Saturday, June 26, 2010

Illegals leaving Arizona heading for New Mexico - Good!

Illegals are allegedly leaving Arizona over SB 1070 and heading for New Mexico.  Good.  (It would be better if they actually went back to old Mexico though.)  This happened when we passed the Legal Arizona Workers Act a few years ago too.  In fact, at that time, many headed for Texas and even (gasp!) Mexico.  The Mexican government whined that they couldn't handle the influx of their own citizens.  Too damn bad.  I have zero sympathy for the Mexican government.  If the Mexican government wasn't so corrupt, Mexico could be an amazingly rich, beautiful, welcoming country for it's own citizens and for entrepreneurs from around the world.  Mexicans love their country.  Give it back to them.  Get rid of the corruption and drug cartels and let the people be free to pursue happiness at home.

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