Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sons of the Flying Imams

Shortly before noon on a sunny Sunday in March, two Toyota SUVs rolled to a stop along a dirt road in north Phoenix.

About 20 young Muslim males climbed out, armed with assault rifles, a shotgun, a sniper rifle and handguns. The location near Happy Valley Road and 51st Avenue [less than three miles from my home and less than 10 miles from the Ben Avery pulic shooting range. Gee, I wonder why they didn't go there?? - Kirls] is a desert recreation site for off-road motorists, hikers and bikers, dozens of whom were enjoying the spring-like weather. [hmmm, 20 young muslim males? Now, where have we heard anything unpleasant about (approximately) 20 young muslim men before? - Kirls]

For more than an hour, the shooters blasted away at a granite rock and empty cans in front of a hill. [an hour??? where the heck were the authorities??? this is a popular hiking area!!! - Kirls

Officials estimate the fusillade totaled 500 to 1,000 rounds. Some shooters left before police arrived and detained 10 adults and five boys, including an 11-year-old.

The young men and boys told officers the weapons belonged to their parents. They said they were not aware it was illegal to use firearms in the residential area.

Six were arrested and charged with felony weapons violations in Maricopa County Superior Court. Among them were the 20- and 21-year-old sons of two imams at Phoenix-area mosques, as well as the 20-year-old son of Abdallah. [ah yes, raising 'em right i see. you know, to obey civil laws. oh, wait, it IS illegal to discharge a firearm within the city limits there. - Kirls]

Phoenix police then notified the Arizona Counter Terrorism Center, a clearinghouse for intelligence, and the case was referred to the FBI, Lewis confirmed. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was called to trace the guns, its Arizona chief said.
Soliman Saadeldin, brother of one of the imams on the jetliner and a board member at the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix, was not surprised by the

"Twenty Muslims? Of course the FBI, the CIA and the White House would be worried," Saadeldin said. [right, because 20 young muslim males never did anything violent or illegal before - Kirls]

Valley Islamic leaders were furious at the youngsters, he added, knowing how the incident might be perceived. [I'll bet. Furious about tipping your hand at what you're training these young men for. - Kirls]
"I'm one of those who got mad at them. (But) they went over there just to have fun shooting. ... It's showing off more than anything else," Saadeldin said.

He described the target shooting as merely bad judgment by a group of young guys out for a good time.

Read it all.

I listen to local radio pretty much all day nearly every day and strangely enough, I never heard anything about this until the news was 6 months old.

Something I find rather strange in that article is the statement about "spring-like weather". Who would expect "spring-like weather" in March? in Phoenix? duh!

I hope these little jihadi-wannabes get thrown in jail for a very long time. Including the 11-year old. As we just learned here in Arizona, even a child can kill.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Environmental Entertainment and some very good information.

Yesterday, I added what might be considered an off-topic link to the website Global Warming and The Climate to my links list (right side of page). I added this link because I'm sick and tired of the idiots out there who think they are going to "save the planet" (you know the people - Nancy Pelosi appears to be the queen of the arrogantus maximus community). The reality is that the planet Earth was well-designed (Thanks to the one true G-D of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob!) and has mechanisms in place to regulate it's temperature. The Sun, cloud cover, water vapor in the atmosphere, and the Solar Wind have infinitely more impact on the climate of Earth than the trace atmospheric gas CO2.

As I was reading the Global Warming and The Climate website, I came across a hilarious video which puts it all into perspective (scroll down to the bottom of the page for it or go directly to youtube. I hope you enjoy it.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Illegal snooping in Ohio will get you one month unpaid vacation

Joe the Plumber snoop gets a month’s suspension (link includes video of Joe's reaction)

Helen Jones-Kelley will get a month off without pay for her unauthorized snooping into the records of Joe Wurzelbacher after the states’ Inspector General called her probe “without any legitimate business purpose”. Criminal investigations will continue...

More fascism. This is what we can expect during the age of the giant zero. Democrats / liberals / marxists / socialists have one law; Republicans / Conservatives will be subjected to another.

Obama got elected by uninformed idiots!

How Obama got elected.

See and hear the uninformed morons for yourself. UNBELIEVABLE!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tolerance fails T-shirt test

OH. MY. GOD! The indoctrination is complete.

Feds: Effigy of Palin not a hate crime; Secret Service reviewing landowners "public hanging" sign

Let's watch how this turns out. The Feds have already concluded that the effigy of Sarah Palin hanging for a sick, stupid Halloween decoration (put up by what appeared to be a gay couple in the gay sanctuary known as West Hollywood) was "distasteful but not a hate crime". Let's see if the Secret Service conclude, as the President of the Bonner County Human Rights Task Force already has, that the noose and sign on Germana's propery is more hateful than the effigy of Palin.

