Friday, July 31, 2009

$1 Billion Cash For Clunckers Gone Already?

If the $1 Billion Cash for Clunkers has already used it's entire $1Billion, then how many new vehicles had to have been purchased? Assuming that all the new purchases qualified for the largest amount of $4500, that would mean 222,222 new vehicles have been purchased in four days. Over two hundred twenty two thousand new vehicles? Where are they?

I haven't heard the dealers raving about this incredible buying spree. I haven't heard the manufacturers celebrating all these vehicles moving off the lots and making room for new ones. I haven't heard a single person go on about how much money they just saved on their new venicle. In fact, I don't know anyone who has purchased a new vehicle in the last month.

So, just why did they discontinue the Cash for Clunkers program? And where did the money actually go?

UPDATE: Holger has some details on this including "Edmunds AutoObserver says that as of the morning of July 30th, "$858 million remained to fund the clunkers". "

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Boost in Lizardia Bootage - Update!

Hey Everyone! We're still keeping track of the continuing fits of crazy over at Lizardia resulting in waves massive bootage of perfectly good commenters. CFnJ now sees racists under all the rocks with the facsists and nazis.

I heard the lizard king banished about 50 the other night for, once again, not holding the only acceptable opinon of the moment. But then, how many of us Normals can actually hit the zigzagging target of mental transmogrification?? The man's been touched! And I don't mean by an Angel!

Keep those nics coming! Insidious Bad Apples now number 860! Can we make it to 900??

As Roses pointed out in the comments of Banned-a-monium post, if you're looking for lost lizard friends, click here (same link as under the small pic of the haboob at the top right of my blog) or click here or visit The Coffee Shop and enter our chat there. We are linked up to quite a nice number of blogs. Join us! We welcome you! Yes, even Zimriel now that he's seen the light. LOL

I read an old post at 15minute lunch blog and hilarity ensued!

Seriously, this post at 15 minute lunch blog had me laughing so hard i cried multiple times. Even woke up the cat who is half deaf! LOL

The Uninsured - see? I told you so!

See? I told you so!

Michael Ramirez, at IBD, also gets it....

Those who support this government takeover of MY (and YOUR) healthcare (note i did not say your insurance) want to have the government take over 16% of our economy for the sake of about 1% of the population. Those who support this takeover of my healthcare are taking actions which will result in killing me (I require medication every day to simply breathe! This is not something which can wait for a bureaucrat) and they shall henceforth be treated as such (ie, as one attempting, at a minimum, to commit manslaughter).

We could have purchased insurance for that 1% of the population with the stimulus. And SAVED trillions.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Org Chart of House Dems "health" plan


Is it any wonder they wanted to ram this one through before the August recess???

I will be calling my Congressmans local office and insisting on meeting with him while he's here.

I will inform Mr. Shadegg that the government has no right controlling my medical care, my insurance, which doctor I see, what medicine I take, what a procedure costs, etc. Furthermore, the government has no business whatsoever even KNOWING any of that information!

Look at that thing! It's a monstrosity!

Click the pic to see a larger, more frightening, version.

Anyone thinking this might actually be a good idea, remember the phrase "sovereign immunity". Means you can't sue the government.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Z Street

Today on Middle East Radio Forum, one of the guests was a member of Z Street. Check out that website. I like it.

Recently, someone asked me what do i mean by "Zionist" in the header of my blog. I was rather taken aback by the question and responded that I was using the word in it's normal capacity with it's normal dictionary definition ("Modern Zionism is concerned with the support and development of the state of Israel.").

But, after going to the Z Street website and reading the definition in their charter, I find it richer, far more informative, more accurate ... just flat out better....

"...a Zionist is one who affirms that Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people and is and must remain a Jewish State. A Zionist believes that the government of Israel must not make concessions to, or engage in negotiations with, terrorists, terrorist entities or terror-sponsoring states which either implicitly or explicitly, seek to destroy the Jewish State of Israel."

Yes, that describes me as a Zionst.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Socialized "HealthCare" Exposed

The clear light of truth shines on socialized healthcare.

Watch the whole thing! it gets better and better as it goes.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

An Appropriate Honor for a fallen American Soldier

Thanks to Crusader Rabbit blogspot for posting this.

Rest in Peace Sergeant First John C. Beale.

May God comfort your family in their grief.

