Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jonathan Krohn

I just heard Jonathan Krohn give the best definition of Conservatism since Reagan and Limbaugh.

You can read about him, read his blog, and purchase his book, Define Conservatism, here.

Oh, almost forgot to mention, he's thirteen years old. Yes, I said 13.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Deliberately Damaging our Economy

By the time I read the first three chapters of Amity Shlaes book, The Forgotten Man, I realized that Rush Limbaugh was right and the administration saying that their actions would not be affected by the market and literally laughing at those protesting the constant bailouts (especially of individuals who acquired homes and/or mortgages that they could never repay) all makes sense now.

They're damaging our economy deliberately. Remember Rahm Immanuel saying never let a good crisis go to waste; that a good crisis can be used to get things done which you'd never dream of achieving otherwise. We should believe these economic terrorists mean what they say just as we should believe islamofascist terrorists when they say they want to convert us all or kill us all.
They know that desparate conditions are they only thing which has ever made the American people accept leftist government.

They are literally attempting to cause a new Great(er) Depression so that we will accept a new New Deal. The New Deal shifted the center of this country far enough left to enable all the socialist programs that we have all endured and paid for since WWII. Programs which have nearly destroyed large portions of our society - such as The Family (especially the black family and the now defunct tradition of elderly relatives living with younger family members).

I challenge you to read The Forgotten Man and compare the actions of Hoover and FDR to those of this current administration and imagine how far left America will end up if this administration is allowed to continue. Look how far left they've moved us in just a single month!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Amateur hour

Emanuel: WH not 'amateur hour'

The best part of this article, is the comment by blackdog posted February 14, 2009 at 9:51 a.m...

Amateur hour indeed! The Obama administration is more of a little rascals Marxist club. Amateur hour makes these clowns look like the gang that can't shoot straight. What a pizz poor pool of imbicels that the communist left have voted into power.

They have proved in less than 30 days that they are a gang of mentally challenged socialists that only know two things. How to spend and spin bull chit to the ignorant followers who eat every word of their bovine droppings. There isn't one honest human in the whole stinking corrupt administration.

Obama and the entire gaggle of white house comrades are showing the entire world what a band of bafoons are really like. Its a grand parade of socialist incompetence and Obamas vile hatred of the United States and its people and the freedoms that we have fought and died to maintain. This gaggle of idiots cant understand that Americans will fight and die again to maintain our freedom and liberties just as they have done in the past.

Obama WILL fail in his mission to make the United States a communist nation to fit his marxist ideology. Thats why the Obama govt is so adamant about taking over all our corporations and destroying all opposition such as talk radio or media, nationalizing health care, taking away ALL our firearms and isolating those who would call him on his plans to communize the nation.

Obama and Marx said:"from each according to their abilities and to each according to their 'needs'". Thats called communism. Joseph Stalin said:" A man with a gun can control more than a hundred who have had their guns confiscated". The last man that ran as the ACP candidate around 1949 said:" We no longer have to campaign as the communist party because the democrats have adopted our platform", [we have won by default].

So there you have it. chaos in the democratic [communist] party who really amateurs and rule by edict, executive orders and by nationalizing every thing in sight while they take away everything that every American has been working for all their lives, and give it to their gang of innorant stooge followers who only yearn to get everything for nothing and be supported by the state. Obama and his gang of 40+ thieves are fulfilling their every wish.

God bless America, god **** the liberals and the marxists in america. Pray for guidance, a return to God and the restoration of Freedom and Liberty before Obama takes it ALL away.

Moslem beheads wife in New York

Yet another example of the barbaric 7yh century cult of islam

Man charged with wife's gruesome death

The couple have four children

Updated: Friday, 13 Feb 2009, 6:49 PM

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) - A shocking and gruesome story of a T.V. station owner's wife, found decapitated at the Bridge's Muslim T.V. network in Orchard Park.

In pictures of happier times, 37-year-old Aasiya Zubair and her 44-year-old husband Mo Hassan, who founded Bridges T.V.

Thursday evening, police converge on the station's Orchard Park studio and office.

"The worst that I've seen, yeah," said Andrew Benz, Orchard Park Police Chief. Orchard Park Police chief Andrew Benz is talking about the crime scene where Assiya Zubair's body was found.

Police tell News 4 the only suspect in this case is the victim's husband, who walked into police headquarters in Orchard Park Thursday evening to report his wife was dead.

