Thursday, August 05, 2010

Anit-Capitalist Racists Desecrate Flags of USA and Arizona

Please watch the video.  But, if you can't, at least see this picture of a toilet on the flag os the United States of America.

And this huge banner which clearly shows that these are Anti-Capitalists.  Marxists?  Socialists?  Facists?  Who cares?  Every one of those systems is totalitarian and takes away human freedom.


pat said...

More Americans and Mexicans hate America than the rest of the world put together. What does that say. The Obomanation.

Kirly said...

It also says there have been decades of indoctrination with a false history. These idiots don't understand that we won the vast majority of the land in a war (treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo) and then paid for the rest of it (Gadsden Purchase). I wouldn't have given them a dime for it. Not that I don't value it, I do. But if they were too weak to hold it, then the hell with them.