Monday, August 23, 2010

This Isn’t Just About People Trying To Find Jobs

One of many tunnels under the Mexican border

Human smuggling of illegal aliens include hidden bunkers with power and water

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

U.S. Constitution, Article IV, Section 4: “The United States shall. . . protect each of them [States] against invasion. . .”

The illegal alien invasion continues as Americans work to enforce the immigration laws through their States and cities, since the federal government refuses to enforce their own laws in the first place. In Arizona, where SB 1070 is designed to do just that, the smuggling of people into this country has also included a tactic that employs hidden bunkers complete with power and water.

In some Arizona towns it is not uncharacteristic to see 30-40 illegal aliens walking the roads, and loitering at strategic locations. But those are only the illegals that you can see. There are many more hidden out of sight.

A news crew was given an opportunity to see the smuggling tactic first hand in McNeal, Arizona, where a local resident explained, “In this area this is where the coyotes are, the drop vehicles. This is where you see the beginning of the drug smuggling. This isn’t just about people trying to find jobs.”

A few steps into the desert and under some desert brush one can locate the illegal immigrants and smugglers that “you could not see.” They stumbled upon a bunker hidden right in the middle of the desert landscape.

According to the news report, the bunker they encountered “. . . wasn’t just any bunker. A hole in the ground, surrounded by brush, opened up into a roomy stash house. It was so well hidden that no one would know about it even now if not for a chance discovery.”

The location described in the news report was found by the children of a McNeal resident. “I know there are a lot of mine shafts around here, but this is not a mine shaft,” said Sean Langham.

The hiding place for illegal aliens in the desert was a fully functional bunker complete with running water and an electrical junction box.

In the back were dirty buckets that once served as toilets.

Two weeks earlier McNeal residents called Border Patrol to report that the bunker was full of people. The Patrol came out and detained 70 suspected illegal immigrants.

The news crew in Arizona was also shown an above-ground stash house, which was actually a vacant house that’s up for sale.

One of the residents admitted she feared bringing in the news crew to report on the bunkers, not knowing the possible repercussions.

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