Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Hanukah, Merry Christmas and nothing else

It's been quite a while since I posted anything due to life intruding on what I'd rather be doing.  But, I'm hoping to get back to blogging first thing next year.  Meanwhile, I wish all a Happy Hanukah and a Merry Christmas - yes, both since my adopted mother was Jewish and I am Christian and do my best to show respect and appreciation for the Jewish people who are, after all, the Jewish people are the Apple of G-d's eye who preserved the Scriptures for all the world, and who gave us the Messiah (no, not the pres).

If you're wondering why I didn't wish anyone happy "kwaanzaa" or however you spell that, I don't participate in fake, made-up-to-foster-separatism celebrations.

If you're wondering why I haven't wished moslems well on one of their days, well that would be due to my not embracing evil, the devil himself, nor idol worship - that's right, they worship a stupid piece of black meterorite which they've enshrined in a replica of what they fear most - a vagina (look it up!).  Weirdos.  They must not fear it too much though since they are replicating like cockroaches (yeah, i said it - not like you'd expect me to use an analogy to something sweet, soft, cudly, and relatively harmless like a bunny, did ya?).

Thursday, August 25, 2011

53 Mexicans Murdered in Monterrey

I wonder if any of those guns are of the Fast and Furious variety?

Obama, Holder, et al, I hope you're happy with overt act of war in arming the internal enemies of our neighbor, Mexico.  You should all be extradicted for your crimes.

MONTERREY, Mexico (AP) — Two dozen gunmen burst into a casino in northern Mexico on Thursday, doused it with gasoline and started a fire that trapped gamblers inside, killing 53 people and injuring a dozen more, authorities said.

The fire at the Casino Royale in Monterrey, a city that has seen a surge in drug cartel-related violence, represented one of the deadliest attacks on an entertainment center in Mexico since President Felipe Calderon launched an offensive against drug cartels in late 2006.

"This is a night of sadness for Mexico," federal security spokesman Alejandro Poire said in a televised address. "These unspeakable acts of terror will not go unpunished."

Calderon tweeted that the attack was "an abhorrent act of terror and barbarism" that requires "all of us to persevere in the fight against these unscrupulous criminal bands."

Nuevo Leon state Gov. Rodrigo Medina told the Televisa network that 53 people had been confirmed dead in the attack.

"But we could find more," said state Attorney General Leon Adrian de la Garza, adding that a drug cartel was apparently responsible for the attack. Cartels often extort casinos and other businesses, threatening to attack them or burn them to the ground if they refuse to pay.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Did Justice Department Know About Fast and Fuirous?

In my opinion, there is no doubt that Holder knew.  Watch this video and watch him say that he learned of it a few weeks before the scandal broke and yet he bragged about it in Mexico long before.

Mexico wants to indict those responsible for letting the guns walk and I don't blame them.  This was an act of war arming the internal forces aligning against the Mexican people and the government of Mexico.

Click the picture below to watch the video (not embedded).

And those in charge are being promoted and moved to other parts of the country, some in positions invented just for them.  While the whistleblowers are being retaliated against which is against Federal law.  Of course, we already know from the voter intimidation charges against the black panthers stemming from the '08 PA billy club swinging incidents that Holder won't enforce Federal law if the accused / guilty are "his people".

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

All of MiddleEarth Angry at McCain

Yesterday the Tea Party Hobbits (you know, US, the good guys who save the entire world!) politely asked Senator John McCain for an apology for turning the word Hobbit into an epithet.  Today, the Morder Orcs (Democrats) expressed their anger at him too.  In typical John McCain fashion, the venue was way too small and the doors locked 45 minutes before the event began.

I heard a clip of it on the radio where McCain said "...everyone wants to be rich..." and the crowd howled that no, they did not want to be rich!  LOL

If U.S. Sen. John McCain's town hall on Tuesday had a theme, it's that Greater Tucson has been dipped in a big vat of angry.

And the heat isn't just the domain of the tea party anymore, with progressives showing up in force, just as torqued as their conservative counterparts.

It didn't help the tenor that there were far too many people for the 150-seat venue at St. Marks United Methodist Church on the far Northwest Side. The doors were locked and people turned away 45 minutes before the event even started.

As McCain entered, waving, he was greeted by the standard applause, as well as the not-so-standard chant of "Where are the jobs?"

Although the crowd by applause agreed to some ground rules - no yelling, no shouting, respecting one another - they didn't mean it.

The catcalls and interruptions started early into his introductory comments, which McCain largely used to make his case that the economic situation has deteriorated under the Obama administration. Using a chart with the title, "He's making it worse," McCain said there are fewer jobs, higher gas prices, more regulations and lower housing values since the inauguration.

Monday, August 08, 2011

McCain Apologizes if The Hobbits Misunderstood

But he's not sorry he said it...why should I, he said, when it's the facts.  Do you understand that?  He's sorry that you hobbits are too stupid to understand what his highness said.

And, obviously, he fails to understand that the Hobbits save the entire world.  The Hobbits win!

I think John McCain might be Saruman.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

John McCain & WSJ - The Hobbits Win!

Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows I already can't stand John McCain, his recent years border enforcement posturing with Pinal County Sheriff Babeu notwithstanding.  Every six years McCain runs to the right and then spends his six year Senate term sliding to the left and insulting the right, reaching across the aisle to those whose policies are, at best, Socialistic, and, at worst, Communisitic (yeah, I said it).

Anyone who has known me for more than 5 minutes knows that I have been a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien since I was a child.  I have read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings more times than I can count.  I have watched the movies at least 20 times.  I even went on a Lord of the Rings Movie Location Tour of New Zealand and intend to go on another after The Hobbit movies are released.  Seriously, I love the story which is, at it's core, a story of Good vs. Evil.  On the side of Good are the Hobbits.  The Hobbits represent innocence and purity and all that is Good in the world.

For the WSJ to attempt to turn "Hobbits" into an epithet is outrageous.  How dare they mock The Tea Party as "Hobbits".  To be called a Hobbit is not an insult.  It is a compliment of the highest order.  It is saying you are Good and Righteous.  For John McCain to agree with the statements from the WSJ so much that he chose to read the statement on the floor of the Senate thus preserving the sarcastic insult for all posterity is infurirating!

Clearly, the idiots at the WSJ editorial board and John McCain either didn't read the Lord of the Rings, or didn't watch the movies, or don't believe in Good and Evil, or are just too stupid to comprehend the point (that must be it since they don't even seem to understand that Mordor is actually part of Middle Earth).  The Hobbits win in the end.  Sure, it's a long hard road and they are mocked along the way and given little help by the elites, but they win in the end.  HotAir did a great job of pointing out that inconvenient fact.

