Monday, August 30, 2010

30 National Guard Soldiers to Arizona-Mexico Border

As I reported earlier, "At least one member of the National Guard begins the border mission on Monday".  Turns out that it was actually 30.

About 30 Army National Guard soldiers were scheduled to arrive at the Arizona-Mexico border this week in the first wave of reinforcements sent by the Obama administration to bolster security.

More soldiers will be sent each Monday until 532 have joined the mission, said 1st Lt. Valentine Castillo, a National Guard spokesman in Phoenix.

"Everything is right on track to be fully operational by the beginning of October," Castillo said.
Really?  So they actually planned for only 30???  For 262 miles of international border in Arizona?

And, remember, these are just "spotters".  They are not allowed to apprehend any illegal aliens.  Insanity.

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