Wednesday, August 25, 2010

AZ Election Results

Arizonans have re-elected John McCain.  Of the 25% of Republicans who voted, 56.2% voted for McCain.  That's just great (NOT!).  So, just as in the Presidential election, a very small number of people selected our nominee. Are you people stupid or just have no functioning memory cells?  Those of you who voted for McCain, please go look up McCain-Feingold, McCain-Kennedy, Campaign Finance Reform, and look into what he was pushing in 2007 regarding Immigration Reform.  Go find his statements denegrating Conservatives and those of us who want a "dang fence".  But, under no circumstances will your complaints be tolerated when the geezer flips on immigration and supports amnesty AGAIN!

And the idiots at Fox News going on and on about Governor Brewer winning the nomination by a huge landslide - are they too stupid to know that the other candidates dropped out of the race?  Do try to pay attention FNC.  Don't get complacent and even more stupid like the other "news" sources.

Quayles son Ben won the nomination in AZ CD-3.  I think this ad put him over the top.  It was a really good ad.  "Barack Obama is the worst President in history."  "Somebody has to go to Washington and knock the hell outta the place."  All true statements.  Not that I know whether he's the guy to do it or not.

Watch AZ CD-8 in November.  Jesse Kelly won the Republican Nomination.  Now he goes up against incumbent Gabrielle Giffords who has suddenly become a border hawk.  Look at those numbers though.  If all the Republicans vote for Jesse Kelly in the General election, he'll have 80188 votes over Gabby's 49097.  Vote Jesse Kelly!


Holger Awakens said...


Let's not forget the John McCain that ran a Presidential campaign the likes that it handed the Presidency to a Marxist. Someday, I swear, we will discover that McCain made a deal in that election and ensured we'd get stuck with this abomination of a leader.

Holger Awakens said... the way, if anyone thinks that Jesse Kelly won't go after Giffords in the general, take a peek at this:

Kirly said...

holger! thanks for that link! i don't live in his district but i've been watching him for a while now. he's awesome. I like my politicians like my airline pilots - former warriors. stand a better chance of surviving with them.

Kirly said...

Jesse Kelly and Alan West were both on Fox Business this evening. Maybe they'll post the vid later.