What the WSJ said

But what none of these critics have is an alternative strategy for achieving anything nearly as fiscally or politically beneficial as Mr. Boehner's plan. The idea seems to be that if the House GOP refuses to raise the debt ceiling, a default crisis or gradual government shutdown will ensue, and the public will turn en masse against . . . Barack Obama. The Republican House that failed to raise the debt ceiling would somehow escape all blame. Then Democrats would have no choice but to pass a balanced-budget amendment and reform entitlements, and the tea-party Hobbits could return to Middle Earth having defeated Mordor.

John McCain reading the idiocy on the floor of the Senate

RedState has a very funny piece titled One Does Not Simply Mock Into Mordor

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Dust Storm for Phoenix

Another dust storm blew through Phoenix yesterday.

This is what I normally see looking south from my home.

And this is what I saw yesterday looking south from my home.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Illegal Immigrant Arrested Inside Arizona Nuclear Facility

This country is a hair's width away from a terrorist attack.  Things are out of control.  Unless, of course, you're an ordinary American who has to travel for work or chooses to travel for pleasure.  Then, the TSA is all over your grandmas adult diaper.

Sheriff: Security allowed him in with fake ID

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio says his deputies arrested an illegal immigrant working inside the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Station, the nation's largest nuclear plant.

According to Arpaio, 32-year-old Cruz Loya Alvares was denied entrance at the facility's security checkpoint on Monday, when he was the driver of a work truck belonging to a private contractor doing work at Palo Verde. Security guards noticed the man's Mexican driver's license was expired. On Tuesday, Alvares was admitted to the plant as a passenger in a work truck, using an Arizona ID card. However, at a secondary checkpoint, Arpaio says further examination by authorities determined that the Arizona ID was falsified.

The sheriff says he doesn't know how long Alvares had been working inside Palo Verde, and whether Monday was the first time he had attempted to get in.

"To some extent," Arpaio says, "security at this nuclear power plant worked. But still, an illegal immigrant was permitted to gain access. This raises the question: how safe is Palo Verde really if an illegal alien can gain access to this nation's largest nuclear power facility?"

The sheriff says the incident brings into question the effectiveness of the security at other government facilities.

Arpaio says his deputies have been made aware of other incidents of illegal immigrants working in buildings containing various federal, state, and local government workplaces.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

AZ Dust Storm

Click the picture to see it all since my blog format cuts off nearly half of it.  It's incredible.  Looks like The Mummy That Devoured Phoenix.  I heard reports that this storm was 2 miles high and up to 100 miles around / wide.

Head Of Homeland Security To Sheriff Babeu: You're Never Going To Seal The Border.

I'm just quoting this verbatim from Mike Broomheads page at KFYI but you can hear Sheriff Babeu say the below and much, much more (including "we don't need alligators") yourself ...

Sheriff Paul Babeu came on the Mike Broomhead Show Thursday to talk about a meeting he, among others, had with Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano in Arizona.

As soon and the secretary opened for questions, Sheriff Babeu jumped on the opportunity to tell her how our border is ACTUALLY doing.

Babeu also thinks that this sudden interest in increased boarder security is just an “election stunt.”

“Poll data should not run national security, and be at the forefront of decision making when it comes to protecting families here in America,” said the Sheriff. “And Oh! The third year into our four year term, we think this is a real issue now? You got to be kidding me!”

According to Babeu, he said that he needed at least 6,000 men and women on our border, now.

How did our Secretary of Homeland Security respond to that?

“You’re never going to seal it…you’re never going to seal the border.”
Well no, you can't seal the border if the HEAD of Homeland Security believes you can't!  If she believes you cannot seal the border, then why would she even try?  This is what you get with Napolitano, America!  And Babeu is right, this is just an election stunt by a government which committed an act of war against Mexico and her people by arming the terrorists inside Mexico via "Fast and Furious" aka "GunRunner".

Monday, June 06, 2011

Arizona Boycott - FAIL!

Last year about this time there were calls across the land to boycott my beloved state of Arizona.  Just look at my own blogging on the topic from May, June, and July of 2010 for a sampling.  Well, well, well, here we are a year later and we find that pretty much no boycott happened.  Few contracts were cancelled in the face of city councils being ordered to review contracts with firms in Arizona.  Typical leftsts counting on the ignorance of their constituents.

A year after the City Council approved the sanction, little has changed. There's not even an ordinance specifying how the boycott should work.

In May 2010, Los Angeles was a part of wave of cities that voted to boycott Arizona after lawmakers in that state passed a controversial law targeting illegal immigrants.

City Hall staffers were ordered to review contracts with Arizona companies for possible termination, and official travel to Arizona was supposed to be suspended.

But a year later, little has changed in the way Los Angeles does business with the state next door.

The city still buys street sweeper parts from one Arizona firm and has a contract for emergency sewer repairs with another, officials say. The Harbor Department alone has four contracts with Arizona companies that total nearly $26 million.

A similar pattern can be seen across California. Boycotts in Oakland, San Francisco and Los Angeles County made headlines last year but have since delivered little punch.

None of those jurisdictions has canceled a contract with an Arizona-based company because of the boycott — leading some immigrant-rights activists to dismiss the high-profile calls for economic sanctions as empty symbolism.

The disappointment is especially felt in Los Angeles, where Latino elected leaders strongly backed the sanctions.

"This is a moment of hypocrisy if the city of Los Angeles says one thing and does another," said Rabbi Jonathan Klein, executive director of the Los Angeles chapter of Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice. Klein was speaking to a crowd of protesters gathered at City Hall to demand follow-through on the business ban.

Protesters have complained about several exemptions the City Council has granted in the last year, including approvals of contracts for made-in-Arizona Taser guns and red-light traffic cameras, as well as a contract with a Los Angeles International Airport shuttle provider that has offices in the state.

Councilman Ed Reyes, who wrote the boycott, voted to approve those exceptions. He said the deals were in the best interest of the city. Reyes said he, too, was disappointed with the boycott's slow progress, but he blamed City Atty. Carmen Trutanich's office for taking more than a year to draw up an ordinance specifying the terms of the ban. A spokesman for Trutanich said an ordinance is still in the works. (Kirly - what a hypocrit Reyes is!  He WROTE the boycott and then voted to approve exceptions!)

Despite the lack of clear guidelines, Reyes said there had been at least one boycott victory: Last year the Los Angeles Police Department opted not to send a team of helicopter pilots to a training conference in Phoenix.

Reyes also pointed to a March letter sent to the president of the Arizona state Senate by several dozen leaders of companies with headquarters or major subsidiaries in Arizona. The letter urged rejection of five proposed anti-illegal-immigration laws, saying that when controversial laws are passed, "unintended consequences inevitably occur."

Dozens of local governments across the country imposed boycotts on Arizona after the state passed SB 1070, which required police to check the status of those they suspected of being in the country illegally. Critics said the law would promote discrimination; state officials disagreed.