Yeah, no bias there.

Anyone else get the creepy feeling they've been transported from a free country to one on the verge of fascism??

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Half-dozen agencies accessed records of Joe the Plumber!

Ohio officials admit to searching database in order to help out the media! Yeah, no bias there or in this article.
The election is over, but the Joe the Plumber case is not.

Ohio Inspector General Tom Charles said his office is now looking at a half-dozen agencies that accessed state records on Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher.

The Beacon Journal has learned that, in addition to the Department of Job and Family Services, two other state offices — the Ohio Department of Taxation and Ohio Attorney General Nancy Rogers — conducted database searches of Joe the Plumber.

Wurzelbacher became an instant celebrity after he asked Barack Obama a series of questions in his Toledo driveway about the Democrat's tax policies.

In the third debate between Obama and Republican John McCain on Oct. 15, the candidates referred to Joe the Plumber more than 20 times.

The next day, the taxation department conducted two separate searches of a database of liens for unpaid taxes that were certified to the Ohio Attorney General's Office for collection.

John Kohlstrand, a taxation department spokesman, said he is prohibited from talking about individual taxpayers, but he confirmed that the databases were checked.
The searches were done to determine whether a lien placed against the individual was appropriate and whether it remained unpaid or not, Kohlstrand said.

The department's first search of the day was unsuccessful because of incorrect information about the individual, Kohlstrand said. Ohio Attorney General Nancy Rogers' office then contacted taxation because it was having difficulty accessing the database, Kohlstrand said. After the two agencies talked, taxation completed a successful search.

Kohlstrand said that the AG's office wanted access to the records so they could turn over to the national media lien information that was a public record in Lucas County. He said the national media did not have reporters in Toledo, so the attorney general'soffice was helping them out with public records.

On the day following the two searches, the taxation department conducted a search of another in-house database that tracks cases and correspondence between taxpayers and the department before the liens being certified and turned over to the attorney general for collection.

Rick Anthony, deputy tax commissioner, said there are times when a payment can be in the pipeline so a lien appears unpaid when in fact the taxpayer or business has repaid the state.

Anthony said the database searches on both days were conducted to ensure that the information in Lucas County was being properly reported by the media.

''Wouldn't that have been a disaster if the lien had been paid,'' Kohlstrand said. ''The responsible thing for us to do would be to take prompt steps to make it right.''

''We are not aware of any inappropriate browsing of information by anyone in our department pertaining to Mr. Wurzelbacher,'' Kohlstrand said.

Jim Gravelle, a spokesman for Attorney General Rogers, said he could not comment on individual records because of privacy issues. He said he would not confirm or deny that the AG's office went to taxation or whether his office had been queried by the inspector general.

The day after the debate, media outlets began reporting that Joe the Plumber's real name was Samuel, he was not a licensed plumber and he owed close to $1,200 in back taxes and additional money to a hospital.

His home was besieged by media outlets, including television crews that camped on his lawn.

Wurzelbacher had questioned Obama's plan to raise taxes for anyone with an income exceeding $250,000 because he planned to purchase his own plumbing business.

His current income made him eligible for a tax break under Obama's plan.

Wurzelbacher later endorsed McCain at a campaign stop in Ohio and hired the Pathfinder Management group in Nashville to manage his career.

Kohlstrand would not comment on an investigation by the inspector general, but Charles confirmed Thursday that he is looking into the taxation department to determine whether their searches were appropriate.

Charles said he does not know at this point if anyone in any of the agencies did anything wrong.

The inspector general began investigating after news reports surfaced that Helen Jones-Kelley, director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, ordered her agency to conduct background checks on Joe the Plumber.

Jones-Kelley maintains that her agency routinely checks on people who are thrust into the spotlight to determine whether they have unpaid child support bills, are receiving public support from her department or owe unemployment taxes.

After the election, Gov. Ted Strickland placed Jones-Kelley on paid leave. The governor said the suspension was for a matter unrelated to the background checks on Joe the Plumber.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Ohio State official on leave during investigation

This better not end up being a paid leave either. This witch needs to be FIRED not a have a paid vacation!

Strickland puts director on leave in fundraising probeJob and Family

Services chief sidelined during investigation
Friday, November 7, 2008
11:18 PM

Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland placed the director of the Department of Job and Family Services on paid leave today for possibly using a state computer and e-mail account for political fund-raising.

E-mails obtained today by The Dispatch show that Helen Jones-Kelley's e-mail account was used to assist the presidential campaign of Democrat Barack Obama in raising money.

Strickland asked Inspector General Thomas P. Charles to investigate the unconfirmed" matter and named Jan Allen, secretary of the governor's cabinet, as acting agency director.