It's being called a brutal murder.

"She was decapitated,yes," said Benz.

Zubair was found in the hallway. The mission of Bridges TV is to foster understanding between cultures and diverse populations. According to police, the couple had trouble getting along.

Benz said, "There has been some history. I believe Mrs. Hassan, the victim, had recently filed for divorce and had served the papers on Mr. Hassan."

Police say Zubair and her husband were parents to four children. The marital issues came to light recently with police going to the couple's Big Tree Road in Orchard Park last Friday. ApparentlyZubair felt she was in danger.

"We had been down to their house on Friday, the 6th to serve an order of protection," said Benz.

Police say Hassan moved out that day. Bridges T.V. staffers aren't commenting. The website list Hassan as the CEO and his wife was the general manager. It's not clear if she was still working at Bridges.

"Simply because you get an order or protection, I don't think you can put your guard down and say I am safe now," Benz said.

The Erie County Holding Center is where Hassan is being held on a second degree murder charge.

There's no bail at this point.

Authorities aren't saying anything about a possible motive.

They are trying to contact the victim's family in Pakistan.

Sorry but I'm just not feeling the urge to say "welcome to America" to barbarians like these. Just how sick in your thinking do you have to be to first choose murder and second to choose beheading as you muder method???

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Arrogance of Schumers staff

After hearing Schumer say that American's don't care about the pork in the Stimulus, I called to tell him he was wrong. It took over 90 minutes to get through (approximately 20 hang ups!) and when I finally did, the staffer said that I "should get a hobby".
Here's his number... (202) 224-6542. Tell the arrogant pain in the nations a$$ what you think.

UK completes it's "Jump the Shark" routine

Ordinarily, I'd say how unbelievable this is but it is the UK where free speech is now officially illegal, so I won't. Farewell formerly great country. All you who still believe in free speech better get out ASAP.

Banned From Britain, Dutch Lawmaker Denied Entry at Heathrow

An anti-Islam Dutch politician banned from entering Great Britain says he has been detained upon arrival at Heathrow Airport and will be returned home.

Upon Geert Wilders' arrival at Heathrow Airport, he was presented with a letter from Britain's Home Office saying that his opinions "threatenen community security." The right-wing lawmaker had been invited by a member of Parliament to show his anti-Islam movie "Fitna," which calls the Koran a "fascist" book and accuses Islam of being a violent religion.

The news comes one day after he dared the "weak and cowardly" British government to arrest him when he gets there.

He criticized the travel ban as an attempt to stifle freedom of speech and traveled to Britain on a point of principle.

"I'll see what happens at the border," Wilders told Radio Netherlands on Wednesday. "Let them put me in handcuffs."

Wilders was told by the British Embassy in a letter Tuesday that he could not set foot in the country.

Britain's Home Office would not comment specifically on the ban, but it said it "opposes extremism in all its forms" and would work to "stop those who want to spread extremism, hatred and violent messages in our communities from coming to our country."

The U.K.'s Lord Malcolm Pearson, who invited Wilders to Britain, told the Daily Mail newspaper that the screening of the film would go ahead today "with or without Mr. Wilders."

Wilders remains held at the airport. Dutch Foreign Minister Maxine Verhagen told the Mail that the Netherlands government would press to lift the travel ban.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Beheadings continue in Mexico border area

Gee, I wonder who inspired the Mexicans to Islamic style violence.

So hear we sit with beheadings and God knows what worse just feet from our border. When will we wake up to the threat in our own back yard?

207 dead

If it isn't a war zone, it would be hard to tell by the body count, which has reached 207 in the Juárez area this year.

In the first five days of February, 54 people were slain, surpassing the 37 homicides in all of February last year.


Before dawn Thursday, five men were shot execution-style in the community of El Millón, east of Juárez across the Rio Grande from Fabens, Chihuahua state police said.

The men were lined up, their heads covered and their hands and feet bound with tape when they were shot in the backyard of a home, police said. The men, who had not been identified, were wearing pajama pants and underwear.

Investigators said the men were killed by 11 rounds fired by a "military-style" small firearm.

El Millón is a village in the valley of Juárez whose farming communities are part of a notorious smuggling corridor east of El Paso-Juárez that has recently become a hot spot for violence.

Last Saturday, three severed heads - the latest in a string of similar decapitations in the valley - were found in an ice chest in the main plaza in El Millón, along with an undisclosed threatening message, police said.