In their letter, the Arizona business leaders wrote that the boycotts cost the state jobs and hurt its economy, and that further anti-immigration legislation could do more harm. None of the five laws passed.

Lawrence Glickman, a boycott expert at the University of South Carolina, said boycott organizers should count that as a success. Most boycotts end more ambiguously than the Montgomery, Ala., bus boycott of the 1950s, which ended segregation on buses, or the grape campaign of the 1960s, which won fieldworkers contracts with growers, he said. (Kirly - a letter should be counted as a success???  uhm, ok, lefties, you got your letter so you're "winning".)

In the case of the Arizona boycotts, he said the target — an entire state — is less clear than a company or industry. "As an entity, a state is pretty amorphous," Glickman said.

Los Angeles city officials have struggled to define what it means for a company to be "headquartered in Arizona," the language used in the council's boycott motion.

The issue came up recently when the Board of Public Works considered a $100-million contract for a wastewater treatment plant with Honeywell, a multinational corporation that has divisions and employees based in Arizona. The board approved the contract. (Kirly - typical leftist idiots.  Honeywell is not headquarted in Arizona.)

The boycott movement lost some urgency last year when one of the law's most controversial provisions was struck down in federal court. That ruling, which halted the requirement that police check the status of suspected illegal immigrants, was upheld in the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said she plans to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. Several California entities, including San Francisco and Los Angeles County, voted to suspend their boycotts until the court case is decided.

More than 20 Los Angeles County contracts were approved while the boycott was active because they met certain exemptions, records show.

In one report to the Board of Supervisors, the county's chief executive said a contract with an Arizona company that makes undershirts for jail inmates was exempted because "additional cost, time and resources are required to resolicit the services or supplies." (Kirly - so they were basically too lazy to do the work to support their own boycott!)

Ellen Sandt, an L.A. County deputy chief executive, said the boycott was important even if it had produced few tangible results in the way the county spends its money. For the supervisors who passed it, "it was important for them to take a stand," she said. (Kirly - yep, all symbolixm and no substance with leftists.)

The boycott has been more than symbolic for at least one city. Last year, Santa Monica officials chose not to award a $3-million contract to an Arizona-based firm to replace 20 mobile homes in a city-owned park, according to Kate Vernez in the city manager's office.

They gave the business to a California company instead.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Idiocy in Pinal County: Pete Rios

This is the kind of idiot that Sheriff Babeu has to deal with.

Pinal County Supervisor Pete Rios lost control when a citizen called him out for ignoring the citizens of Pinal County.

At the close of the Board Meeting last week, a Pinal County citizen stood to address the Board of Supervisors. As usual, Supervisor Rios told the citizen that he had only three minutes.

The Pinal County citizen began by mentioning that over a year ago, State budget cuts and cost shifts could be anticipated. The citizen continued to respectfully address the Board of Supervisors. Suddenly, Pete Rios and fellow Supervisor David Snider started laughing and smiling at some inside joke, totally ignoring the citizen speaker. It was a display of utter contempt to and for a citizen of Pinal County.

Finally, the Pinal County citizen addressed Supervisor Rios directly: “Supervisor Rios, do you want to share with us what is so funny?”

Pete Rios immediately grabbed the gavel, pounding it furiously on the desk, yelling,” You’re out of order,” repeatedly. Spittle could be seen on Supervisor Rios’ quivering lips. Rios lost control. His behavior was bizarre and reflected badly on himself, the Board of Supervisors and Pinal County.

The Pinal County citizen stood his ground proudly. He had not disrespected the Mr. Rios or the Board. It was Pete Rios who brought disgrace upon himself and his fellow Board Supervisors.

Almost immediately, the Board of Supervisors meeting degenerated to a close and fellow citizens rush to congratulate not Pete Rios but Vince Leach, the honest citizen who called Pete Rios on his disrespectful behavior.

Leaving the Supervisors’ meeting room, I overheard a disgruntled citizen commenting about Pete Rios and his behavior, ‘These guys think they walk on water . . . until you flush it.”
What an arrogant ass.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Pima County Sheriff Dupnik, Why is Jose Guerena Dead?

Sheriff Dupnik, of Pima County, Arizona has gone from unavoidable for offensive unfounded hateful comments against Conservatives when Jared Loughner murdered 6 and shot several including Arizona Congressional Representative Gabrille Giffords to unavailable for comment in the case of a SWAT raid on a Tucson home which resulted in more than 70 shots fired in 7 seconds with 60 hitting and killing Jose Guerena.  Dupnik has hid behind a spokesman and issued as many as 5 different versions of the incident.

I don't know if Jose Guerena was a good guy or a bad guy.  I do know that he was a Marine and served our country in Iraq.  I know that he was in bed asleep in his home with his wife and 4 year old son in a neighborhood alleged to have a problem with home invasion attacks.  And the video below seems to indicate that this was a "no knock" and no announcement can be heard that it was the police.  I know that the safety was on Guerenas weapon and he never fired a single shot.  And I know that nothing illegal was found in his home.  And that medical attention, which arrived within 2 minutes of being called, was kept on hold for more than an hour and then sent away.  I don't know if anyone could have survived 60 gunshot wounds, but some effort should have been made to help the poor man whose wife said he was still alive.  Allegedly, Guerena lay there dying for an hour and fourteen minutes.

Dupnik.  You're done.  Resign in disgrace.  Go home.  Go away.  And take the officers who denied medical treatment to a dying man wtih you.

The family has hired an attorney.  No amount of money will replace this young man, husband, father.  But, they deserve to know the truth of why their home was raided.  They are going to sue Pima County, Arizona for all it's worth - probably for all it'll be worth for the next 100 years.

Update:  Blackfive has a lot of information and links to even more.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sheriff Babeu: Mr. President - Protect America First

If you wish, you can download a copy here.

Here is the text, but definitely go and download a copy to see the seal and the picture at the bottom.

May 26, 2011

President Obama says the border is more secure than ever, declared the border fence complete and said, “these people will never be satisfied, until we build a moat and put alligators in the moat.” We don’t need a moat or alligators in Arizona – we simply need the federal government to do their job and secure the border!

Last year, 219,300 illegal immigrants were apprehended in just one sector of Arizona and many with violent felony criminal records. The US Border Patrol estimates another 400,000 made it safely past them in Arizona and now reside in your community.

If the majority of regular illegal immigrants can sneak into America, what does this say about the ability of terrorist sleeper cells? The porous US/Mexican border is the gravest national security threat facing America. This is no longer just a political fight to stop Barak Obama from giving amnesty to over 12 million illegals, it’s also about protecting our nation from terrorist threats. Thousands of illegal entrants hail from State Department countries of interest--Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and others. In some cases, we have confirmed their troubling ties to terrorism. Yet for those we apprehend, how many today live amongst us?

