Saturday, December 29, 2012

What is wrong with people??

Haven't posted in... wow, a year.  Been busy.  Anyway, I observed something last night that I feel compelled to share.  I believe it's one of the core causes of the problems which plague our society.  We seem decadent, hedonistic, selfish, greedy.  Our children seem selfish and spoiled beyond anything I ever imagined growing up.  I know not all people are as I describe, but my "faith in humanity" is all but gone.
Yesterday morning, as I was packing up to come home from the relatives, my just-a-few-months-old iPhone seemed to have a slight software malfunction.  When I got home I made an appointment at the nearest Apple Store - no walk ins allowed it seems. I was directed to sit at a table with other customers waiting their turn.  Naturally, being the friendly sort, I started chatting with the other customers.  We all began exchanging reports of why we were there - some for purchase, some for software malfunctions (like me), and some for replacements due to damage.
It was that last situation which will stick with me.  A man and his son were sitting across the table from me.  The man started telling a rather confusing story of his sons and how one had thrown his iPhone at the other.  It seems that the kid sitting next to the dad got mad at his brother for eating his soup or doing something to it and threw his brand new iPhone across the room.  The iPhone was one of his Christmas presents.  There sat the dad saying bizarre things like, "well, I didn't want to replace it" and "he's got a bad temper" and "he's got red hair so ...".  And there sat that little brat smiling smugly saying, "that's right.  no one messes with my soup."  It was obvious that the kid knew that what he had done was wrong, that he really didn't deserve a replacement iPhone, and that his father was WEAK.  The little brat wasn't even trying to conceal his smugness.
Once I got that all sorted out, I said to the little monstor who will be inflicted upon society within the next ten years, "You're one lucky kid.  You better be grateful to your father.  If you were MY kid, I'd beat your ass with a wooden boat oar and you'd NEVER get another cell phone EVER".  Yes, I really said that.  And yes I really meant that if he were my child, not only would I never supply him with an iPhone but he would not be allowed to possess any cell phone as long as he lived in my house not matter his age or even if he paid for it himself.  The wooden boat oar idea came from my sister who has three sons and beat their asses with a wooden boat oar when necessary.
Parents, kids, and people in general like that are a huge problem.  These people clearly have more money than brains.  How can someone so stupid make enough money to supply iPhones for little kids at Christams??  The only thing that will cure them and their monstrous brat children is flying off the fiscal cliff at about a million miles an hour.  And it looks like that's about to happen.