Thursday, August 19, 2010

Supervisors Tell Border Patrol Agents Avoid No-Go Areas

Officials at odds over border orders
PHOENIX -- Border Patrol officers are being told by supervisors to stay out of certain areas as too dangerous, Cochise County's top law enforcement officer said Tuesday.

"Agents have told me -- this isn't second-hand -- that there are places where they don't work right along the border because it's too dangerous," Larry Dever told Capitol Media Services. More to the point, he said the line officers told him they are simply listening to what they are told by their superiors.

"There is concern at the management level, at a certain level, that it's too dangerous right there on the fence," Dever explained. And he said there also is the fear of getting into a confrontation with illegal immigrants and smugglers right along the border which would create an "international incident ... with across-the-border shooting."
Dever stressed that he wasn't saying there was any sort of general order. In fact, the sheriff said, the directions given to officers vary from location to location.

"It's not every Border Patrol manager," he said. "It's not every place along the border."


But he maintained that it has become clear that there are certain locations along the border that for various reasons, including remoteness, that Border Patrol officers are advised not to go. And some are within his own county, though he would not spell out exactly where.

But look what "Keith Bocharski, a vice president of the union that represents area Border Patrol officers" said:

Bocharski said, he may find one person just north of the border but knows there may be a dozen just across the line in Mexico.

"I don't want to put myself in harm's way and get killed because one guy's trying to cross back south," he said.

As to the question of creating an international incident, Bocharski said there are constraints on what Border Patrol officers can do.

"Somebody can be standing in Mexico and throw a rock or even gunfire with immunity, basically," he explained.

"There's nothing that we can do to apprehend the person in Mexico other than calling Mexican authorities," Bocharski continued. "So whenever you're close to the border there's always a chance of some type of violence."
That sounds like a clear admission that the border areas inside the USA are not safe and the Border Patrol knows it, the Federal Government knows it and just doesn't care.  The racist, corrupt, incompetent government of Mexico doesn't care either.  They can't even control their own territory so they aren't worried about ours.  Since that is the case, the USA should take control of enough of the border area inside Mexico (yes, I said it, inside Mexico) in order to ensure the safety of citizens of the USA inside our own territory.

Our combat troops have left Iraq.  Maybe we should consider acgtually using them to protect our own property and our own citzens from the invasion of our own territory.

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