If the border is secure, why did the feds post 15 Billboard signs in Pinal County warning American citizens; Danger – Public Warning – Travel Not Recommended, due to armed drug cartel smuggling? This is 70 miles into Arizona, where Homeland Security confirms that no fewer than 100 of our beautiful mountains have been repurposed as lookouts for the Mexican Drug lords.

America can secure the border if we replicate the success of what was accomplished in the Yuma Sector. The Yuma Sector has now attained a 96% reduction of illegal border crossings. The Senator McCain/Kyl 10-Point Border Security Plan is developed largely from the learned successes of the Yuma Sector during Operation Jump Start.

This plan calls for immediate deployment of 6,000 armed soldiers for a period of two years. While soldiers are deployed, the double barrier fence is completed with video surveillance, lighting, sensors and roads to support rapid deployment of US Border Patrol. Thirdly, fully enforce the law without any diversion option.

We need focus on the solution to secure our border, not on a path to citizenship or amnesty for 12 million. If President Obama were sincere, why did he not pass immigration reform in his first two years, when he had supermajorities in the House and Senate? Instead, in a purely politically and racially divisive manner, he says he’ll fight now when there is little hope of passage. The President has failed to fulfill his core constitutional duty to protect America.

President Obama led us to believe he would end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We’re no closer to leaving than when he made these false promises. He bombs Libya for humanitarian reasons and yet ignores the outcry of neighboring Mexico in their war against the drug cartels, which have claimed over 35,000 lives and nearly toppled their government. Mexico is America’s second largest trading partner and we share nearly 2,000 miles of porous border, which presents a far graver national security threat than anything we face in the middle east.

Mexico is not our enemy. The cartels are the enemy of Mexico and America. They have brought their violence here to America. Local Sheriffs can’t fight them alone. We can address this growing threat, or we can make jokes, laugh and believe the border is more secure than ever.


Paul Babeu, Sheriff
Pinal County, Arizona
President, Arizona Sheriff’s Association
2011 National Sheriff of the Year

(Sheriff Babeu is also a retired Army Major and served as the Commanding Officer for Task Force Yuma)

AZ Employer Sanctions Law Upheld by US Supreme Court

This is not directly related to SB1070 but theories abound that the 5 who voted to uphold Arizonas Employer Sanctions Law (all employers in the state of Arizona must use e-Verify or they could lose their business license) would also vote to uphold SB1070.

(have to click the link and read it at the washington times or else they'll sue me for copyright infringement. heh.)

In a weighty case with far-reaching implications, the Supreme Court on Thursday upheld an Arizona law that requires all businesses to check to make sure new workers are in the country legally — and in the process signaled the states can have a greater say on immigration issues.

The 5-3 ruling did not directly address a second Arizona law that granted police broader powers to check immigrants’ status and set off nationwide protests by immigrant rights groups last year. But the decision does touch on many of the same issues of federal versus state authority, and seemed to show an openness by a majority of justices to action by the states.

Kris W. Kobach, a lawyer who helped write both laws and who last year won election to be Kansas’ secretary of state, said the decision signals the court majority could look favorably on the far more contentious 2010 Arizona law, known as SB 1070.

“The Supreme Court today said that as long as the state relies upon federal definitions of immigration status and relies upon federal determinations of any particular alien’s status, then that state is not in conflict with federal law. That is exactly what SB 1070 does,” he said.

He said the court also signaled it will set a high threshold before ruling that a state law conflicts with federal law.

At issue in Thursday’s ruling was whether Arizona can require businesses to use E-Verify, a voluntary program the federal government offers businesses to check whether their job applicants are work-eligible. The Obama administration and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said the requirements went too far.

But Chief Justice John G. Roberts, writing the majority opinion, said that while federal law makes the checks voluntary, it does not specifically bar states from making them mandatory. Because Arizona’s law doesn’t impose criminal penalties and deals only with businesses’ licenses, it doesn’t impinge on federal authority.

“Arizona’s procedures simply implement the sanctions that Congress expressly allowed the states to pursue through licensing laws,” the chief justice wrote. “Given that Congress specifically preserved such authority for the states, it stands to reason that Congress did not intend to prevent the states from using appropriate tools to exercise that authority.”

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lindsey Graham(esty) cannot be trusted on immigration

Why I do not trust Lindsey Graham when it comes to immigration reform... because he called those of us who oppose amnesty "bigots".

Sunday, May 15, 2011

51% say USA safer now than before 911 attacks

Buried in a report about Janet Incompetano being the most unpopular member of the Obama administration (at 23% favorable), is this little gem:
With our borders more porous than ever, with more smuggling than ever - of people, drugs, terrorists and their supplies, 51% actually think we are safer than before 911.  This is insanity.  When the car bombs start, will these fools wake up?  When the suicide bombs begin at crowded weekend eateries, will these fools wake up?  When Beslan-style attacks on our public schools begin, will these fools wake up?

Or are these fools destined to be perpetual victims and beggars for government handouts on the backs of the tax payers?  Most of whom are not rich!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

S.C. gives voter ID bill final approval

Every voter should be verified as the real person on the voter rolls in every election.  State or Military photo ID seems to be the only way.  And the rolls need to be purged of the deceased as well but that's another topic.

South Carolina is the latest state to demand that you prove your identity when voting.  All that is needed now is for Governor Haley to sign it.  And look for the ACLU and other idiotic entities to say it's an "undue burden on the poor".  Right, like a $10 state ID is too expensive.  Most states will give them to you for free if you are truly destitute because they are required for so many benefits.  Hell, I have to show photo ID every time I go to the doctor or the dentist!

S.C. gives voter ID bill final approval

COLUMBIA -- State or military photo identification will be required to vote in South Carolina under legislation heading to Gov. Nikki Haley's desk.

With a 26-16 vote, South Carolina's senators adopted a compromise version of the legislation that the House agreed to two weeks ago. The vote broke along party lines, with Republicans supporting it and Democrats voting against it.

To vote, people will have to show a state or military ID, a passport or new voter registration cards with pictures the state will issue. If they don't, they can cast a provisional ballot. They have to show a photo ID at their county voting office a couple of days later to have that vote counted.

Republican Haley has pushed the legislation for months, and it was a top priority for the GOP in the House and Senate. They say the bill is about voter integrity.

Democrats say it suppresses turnout by minority, disabled and elderly voters who lack a license, and they argued educating people on the measure and supplying a free photo ID will be expensive.

Sen. Brad Hutto, an Orangeburg Democrat, said the legislation is destined for court challenges.

"What this bill does is institutionalizes voter suppression," Hutto said.

He said a list of 178,000 voters that don't have photo identification will create problems because it is an invasion of privacy and creates the potential for identity theft.

