Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Teenage Girl Kidnapped, Taken to Mexico

More cross over violence.

Girl Kidnapped, Then Abandoned In Mexico

SAN JUAN - An 18-year-old girl is home safe after being kidnapped, taken to Mexico, and abandoned.

Police tell CHANNEL 5 NEWS the suspects grabbed the teen at 495 and Cesar Chavez around 6:30 Sunday evening. They blindfolded her, then forced her into their car.

She tells investigators they crossed her at an international bridge into Reynosa.

Investigators say around 7 p.m. Sunday, her friend called her to find out where she was. We're told that's when the kidnappers demanded a ransom for her safe return.

Phone calls and ransom demands continued for more than an hour. That's when police say the men realized they had the wrong girl. They took the 18-year-old to an isolated field in Reynosa and abandoned her.

She still had her cell phone. She called a family member who put her in touch with the San Juan police.

The police then worked to bring her home safely.

Investigators say they don't know who the intended target was. Right now all they know is the men were driving a black vehicle and were likely Mexican nationals.

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