Sunday, August 08, 2010

Congressman Malarky and Deniersburg

I read Watts Up With That almost every day (because if I don't, it takes forever to catch up!).  Well, look what they have up there today:

And in an unbelievable gaffe, he’s told a whole group of people exactly where they can go:

It is probably the most ugly statement I’ve ever seen from a politician regarding a group of people with ideas that disagree with the politician’s own view. If it were a race or class issue, he’d be vilified. He apparently has lost touch with what it means to be an American. From The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room:

“An iceberg four times the size of Manhattan has broken off Greenland, creating plenty of room for global warming deniers to start their own country,” Markey said in a statement.
Markey, who chairs the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, co-authored the House version of the climate change bill that’s currently stalled in the Senate.

Call him at 781-396-2900 or 508-875-2900 or 202-225-2836.  I left a message...

Hey Malarky!  I can see November from my HOUSE!

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