Sen. Chip Campsen, an Isle of Palms Republican, said Democrats created that problem by insisting on the creation of the list to help identify people who don't have the credentials needed to vote.

Senate Democrats had gone along with the legislation because their version of the bill created early voting in South Carolina. The House refused to go along with that measure but is considering separate legislation to allow early voting.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Next Generation of Socialists Assert Themselves in Tucson

The Tucson Unified (heh) School District has been out of control for years. Former State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne, who had the legal right and responsibility to review curriculum, was repeatedly denied access to the socalled Ethnic Studies program for years. And, of course and as usual, called a raaaacist for demanding it in the first place.

I haven't followed recent events involving the TUSD and the Ethnic Studies program since it's well over 100 miles from where I live and I believe in local control - ie, the parents of the students should be involved in the schools. It seems the TUSD board was to have a meeting on the Ethnic Studies program last night. And it also seems that these high school students were paying close attention to the recent events in Wisconsin (watch the video).

The article below says that the news organization is working to find out why the students weren't arrested. Good question. And why aren't these out of control anarchist teens punished by their parents?  Because the parents are probably Democrats used to screaming and whining and pounding their fists and stomping their feet demanding more freebies from our tax dollars.  Damn commies.

I think this article is incorrectly titled.  It should be "Community reacts to out of control children with irresponsible parents".

Community reacts to ethnic studies protest

TUCSON - An unruly crowd of frustrated students at the Tucson Unified School District Headquarters last night forced the meeting on ethnic studies to be postponed.

Ten minutes before the meeting was scheduled to start last night, students barged into the meeting room and shackled themselves to board members' chairs.

So, what happens now? News 4 is still waiting to hear when and where the rescheduled meeting will be held.

Last night, in a brief note, the board said it will be rescheduled in a bigger venue to better accommodate so many people.

As for the students' actions last night, there are still a lot of questions, and even more reactions are coming in today.

News 4 is working to find out why the students weren't arrested, and why the meeting was ultimately cancelled. Students say their voices just weren't being heard, so they had to do something extreme to get the board's attention.

But critics say their actions were just wrong.

"They're being taught not to respect any other point of view. To respect the laws, to respect their elders, they are acting like a mob," said Pat Sexton, one Tucson resident against the student protect.

But one student who spoke to us thought he was well within his right.

"We're here to fight for an education, for human rights," the student said. "Human rights is ethnic studies, and we should be allowed to have a say in our education, because our education is our future."

Coming up tonight at 5 p.m. and 6 p.m., you'll hear from former Arizona superintendent Tom Horne, who led the charge against these ethnic studies classes.

In the meantime, log on to the News 4 Tucson Facebook page and tell us what you think.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pima Community College has released heavily redacted Jared Lee Loughner emails

Pima Community College has released heavily redacted emails from/to Jared Lee Loughner, the Tuscon shooter of Representative Gabrielle Giffords.  The NYSlimes has 51 pages of related public safety reports and documents as well.

Pima Community College Redacts Jared Lee Loughner Emails (here but you may have to look for it on that page about in the previous entries)
Friday 04-22-2011 8:18pm MT

PHOENIX (AP) — The community college that the Tucson mass shooting suspect attended released hundreds of emails Friday but withheld dozens of others, leaving gaps about what was going on inside the school's administration during the hours and days after the shooting.

Pima Community College released a 900-page document that included completely or heavily redacted emails among school administrators, links to news stories about the shooting and previously released Internet postings from the suspect, 22-year-old Jared Lee Loughner.

Loughner has pleaded not guilty to charges stemming from the Jan. 8 shooting that left six people dead and 13 wounded, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

Loughner began attending classes at the college in 2005 but was eventually kicked out because of behavior campus police considered disturbing. He was told to get a mental health evaluation or not return.

At 2:05 p.m., several hours after the shooting, campus police Cmdr. Manny Amado wrote to Executive Vice Chancellor David Bea, "Just heard on radio that gunman in custody is Jared Loughner."

After what appears to be an email exchange of news reports mentioning Loughner, there is a page listing an email from Jana Kooi, president of the school's northwest campus, at 2:18 p.m.

Shortly thereafter, more than 60 pages of emails that appear to be from Kooi are blacked out, though it's not clear what day or time they were sent because the text is blocked out.

Shortly after the shooting, The Associated Press requested all of the college's emails mentioning Loughner in 2010, prompting the school to hand over six emails from late December, most of them sent by campus police. Earlier this month, the AP expanded its request by asking for all emails mentioning Loughner that were received or sent by school employees from 2005 to 2011.

The emails show that school officials rapidly exchanged information about Loughner, including previously released police reports describing Loughner's bizarre behavior on campus.

In one report from Sept. 23, 2010, shortly before Loughner was banned from campus, an officer describes finding him confused after a classroom outburst, his head tilted and eyes bobbing.

Some emails documented the distress within the school community with the disclosures about the shooting.

In one email, nursing faculty member Ceanne Alvine writes to department chairwoman Patricia Murray, "Please tell me we don't have a student by the name of Loughner."

Another email from Harry Muir, the school's dean of instruction, was sent just hours after the shooting to college Chancellor Roy Flores and other administrators.

"I'm sure by now you are aware of the terrible tragedy that occurred at Gabrielle Gifford's 'Congress on the Corner' gathering here in the northwest part of Tucson," Muir wrote, adding that his son Brandon called him to say he found YouTube videos of Loughner online that mentioned he attended the community college.

"Just thought I would give you a heads-up," Muir wrote. "I don't know if he was in fact a student at PCC or if he was if he ever had any conduct issues, but I thought I would pass on the information," he wrote.

Charlotte Fugett, the college's east campus president, wrote back: "Good heads-up. Thanks."

He replied: "Thank you, Char. It's a terrible situation. I'll see you Monday."

Earlier this month, the school released nearly 3,000 pages of documents that showed how administrators struggled to keep up with a flood of media requests and protect its image just after the shooting rampage.

Those records also included many redactions.
Blood reported from Los Angeles.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mexico Ambassador Equates Cartels to Capitalists

Can you see what the Ambassador has done here?  He has equated the Cartels with Capitalists.

ByTod Robberson / Editorial Writer | Bio
10:48 AM on Tue., Apr. 12, 2011 | Permalink

wanted so badly to include some other photos with this blog item. Our files are full of the most gruesome photos imaginable. There are dismembered corpses dumped on the sidewalk. There's one of a mother and her child dead on the floor, their bodies bloodied and pockmarked by bullets. This one is the least offensive I could find while still making the point that Mexico's drug cartels are terrorist organizations.

