Saturday, August 14, 2010

Atlas Shrugged and Illegal Aliens

I've had Ayn Rand's novel for years but I just finished reading it.  In fact, it was so engrossing that I have done little else but work, sleep, and read Atlas Shrugged all this week.  If you have not read it, you must!  I'm buying 5 copies for family and friends - to start!  Don't buy it from Amazon though since they want $6 more per copy than the the Atlas Shrugged website.
"I swear - by my life and my love of it - that I will never live for the sake of another (hu)man nor ask another (hu)man to live for mine."
No more looters!  Mo more moochers!

Now that I've had my attitude appropriately adjusted, I'll tie this back in with the current and ongoing theme of my blog.  Illegal aliens are both looters and moochers.  How dare they sneak across our border (illegal), take jobs from citizens and legal residents (illegal; looting), send $20 Billion of the money they illegally earn here to Mexico (looting), rely on public services (illegal; mooching), and give birth at public hospitals to their illegal babies (mooching).  Looters and moochers.  Get out!

Fourteenth Amendment my eye!  It was never intended to include the children of people who were in the country illegally.  Hell, it doesn't even include the children of diplomats who are here legally!

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