The state e-mails show Jones-Kelley provided the Obama campaign with the names of 17 potential Dayton-area contributors ahead of the candidate's July 11 appearance

In July 8, the director offered to write a $2,500 check to the campaign to join Obama at his appearance, volunteered to contact would-be contributors and offered to help arrange an event for Michelle Obama, the candidate's wife.

At least one of the potential donors identified by Jones-Kelley contributed $9,600 to Obama for America and the Obama Victory Fund on July 31, according to Federal Election Commission records. Jones-Kelley also gave $2,500.

The e-mails that led to Jones-Kelley's suspension came to light in response to a public-records request by The Dispatch, said Keith Dailey, Strickland's press secretary. The newspaper requested the records Oct. 26, before Obama was elected president Tuesday.

The inspector general already was investigating if job and family services computers were used illegally to obtain confidential information on "Joe the Plumber," a Toledo-area man popularized by Republican John McCain.

The e-mails about the Dayton event show Jones-Kelley corresponded with Michael O'Neil, who is listed as an Obama fundraiser. O'Neil did not answer a telephone number he listed in his e-mails. Jones-Kelley could not be located for comment. Obama's Ohio campaign spokesman did not return calls.

Jones-Kelley, who lives in Dayton, was director of the Montgomery County Department of Job and Family Services before her appointment as state director by Democrat Strickland.

Other e-mails showed Jones-Kelley receiving information of a partisan political nature through her state e-mail account. One e-mail included an attached donation form for the Obama campaign.

Strickland administration polices forbid the use of state time, equipment and property for election-related purposes. Jones-Kelley sent a memo to all of her employees on Oct. 21 reminding them of the prohibition.

Meanwhile, the State Highway Patrol is providing security for Jones-Kelley because of numerous threats she has received regarding her agency's checks into Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, aka "Joe the Plumber."

"We are involved in a protection detail for her, but the specifics of the detail I couldn't go into simply because of the nature of it. , said Sgt. Timothy Karwatske. Strickland's office requested the security, he said.

After The Dispatch reported that state child-support computers were checked for potential information on Wurzelbacher, Jones-Kelley said checks are made on newsworthy figures that may have come into some money.

She later disclosed that state computers also were used to conduct checks to determine if Wurzelbacher was receiving welfare assistance or owed unemployment compensation taxes. Legislative Republicans suggested the checks were politically motivated, a charge denied by Strickland and Jones-Kelley.

Ohio Republican Party Deputy Chairman Kevin DeWine said in a news release yesterdaythat the Strickland administration now presides over an apparent "political party machine."

"The Strickland administration has already demonstrated a profound and reckless
disregard for personal privacy, and now they're apparently abusing government
resources to raise political contributions," DeWine said.

Wuzelbacher became a national fixture when he questioned Obama about his tax policies, leading McCain to frequently mention "Joe the Plumber" during the candidates' final debate on Oct. 15. The state checks on Wurzelbacher began the next day.

The Dispatch also revealed that Bureau of Motor Vehicles computers were improperly tapped for information on Wurzelbacher. Investigations have placed the blame on a Toledo police clerk, a state contractor and a Cuyahoga County child-support worker.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Radio Equalizer Exclusive! Libtalker on air wishes Joe the Plumber dead!

KGO / San Francisco libtalker / Obama supporter Karel has been caught on tape calling for the death of Joe The Plumber.

BREAKING: KGO / San Francisco libtalker / Obama supporter Karel has been caught on tape calling for the death of Joe The Plumber.

According to a key industry source, this DID go out over the airwaves.


Karel, also known as Charles Karel Bouley, is an evening and weekend host at KGO radio in San Francisco. This incident occurred during Saturday evening's show.

Based in Los Angeles, Karel is a gay activist who also writes for the HuffPOO {edited official name and removed link - Kirls}.

This latest incident caps a weekend of unhinged behavior by Obama's supporters, including a call for the death of Mormons campaigning on behalf of Proposition 8 in California and the push for an investigation into the "leak" that Obama's aunt was an illegal alien facing deportation.

It also adds to a number of dubious recent developments at the Citadel - ABC Radio powerhouse station, including a widely-anticipated station announcement that actually turned out to be a cheap campaign stunt for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

In addition, KGO and ultra- liberal station manager Mickey Luckoff have generated negative headlines this year for throwing a lavish party at the Four Seasons Hotel in the midst of staff layoffs and attempts to rehire convicted child porn distributor / libtalker Bernie Ward while he was awaiting trial.

This is outrageous! Joe the Plumber did NOTHING that any one of you or I could do. For a public figure to wish the man dead is an extreme case of intimidation. They want to stifle the first amendment of ordinary citizens. That is in addition to silencing / shutting out any media outlet that even dares to ask them difficult questions. This is FASCISM!

America! Vote tomorrow for FREEDOM!