Friday, June 04, 2010

US Rep Sanchez (PDSoA-CA) smears Arizona

Via NEW ZEAL (which, if you don't read it, you should) who has the audio of this.

United States Representative from California, Linda Sanchez (Progressive Democrat Scialist of America - CA (202) 225-6676 and (562) 860-5050) has smeared the state of Arizona and any other state which decides to protect their citizens via a law similar to AZ SB 1070 by stating that it has been "documented" (although she refuses to provide said "documentation") that "white supremacist hate groups" are behind it all.  Sanchez, herself a white hispanic who uses her maiden name to make herself appear more hispanic, is ignorant of both AZ SB 1070 and Federal Law.  AZ SB 1070 does not allow the authorities to "stop anybody and ask them for their documentation" but Federal law does indeed.

This person encapsulates damn near everything which is wrong with America.  Educated at UC Berkeley and UCLA school of law (that's your tax dollars at work CA).  Lover of the Cuban communists.  Board of Directors of Democratic Socialists of America.  Member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.  This is a concerted effort on the part of the Marxists and Communists which we have allowed to infiltrate our government and which now controls the highest levels of government in what was the last bastion of freedom in the world.

This United States Congressional Representative of the 39th district of California says 

The question is about this state law we have seen in Arizona the one where you can stop anybody and ask them for their documentation and the question is about how will Congress take up the issue of immigration.

I'll tell you the Arizona laws are not a mistake from the perspective of they're not accidental or one person's crazy idea.  There's a concerted effort behind promoting these kinds of laws on a state-by-state basis by people who have ties to white supremacy groups.  It's been documented.  So it's not mainstream politics they are being approached by front organizations for what ever white supremacist hate group that seem like they are legitimate.  They actually propses the language of these bills and get people to carry these bills in the state legislature.
You folks in California need to send this entire family to the unemployment line - yes, Linda and her sister Loretta, the United States Congressional Representative from district 47.  Throw these America haters out!  If you do not, I and the rest of the country will be forced to believe that you agree with them; you want socialism;  you want your representatives going to Cuba for "education"; you want socialists in the US House of Representatives.  Really?  Really California?  Is that what you really want?  If so, stand up, state it proudly.  And I and millions of others will avoid the state of my birth and upbringing for the rest of my life.  Parts of CA are beautiful and have great weather, but there is nothing in the universe which is worth that.

These people are Marxists and they are in control of our country and especially, the state of California.  To those few normals who remain in California (this includes my own family members) I say, MAKE YOUR ESCAPE NOW!  GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!

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