To all those who stood on that road to honor Sergeant First Class John C. Beale, thank you.

God Bless America.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

National Health (S)Care - NEVER SUBMIT!

We MUST stop the government take over of our health care! The government has no business in my health care including my insurance, what it costs me, and what procedures I need and receive and what they cost. No business whatsoever! I buy my own home owners insurance, my own auto insurance, my own umbrella insurance policy, and my own health insurance. Yes some of those come at a reduced group rate through my employer. So what? That too is none of your business nor that of the government. I worked extremely hard to pull myself out of that ghetto suburb of Los Angeles, get an engineering degree from UCLA, start and maintain my career. If I have a so-called "perk" from my employer, what business is it of yours? And what business is that of the governments? NONE!

This is a country of equal opportunity, not equal outcome. There was nothing inherently special or gifted about me or my abilities. I simply determined young that I would make a better life for myself. And I did. And now you control freaks want to tax me back into that god-forsaken existence south of Watts?? NEVER!

Crusader Rabbit seems to have posted the entirety of a Mark Steyn article entitled Socialized Heath - The Point of No Return. PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE! Government control of health care or even health insurance is a PERMANENT game changer. One to which no free people should ever consider submitting. In fact, governemnt control over your body or any other equally personal business decision should never be accepted. You give up those rights and you are no longer free.

Even though I don't agree with everything The Cato Institute supports, they do provide some good information here.

Including an analysis of National Health Care Systems Around the World which points out that the broad and growing trend is to move away from centralized government control and to introduce more market-oriented features. And that Americans spend more on healthcare because we are a wealthy nation and we choose to do so. And that Medicares unfunded liabilities now top $50 Million and that unchecked, spending will increase fourfold over the next cenury.

Where I diverge from the Cato Institute is regarding the alleged 47 million uninsured Americans. First of all, when they do these determinations as to who is or is not uninsured, they don't demand proof of citizenship. That removes at least 10 million illegal aliens who shouldn't be here in the first place reducing the number to 37 million. Second, they discount the fact that young healthy adults willfully choose NOT to acquire health insurance. That acounts for about 40% of those uninsured. That reduces the number by about another 10 million to 27 million. Third, 19% of those uninsured make a good middle class income of at least $75k and could purchase health insurance if they so choose. Now, a free people should not be forced to purchase health insurance or anything else so counting them among the uninsured is simply wrong. That's another 10 million gone leaving about 17 million. Another 10 million are actually covered by Medicare, the government insurance plan so counting them is just a flat out lie. This leaves less than 10 million people who might actually be uninsured.

For the sake of about 3% of the population, the statist Democrat and me-too Republican control freaks want to fundamentally change the relationship between the American citizen and the American government. I say NO WAY. What say YOU?

For those of you who think Massachusetts instituted state health care so it can be done on a national level, cato points out that not everyone in MA is insured, health care costs continue to rise much faster than the national average, insurance rates increased at nearly double the national average rate of increase, consumer choices are limited by regulations and bureaucracy, program costs have skyrocketed despite tax increases, the program has huge deficits (hopefully it'll collapse under its own weight soon), doctors are leaving the state while people are demanding more and more freebies, and the state is considering rationing. Sounds just like all those countries with this idiotic statist plan. And don't forget that Romney brought that jewel to MA. Let's not allow him to bring it to us on a national level.

And I have a message to the Canadians who hang out in our chat room. Especially the ones that have moved here and now clamor for Canadian style health care.... If it was so great, you're free to enjoy it right now by moving there. You run your country and your health care the way you want to. And we'll run ours the way we want to. Let the population decide by noting how many Canadians run across the border and pay cash rather than risk dying while waiting in Canadian lines.

And THAT is my rant on government control of health care. NEVER SUBMIT!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Antarctic Ice: More in Winter, Less in Summer ... DUH!

wattsupwiththat is an amazingly informative website. I try not to miss anything over there. Even the comments section is filled with brilliance (with some notable exceptions).

You may recall a similar posting about Arctic Sea Ice. Well, now they've created an Antarctic Sea Ice Video.

Notice the same increase in ice in the winter and decrease in ice in the summer (keeping in mind the reversal of seasons in the Southern Hemisphere).

And yet, the elected idiots in the House of Representatives, think that we need to "do something" to stop the natural ebb and flow of the seasons. They might as well stand in front of a freight train and whimper for it to stop.