at work CA).  Lover of the Cuban communists.  Board of Directors of Democratic Socialists of America.  Member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.  This is a concerted effort on the part of the Marxists and Communists which we have allowed to infiltrate our government and which now controls the highest levels of government in what was the last bastion of freedom in the world.

This United States Congressional Representative of the 39th district of California says 

The question is about this state law we have seen in Arizona the one where you can stop anybody and ask them for their documentation and the question is about how will Congress take up the issue of immigration.

I'll tell you the Arizona laws are not a mistake from the perspective of they're not accidental or one person's crazy idea.  There's a concerted effort behind promoting these kinds of laws on a state-by-state basis by people who have ties to white supremacy groups.  It's been documented.  So it's not mainstream politics they are being approached by front organizations for what ever white supremacist hate group that seem like they are legitimate.  They actually propses the language of these bills and get people to carry these bills in the state legislature.
You folks in California need to send this entire family to the unemployment line - yes, Linda and her sister Loretta, the United States Congressional Representative from district 47.  Throw these America haters out!  If you do not, I and the rest of the country will be forced to believe that you agree with them; you want socialism;  you want your representatives going to Cuba for "education"; you want socialists in the US House of Representatives.  Really?  Really California?  Is that what you really want?  If so, stand up, state it proudly.  And I and millions of others will avoid the state of my birth and upbringing for the rest of my life.  Parts of CA are beautiful and have great weather, but there is nothing in the universe which is worth that.

These people are Marxists and they are in control of our country and especially, the state of California.  To those few normals who remain in California (this includes my own family members) I say, MAKE YOUR ESCAPE NOW!  GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!