Sunday, August 29, 2010

National Guard Begins It's Border "Mission"

At least one member of the National Guard begins the border mission on Monday.  Of course, that doesn't include actually interdicting illegal aliens.  No, instead their mission appears to be as "spotters".

The first (only one?  - Kirls) of 532 National Guard troops are set to begin their mission in the southern Arizona desert on Monday under President Barack Obama's plan to beef up U.S.-Mexico border security, although they won't have any law enforcement authority.

Authorities declined to say how many troops would start Monday, but that waves of them will be deploying every Monday until all 532 are expected to be on the Arizona border by the end of September.
Arizona National Guard spokesman Lt. Valentine Castillo says the troops will be "extra eyes and ears" for U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents.

He says the troops will have guns for self-defense, but they will not have the authority to arrest anyone themselves; if they spot illegal immigrants, they must report them to the Border Patrol.

Emphasis mine, of course.

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