In a letter to the editor today, Mexico's ambassador, Arturo Sarukhan, comes to the defense of these mass murdering, torturing, dismembering, bombing, beheading, kidnapping and drug trafficking organizations, arguing that they are businessmen, not terrorists. Folks, we have a first here. You will not, until now, have seen any top Mexican official actually defending the cartels to this extent. But Sarukhan, taking issue with our editorial last week in defense of a bill before Congress to put Mexico's six biggest cartels on the State Department's list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations, strongly disagrees.

Yes, they are very violent criminal organizations, he says. But "they pursue a single goal. They want to maximize their profits and do what most business do: hostile takeovers and pursue mergers and acquisitions."

Again, in their defense, he says they have "no political motivation or agenda whatsoever beyond their attempt to defend their illegal business."

So, when they kill dozens of mayors, police chiefs, soldiers, journalists, newspaper editors, businessmen, mothers, children, American visitors, immigrants, farmers, truck drivers, musicians, dancers, teachers, etc., etc., etc., we are to believe this is just business? Part of a new mergers-and-acquisitions strategy? And when they hang signs from overpasses, along with a body to punctuate their point, warning that this is their territory, not the government's, there's no political message there?

Perhaps the ambassador should read up a bit on these entrepreneurial business groups to see what they're really up to. There's any number of articles, in English or Spanish, describing their political motives. Here's something I found from a 2009 piece by John P. Sullivan and Adam Elkus, two guys who know the difference between terrorists and businessmen:

Unlike Pablo Escobar's Colombian reign of terror in the 1990s, the Mexican cartels are engaged in serious insurgent campaigns. Armed with military infantry weapons, their gunmen use complex small-unit tactics that differ from the usual "pray and spray" methods beloved by criminals. Cartels run training camps for assassins on the border. They attempt to agitate the populace against the Mexican military through political subversion. And they control towns and neighborhoods that the military tries to retake through force.

Mexico's cartels are evolving distinct political aims. La Familia is exemplary in this regard. Using social services and infrastructure protection as levers in rural areas and small towns, they are building a social base. In urban areas, they are funding political patron-client relationships to extend their reach. Reinforced by corruption, propaganda, political marches and demonstrations, as well as social media such as "narcocorridos," such activity helps to shape the future conflict.

This is no longer about drug policy. This is about fighting terrorists. And they are present right across the border in Mexico, and we need to call them what they are

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Georgia About to Enforce Immigration Laws

Georgians, don't let the "thousands" protesting disuade you!  The millions of productive citizens are with you but had to show up at work instead of at a protest.

Georgia Senate Passes Arizona-Style Bill to Restrict Illegal Immigration
By NewsCore

ATLANTA - Despite thousands of residents expressing their opposition to the legislation, the Georgia Senate Monday approved an Arizona-style crackdown on illegal immigration.

The Senate approved House Bill 87 after almost three hours of debate in a 39-17 vote, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

However, lawmakers eliminated a contentious piece of the bill which would have required businesses to register their workers on a federal program called E-Verify. The program determines if they are eligible to work in the US.

Because it was substantially amended the bill must now return to the House for its approval, before it can be signed by Gov. Nathan Deal.

Like the law enacted in Arizona, Georgia's bill would allow police to question suspects about their immigration status.

It would penalize people who transport or harbor illegal immigrants or use fake identification to get a job in the US.

It is estimated Georgia is home to about 425,000 illegal immigrants -- more than Arizona.

Thousands of residents of Georgia have protested the bill -- both in demonstrations outside the Capitol and in petitions.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

TX Assistant DA found dead in Mexico

Seriously?  Why the hell isn't this huge news??  An Assistant DA from Texas is found dead in Mexico and it's not all over the radio, tv, internet??

(Reuters) - Autopsy results show a South Texas prosecutor killed himself by ingesting poison over the weekend in Mexico, according to the Mexican state of Tamaulipas attorney general's office.

Cameron County Assistant District Attorney Arturo Jose Iniguez was found dead Saturday in Matamoros, Mexico.

Tamaulipas officials said in a press release posted on the state website that they would share the results of the investigation into Iniguez's death with U.S. authorities.

Cameron County District Attorney Armando Villalobos said in a written statement on Tuesday that he expects to receive case information from Tamaulipas officials early next week.

He added that a second autopsy would be performed by a pathologist in Texas, and it would not be possible to make a final determination on Iniguez's cause of death "until we conclude the review of all evidence" in the case.

Iniguez, 26, lived in Laguna Vista, Texas, with his wife and 2-year-old daughter. His funeral is set for Thursday.

Matamoros is a city of about 489,000 residents across the U.S.-Mexico border from Brownsville, Texas.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

UAW Breaks Godwins Law

The commies who run today's United Auto Workers union have used Martin Niemollers famous saying "First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out... " to denigrate anyone who doesn't agree with their version of workers holding the rest of us hostage to their demands along with a gratuitous slam on anyone who wishes to see our borders enforced.  Of course, they have to support immigrant workers because normal (read Capitalist) Americans aren't interested in the marxism the UAW is selling.  Well, except for the recent gathering of gimme-freaks in Wisconsin and one lunatic that I know who insists that she "has faith in the union" to which she doesn't even belong!  How thick can you be?

Can you read that?  If not, here is the text
At first they came for the steel workers, but what could I do, I wasn't a steel worker?
Then they came for the textile workers, but what could I do, I wasn't a textile worker?
Then they came for the auto workers, but what could I do, I wasn't an auto worker?
Then they came for the immigrant workers, but would could I do, I wasn't an immigrant?
Then they came for me, and by that time, there was no one left.
I  took a screen cap of their vile page but definitely go look for yourself.  While you're there, take a peek at the cover of their commie rag for March-April 2011 States of Denial.  Watch for protests and riots on April 4 in your community - go to them, film them, post the pictures of their signs and the recordings of their hateful words on the internet.


US Ambassador to Mexico Resigns After Telling the Truth

I read BorderLand Beat fairly regularly and if you're at all interested in the actual situation on our borders and inside Mexico, I suggest that you do as well.  For example, while reading BorderLand Beat yesterday, I learned that the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico had resigned.  Hadn't heard anything about this on any news.  It seems he resigned after some wikileaks exposed his complaints about inefficiency and infighting among Mexican security forces - ie, he resigned after telling the truth.

Secretary of State Clinton said Pascual resigned "based upon his personal desire to ensure the strong relationship between our two countries and to avert issues" raised by President Felipe Calderon without identifying the issues or when they were raised.  Perhaps Calderon raised these "issues" when he met with Obama two weeks ago.

Calderon is on record as complaining about US meddling in Mexican domestic policy!  Meddling???  The wikileak quoted U.S officials describing "widespread corruption" in Mexican security agencies (TRUE) and "a dysfuntionally low level of collaboration" (TRUE), described the Mexican army as "slow" (TRUE) and "risk averse" (TRUE), and concluded that only 2% of people arrested in Cuidad Juarez (the most violent city in Mexico, wracked by drug-cartel-related killings) were charged with a crime.

