Sunday, August 01, 2010

Diamonbacks Game at Citi Field Disrupted

If these are the kinds of people boycotting Arizona, I say, "Good!  And stay out!".

Nice reaction from the crowd though.

Men Run Onto Citi Field With Mexican Flags
Updated: Saturday, 31 Jul 2010, 5:42 PM EDT
Published : Saturday, 31 Jul 2010, 9:25 AM EDT

NEW YORK - Two men carrying Mexican flags in protest of Arizona's immigration law ran into the outfield during the seventh inning of the New York Mets' game against the Arizona Diamondbacks on Friday night at Citi Field.

The men were apprehended by security fairly quickly without much incident.

Prior to the game, about 40 people across the street from the ballpark chanted "Oppose racism!" and "Boycott Arizona!"

Others stationed closer to the subway exit handed out leaflets that requested Major League Baseball move next year's All-Star game out of Phoenix.

“It’s not going to distract me. I’m here to play baseball,” Diamondbacks interim manager Kirk Gibson said after his team’s 9-6 victory over the Mets. “You have an opinion, I have an opinion. They have the right to say what they want, but it’s no distraction.”

As the trespassers were taken from the field people in the stands started chanting "USA, USA."
There is a video news report at that link as well. Note what the open borders advocates try to say Major Leagues Baseballs embracing diversity. As if Major League Baseball ever had a player who was present in this country illegally!

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