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Border Crashers; Douglas, AZ Refuses to Recognize Reality

I am posting this in it's entirety with a minimum of introduction since it needs nothing further from me.  This is the reality in the border areas.  The violence is here.  And it will only get worse.  Please read the whole thing.

Ashurst: A Border Manifesto #4

At approximately 1:00a.m., the morning of August 26, 2010, three vehicles loaded with dope and driven by Mexican Narco Terrorists, broke through the International Boundary Fence on the east side of Douglas, AZ. Unfortunately for them they were quickly spotted and subsequently chased by several carloads of authorities, both federal and local. The chase started on what is locally known as the Geronimo Trail, an extension of 15th Ave. Due to the close proximity to the town, the chase almost immediately found itself within Douglas city limits. The outlaws in their haste to get away tried every trick to evade the law officers. The chase finally reached speeds of 80 miles an hour through residential as well as business districts, the outlaws driving with no headlights. Perhaps because of the time of night only a few law enforcement vehicles were involved. They were not able to apprehend the outlaws, but they did get them turned around and eventually chased them back through the very same hole they had created when entering the United States, thereby, escaping south back into Mexico.

On July 6, 2010, I attended a Douglas City Council Meeting at City Hall. It was a special meeting called by Mayor Mike Gomez to try for a second time to pass a resolution stating that the U.S.–Mexican Border had reached a point where it was out of control and had become lawless and therefore dangerous to the citizens of Douglas and the surrounding area. This resolution was not a statue or law with subsequent penalties or boundaries; it was merely a resolution, or statement; a sort of cry out of the wilderness so to speak declaring the need for some assistance from the federal and/or state level to shut down illegal outlaw activity on the Mexican Border. The Arizona League of Cities had encouraged Mayor Mike Gomez to get this passed and had promised unanimous support. They planned to send it on to Washington D. C., with every city in Arizona signing along with Douglas. The resolution, it was hoped, would pull some weight and get the attention of the powers that be at the national level. In what one television reporter called “The most bizarre meeting I have ever attended,” the city council turned down the resolution.

The meeting was packed out with a standing room only crowd that was extremely polarized to say the least. Many ranchers from the surrounding ranching community were there who, along with many residents within the city limits, were in support of the resolution. Also in attendance were some open border advocates, who claimed to stand for civil rights (they looked like professional protesters to me). The meeting was heated by arguments both pro and con about the resolution. One council person spoke stating that she couldn’t vote yes on the resolution because it would be admitting Douglas was a lawless place and she felt safe there and it would be sending the wrong message. Another council person stated he couldn’t vote yes because his constituents wouldn’t approve.

Many local ranchers pleaded for the passage of the resolution reminding the council of the murder of Rob Krentz and a multitude of other incidents where people had been molested by illegal aliens. Upon hearing these pleas for help a council person replied “You people have got some problems.” And then repeating himself, “You people have got some problems,” emphasizing “you” so everyone present would observe a deliberate disconnect between him and anyone advocating the resolution. Even through nothing about the resolution would be legally binding, four council members stated that in their opinion the border was not out of control and passing it would be sending the wrong message to the outside world. As far as they were concerned the status quo was just fine. The resolution was voted down with four council members voting no, and one council member, along with the Mayor, voting yes. They had spoken; Douglas was just a nice little border town, peaceful and quiet, and there was no need to get in an uproar about the outlaw activity on the border.

The Arizona Rancher
While all this goes on, it is business as usual for the outlaw trade on the Mexican line. Due to the media attention of Rob Krentz’s murder the Border Patrol has swamped the San Bernardino Valley east of Douglas with agents, so the illegal alien traffic is down substantially in that area, but there is still a considerable amount of dope filtering through. To the west, though, it is a different story. In the area around Naco and the Huachuca Mountains the traffic is going strong. You can go to youtube and watch numerous videos of aliens hiking through these areas. The Sasabe area, including the Baboquivari Mountains southwest of Tucson, is particularly hot right now. But perhaps the hottest spot of all is the Tohono O’odham Reservation and Organ Pipe National Monument near Ajo and Sells, AZ where dope and contraband flow like a river.

Upon pondering these things I would like to ask a few questions of our elected officials and other people. I would like to know if the members of the Douglas City Council still feel safe in Douglas, AZ?