Meddling??  Seriously, let's STOP all that nasty meddling, bring our surging numbers of law enforcement people operating inside Mexico home and use them to enforce our national border!   And while we're at that, shut down all monetary transfers to Mexico - every last penny.  Calderone can handle his internal problems on his own.  Enforcing our border will keep his problems out of our country.

If you think I just said that Calderone and the Mexican people that they can go pound sand and deal with their own problems, you're right.  I'm fed up with operating our own country as if it were the welfare agency for Mexico's browner population.  That's right, I said it, the Mexicans of primarily European descent don't care at all about their browner citizens of obviously more tribal descent and are quite happy to export them here and rake in $20 Billion a year from them. 

My Absence

I have been a bit busy this year. Work, sick, work, sick - a vicious cycle of attack from a germ here, a virus there and never having enough of a break from work to get completely well.  But, it looks like i'm going to have a lot more free time soon so I hope to return to blogging about the border situation here in the American South-West and various other topics of interest to me and, hopefully, to you.  Starting... well, now.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Christchurch, New Zealand Earthquake

You may have noticed the link in my side bar to Kirly in NZ.  I went on a Lord of the Rings Movie Location Tour with Red Carpet Tours.  It was the vacation of a lifetime.  I made friends there and because of my trip, have made other friends with connections to NZ.  I hope to go back some day.  The Kiwi people were universally pleasant and friendly (like Texans!).  Christchurch was one of my favorite stops on the tour.  I was saddened to hear of the death and destruction which has taken place there.  Pray for the Kiwis. And remember that they and Australia have been among our best friends.

Rose found a link to live streaming local television coverage here.  I stayed up way too late watching that last night.  65 reported dead last I heard.  From the looks of the devastation, that number will likely go up as more people are found over the next days.

The damage is much worse than last September.  Look at this graph from GeoNet which is reporting 59 quakes.  Some of those after-shocks rival the big jolt at the beginnning.

Pray for New Zealand!  Remember the ANZAC spirit!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Propaganda Machine Rolls on Against Arizona

What Would You Do hires an actor to play a racist cop demanding to see identification from fake illegal aliens in Arizona.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Final RIP

Squeakie, my third and last remaining kitty, has been returned to her maker.  She began to grow a tumor on her back last year and she was too frail to remove it.  Now, she awaits me in my Heavenly mansion along with Sockies and Hedi.


Squeak slept most of her life... when she wasn't eating or engineering a "Squeak Attack" on Socks or Hedi.

Yes, that's a "Lion cut".  A mane,and a poof on the end of her tail.  So adorable.

And this was just too cute.  She was actually asleep with her head stuck between the pillows.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Petulant Political Propagandist Dupnik Finally Shuts Up

The Petulant Leftwing Political Propagandist Sheriff Dupnik of Pima County has finally shut the hell up.  Or has he?  I bet he hasn't.  I bet he has just put a stop to all actual facts being discussed and his political pontificating will continue.  This essentially means that nothing will come out of the Pima County Sheriffs office except through Dupniks pie hole which, as we have all seen for over a week now, is pure propaganda.

From HumanEvents

What’s the “controversy” between the County Attorney’s office and Sheriff Buford T. Dupnik? There are no official details yet, but it’s not hard to imagine a roomful of prosecutors watching Dupnik shoot the breeze with media outlets he likes, about media outlets he hates, and screaming in frustration. Every defense attorney goes to sleep at night dreaming of a loudmouth official who uses global press coverage to float his pet theories about who might really be responsible for the crime. If Jared Loughner accepts a little coaching from his defense team, prosecutors will be thinking about tossing the ends of their neckties into the ceiling fans by the end of this trial.

In a development that absolutely infuriates the Left, targets of the Tucson blood libel have been responding to the scurrilous accusations against them. Dupnik made a point of selecting one Rush Hudson Limbaugh III, of West Palm Beach, Florida, as one of those targets. According to complaints Dupnik made to the Washington Post, a tidal wave of Limbaugh listeners have been calling him to suggest he give up his career in media criticism and get back to something resembling law enforcement. This might have contributed to the sense of frustration over at the County Attorney’s office.
He's mad because he's been vigorously criticized.  This is the typical response of leftists - if they don't like what you are saying, they want to silence you.  Well, over my dead body Sheriff Dumbass.  You can ignore us all you want, but you're way past your sell-by date

Tucson, you need to get rid of this idiot.

From KGUN9

"Until further notice, due to a controversy between the Sheriff's Department and the County Attorney's office, no further information reference the January 8, 2011 shooting will be released."
The word "controversy" contained in the statement would seem to imply some sort of disagreement or discord between the Sheriff's Department and LaWall's office. But the statement did not elaborate about the nature of the controversy. When contacted by KGUN9 News, LaWall's office declined to comment.
Kastigar (Pima Count Sherrif Bureau Chief) has said recently that the security tapes from the morning of the shooting are crystal clear and show exactly what happened and in what order.
Well, that's it then.  They don't want us to know what is crystal clear, i guess.  Well, that's ok Dupnik, the FBI has desribed the surveillance video themselves.


Loughner entered Safeway and headed to the restroom. At some point, putting in ear plugs.

"He had the frame of mind to protect his hearing before he went and shot 20 people and to me that's very telling," said Pima County Sheriff's Office bureau chief Rick Kastigar.

He watched the surveillance video that captured the deadly shooting.

"He very deliberately with purpose walks up to a figure that is on the very edge of the frame of the video and fires one shot. You can see the little wisps of hair of that person," he said.

That person was Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

In an animation the shooter turns to Ron Barber and hits him in the shoulder.

Judge John Roll is standing next to him and pushes him to the ground.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dupnik Whines and Pontificates

Listen to Pima County, Arizona Sheriff Dupnik blather on about how the evil Republicans wanted to give "tax cuts to the rich" and then whine about the reaction to his stupidity (article here).  It's all despicable but listen to him whine and then pontificate at 1 minute in.  Apparently, the shooting is all about Ethel Kennedy who has to "go through this" again when it happens to someone else and it brings back painful memories.  So, that's why the rest of us should give up all our weapons.  Well, screw you Dupnik.  You can pry my weapons from my cold dead fingers.

He gets calls from Kennedys and all over the country in support and vile messages and threats from those who disagree with him.  Nothing reasonable in opposition.  Sure, Dupnik.  I called Sunday after the shooting and said "As the sheriff, a law enforcement official, you are out of line".  That's so vile.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Donnie Deusch and Al Sharpton lie about Arizona's 18 year old MLK Holiday

Yes, I said lie.  Arizona has an MLK day and has had since 1992.  Talk about blood libel!

