Monday, August 30, 2010

Federal Govt Assault on Arizona Continues

The Federal Government assault on the State of Arizona continues with a lawsuit against the Maricopa County Community College District alleging discrimination against non-citizens. To those unfamiliar with Arizona, Phoenix is in Maricopa County and also the home of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Keeping pressure on Arizona over its immigration policies, the Justice Department filed a lawsuit Monday against a local community college system alleging that it discriminated against non-citizens by making them fill out additional paperwork during the hiring process.

The department filed suit against the Maricopa County Community College District, claiming its investigation revealed the colleges were requiring newly hired non-citizen workers to provide more authorization documents than required by law. The department claimed it counted at least 247 cases in which non-citizens were required to hand in more paperwork than their U.S. citizen counterparts.

Thomas Perez, head of the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, said in a written statement that the community college system was demonstrating a "pattern or practice of discrimination" with the policy.

A college official declined to comment when reached by, citing the pending litigation.

The suit comes after the Justice Department went to court to battle the state of Arizona's immigration law that required local law enforcement officers to check suspects for their immigration status. A federal judge blocked the state from implementing key provisions of that policy.
The latest suit was filed within the department's own Executive Office for Immigration Review.

According to the Justice Department, the Immigration and Nationality Act requires employers to treat authorized non-citizen workers the same as U.S. citizens during the hiring process.

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