I wonder how many times Mexican outlaws would have to bust through the border fence and drive around Douglas 80 miles an hour with headlights off in the middle of the night before these council members would get concerned? Perhaps the outlaws know where they live, and out of respect they deliberately avoid their neighborhoods while on their 80 mile an hour sojourn through town? If they can’t vote yes on the resolution because it would go against their constituent’s wishes, I would like to know just who their constituents are and how they make a living? Who would oppose a plea for assistance to establish law and order? I wonder if the councilman who purposefully established the disconnect between himself and anyone who was having problems, thinks perhaps there is a problem now? I suppose this recent high speed chase through residential areas of Douglas wouldn’t warrant his concern. I wonder how many high speed chases it would take to get his attention? Perhaps a few innocent bystanders being killed by the outlaw’s speeding car would rattle his chain. I wonder if Janet Napolitano still thinks the border is safer than ever. I suppose she’s under strict orders to never say “uncle” even though every day another story emerges from somewhere between Brownsville and San Diego of another Narco Terrorist invasion, or another murder or kidnapping, and tons of contraband being seized, all at the expense of the tax paying, law abiding American citizens.

But that leads to another question. How have law abiding American citizens suddenly become the enemy in this nation? We recently had to endure the scourging of Felipe Calderon, speaking from our own capitol building at the invitation of Barack Obama, and now there is talk that Obama is dragging us before the United Nations so they can reprimand us for such violations as defending our border.

Sheriffs Larry Dever and Paul Babeau are neither members of the AZ State Legislature or the United States Senate or House of Representatives. They have no law making responsibility or power. Their purpose is to enforce the laws of the land, written by the politicians that we elect. Because they are merely doing their job they are now being sued by members of Obama’s radical left. A lawsuit is senseless and will do nothing but deplete their resources and energy, precious commodities they need to accomplish a duty they took a solemn pledge to fulfill when they took office. Why have they become the enemy?

This leads to more questions. How did we get here? Larry Devers, Paul Babeau, and Jan Brewer all took oaths pledging to fulfill the duties of their office and to enforce the laws of the land. SB1070 is merely a reflection of Federal law passed by elected officials. Why are they being crucified for trying to establish some sort of order in the midst of chaos? Are there people who just don’t get it? Is there some sort of disconnect here, some sort of breakdown in the natural order of things? It seems like we suffer from a lack of direction, a loss of knowing the truth, we’ve shifted off of the foundations we built upon, and I believe the assault flows from the top downward.

One wonders who Barack Obama’s constituents are. Are they the citizens of Arizona and Texas? Or are they the citizens of a larger world? One wonders where his loyalties lay. Perhaps the United States isn’t big enough for him?
Obama loves to use tax payer’s money to host parties for Bush bashers like Paul McCartney. Obama can shuck and jive with the best of them on the Ellen Degeneres and Oprah shows. He has straight white teeth and a good looking wife, but these are not the ingredients of a statesman. Campaign speeches and signs proclaiming change you can believe in aren’t worth much when the ship needs a pilot to guide it through troubled waters.

That leads to another question. I wonder how seriously Barack Obama took his oath of office. Was he pledging allegiance to the Constitution of the United States or the Bylaws of the United Nations? I wonder who his heroes are, Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, or Samir Shabaz? It seems he’s more comfortable around Hugo Chavez and Felipe Calderon than he is Jan Brewer or Dick Chaney. After all, they are merely U.S. citizens.

So I asked myself, who are my heroes? At the top of my list are George Washington and Winston Churchhill. I always root for the underdog, so I added to my list: Larry Dever, Paul Bebeau, Joe Arpaio, and Jan Brewer. I realize that I’m just a dumb cowhand and I don’t understand the intricacies of international politics and high-minded, political innuendo, (like the intellectually stimulating writings of Karl Marx, or the mastery of political skill by individuals like Adolph Hitler) but for an old cowboy like myself there’s just something appealing about someone who will get a bull by the juevos and hold on while they are getting the living crap stomped out of them.

Ed Ashurst
Apache, AZ

Submitted to the Federal Observer, by the author for publication.

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Thanks. But, Ed Ashurst deserves all the credit for this as it's his writing. I'm just trying to spread the word a little bit further about the truth in Arizona right now. I'm sure the other border states are having similar problems. TX definitely is. NM and CA keep it a bit quieter due to the open borders advocates.