Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ten Commandments of LGF

Break them and you too can take your place in The Book of the Banned!

I am the Charles, thou shalt have no strange blogs before thee.
Thou shalt not do whatever I think is bad, even if I thought it was good yesterday.
Thou shalt not (I get to fill in this blank at my convenience).
Thou shalt not covet Sharmuta's posts, or his/her ass, or any of her body parts.
Thou shalt not agree with anything that Robert Spencer, Atlas Shrugs, or the like say. Should they say the sky is blue, it must be green.
Thou shalt not doubt the birthplace of Lord Barack Obama, the most merciful, nor listen to those who do, under pain of banning.
Thou shalt not upding anyone who agrees with intelligent design.
Thou shalt not comment on the fact that I have lost my mind.
Thou shalt not count the number of commandments and realize there are less than 10.

Courtesy of MSMediaCritic.


The Albatross said...

Ah haa haa haa haa... Yeppers, nailed it Kirly.

Though I would "Thou shalt have no other god before Darwin accept of course me"...

and "Thou shalt not down ding any of my posts. I, the all powerful blog owner reserve the right for me and my inner circle to down ding as is our want... and if you do not look the other way, I'll hit you with the ban stick."

Kirly said...

Hi Albatross!

I wish that was my work! I neglected to add that it was courtesy an anonymous guest blogger. Your comment reminded me to add that.

so funny!

Anonymous said...

Does he remind anyone of the founder of a certain religion?

Rose said...

LOL - absolutely f-ing funny!

President In Exile said...

I would also like to give credit to Sauron (now that we are both banned). Don't mess with the Dark Lord.


Rose said...

That would go with the "Thou mayest nots..."

Thou mayest not comment on any blog other than LGF...

Thou mayest not leave or allow comments criticizing the Renowned Mr. Johnson on your blog, wherever it may be...

Thou mayest not....

Anonymous said...

Here's a candidate for prime directive:

"There is no Warming but Anthropogenic, and AlGore is it's Messenger"

A sword under it, a la the Saudi flag would be a nice touch.