I took the following screen cap at approximately 2:15pm MST today on the Arizona state government website.  I can personally attest that everything is closed - banks, schools, state offices, county offices, city offices, and post offices.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Praising Arizona

From Big Journalism.  Nothing to add.  Read it all.  Go over there and add your voice.

Posted by Stephen Kruiser Jan 13th 2011 at 9:00 am in Huffington Post, Mainstream Media, New York Times, media bias

For the past nine months, the great state of Arizona has been the subject of withering media attacks by an insulated chattering class whose lack of perspective may one day be studied in graduate psychology programs (because journalism school will be indistinguishable from clown school by then). The horrific attack on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords by a lone, obviously deeply disturbed gunman has opened the state and my hometown of Tucson up to more irresponsible derision from the echo-chamber MSM.

Note to HuffPo and the New York Times: one psycho does not a culture make.

I won’t even bother linking to the various hit pieces in the above-mentioned publications, they’re so prevalent right now one doesn’t have to search hard to find them.

Let us begin, rather, with the notion of a “culture” in Arizona, which implies some sort of static population that’s developed its ideals over time. The state had 1,775,399 residents in 1970. The most recent census puts that figure at around 6.4 million. That kind of growth is a bit too rapid to attribute to the friskiness and fertility of the natives. The fact is that Arizona is a melting pot within a melting pot, quickly adding people from all over the United States for the past forty years. People have been flocking there for the weather and the jobs, by the way, not to join a militia. If anyone wants to attribute certain attitudes to “the people of Arizona” those same attitudes should be applied nationally, as most of the state’s population has streamed in from elsewhere.

My next point is purely anecdotal but important for context. A lot is being said about the availability of guns in Arizona. My grandfather owned a gun store. I got my first real rifle when I was six (a Savage bolt-action .22). I grew up around a lot of guns, as did almost all my friends. To this day, we all remain remarkably free of homicides and accidental shootings.

I mention that because I get the sense when reading anti-gun articles that those writing them assume gun owners default to grabbing a weapon for conflict resolution. Most probably wouldn’t admit that but the implication is there.

The simple truth is that Arizona has always been home to people who own guns legally and don’t go on shooting sprees. The tendency by anti-gun people to assume that possibility is always lurking is not only irresponsible, but also unsupported by facts.

The same media that wants you to think Arizona is ready for OK Corral v. 2.0 were only too eager to point out during the SB1070 debate that violent crime rates have been dropping there.

So, remember, when the Left is talking about illegal immigration, Arizona is a safe place. As for the rest of the time, all hell is breaking loose. (Particularly ridiculous in this HuffPo piece is this contention: : “Arizona may not be uniquely conservative, but it has become far more so in recent years.” Both Gabrielle Giffords and Raul Grijalva survived close elections in a year that didn’t exactly favor incumbent House Democrats.)

The debate over SB1070 is far too complex to revisit here but it was responsible for kicking off the nationwide Arizona bashing. The range of idiocy from a group of people who either had never been to the state or spent very little time there was also too wide to deal with fully at the moment. The majority of the knee-jerk criticism sought to portray the legal citizens of Arizona as racist and anti-immigrant.

In truth, Arizonans, particularly in the two largest population centers, are tired of the decades-long fallout from the very real drug traffic that emanates from Mexico.

The Phoenix metropolitan area is a regional- and national-level transportation and distribution center for methamphetamine and marijuana and a regional distribution center for other illicit drugs, primarily cocaine and Mexican black tar heroin. The area’s transportation infrastructure facilitates the shipment of illicit drugs from Mexico to Phoenix for local distribution and transshipment to drug markets throughout the country,

The same DOJ publication noted a couple points long known by Tucson residents but completely ignored by critics intent on portraying them as a bunch of crazed rednecks who were manufacturing a problem out of whole cloth.

Drug production within Tucson is generally limited; most drugs are smuggled into the area from Mexico.

And …

In fact, GIITEM and the Arizona Counter Narcotics Alliance report an increased level of violence, particularly homicides, in Tucson that is attributed to increased drug trafficking activities and the rising number of gang members who operate in the area.

Per the Dept. of Justice, it would seem that there is a correlation between increased drug traffic and violent crime. And where is that traffic coming from? You got it.

This same piece notes that the porous border is indeed the problem. And that’s what residents of Southern Arizona have been saying all along, this really is about the dangerous people who have been availing themselves of an almost previously unmanned border, not a hatred for the people who have come across to work on farms.

While the violent crime rate may have gone down recently, it was doing so off the spikes mentioned in this 2007 report. Again … context.

This problem isn’t something that just sprung up out of the blue in the past few years. I lived a dozen or so blocks from the border in Douglas, AZ for a very brief time when I was a kid. I awoke one morning to find out some drug traffickers had been taken down in our front yard in the middle of the night.

SB1070 was simply a reaction by people who had grown too frustrated with a decades-long abandonment of responsibility by the federal government. Nothing more. No hidden bigotry. No crazy cowboys looking to go off on “brown skinned” people (can’t remember how many times I read that last summer).

Arizona faces the same economic problems that most other states have been facing in recent years. It also faces problems that are unique to it, such as how to accommodate the rapid population growth and deal with a drug traffic problem from Mexico that is far worse than in the other border states.

A problem it does not face, however, is the specter of a seething, hostile populace that’s going to have the streets flowing with blood any day now.

The people of Arizona are by and large good and deserve better than what they’ve gotten from the press, the president, the attorney general and others in the past nine months. The vile human being who killed all those people last Saturday is not representative of anything but his own wretched mental health circumstances.

The unhinged, uninformed demonization by the MSM out one side of its collective mouth while it’s calling for civility out the other is especially galling.

But, sadly, not terribly surprising.

And, the opposite from a victim who blames pretty much everyone except the shooter.
A wounded survivor of the Tucson shooting that critically injured Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is blaming Sarah Palin, House Speaker John Boehner, Fox TV host Glenn Beck, and former Nevada GOP Senate candidate Sharron Angle for the tragedy.

“It looks like Palin, Beck, Sharron Angle and the rest got their first target,” Eric Fuller said in an interview with Democracy NOW.
“Their wish for Second Amendment activism has been fulfilled — senseless hatred leading to murder, lunatic fringe anarchism, subscribed to by John Boehner, mainstream rebels with vengeance for all, even 9-year-old girls,” he added, referring to the death of Christina Taylor Green.

Fuller, a 63-year-old veteran, had campaigned for Giffords during her re-election and was at the supermarket for her “Congress on Your Corner” event.
Yeah, that’s right, that’swhat the second amendment is all about… hatred and murder and lunatics and anarchy. While I'm sorry Mr. Fuller was shot and I wish him a very speedy and full recovery, when he is recovered, I do hope he remains so angry at everyone and especially Arizona that he leaves the state.