Wednesday, June 23, 2010

San Antonio, TX votes to express an opinion in opposition to SB 1070

Well, at least they aren't boycotting us!

The Mayor of San Antonio wrote up this resolution thinking it would be hugely popular.  That's odd.  It's especially odd since TX Governor Perry has already said he woudln't sign such a law.  So, the mayor is just attempting to jump on the bandwagon.

Council member Clamp was on local radio today and asked that we flood their inboxes and voice mail!  Let them know you don't appreciate them embracing illegal alien invaders over normal American citizens and legal immigrants!

You can cut and paste this line into the TO line of your email or see info below:;;;;;;;;;;

Resolution Urging Texas Legislature and Governor to Refrain from Passing Immigration Law

S.A. council plans vote on resolution opposing Arizona immigration law

The City of San Antonio may pass a resolution expressing its opinion on the measure.

Mayor Julian Castro has said it's important for the city to speak out against Arizona's immigration bill, but not all council members agree.

Councilman John Clamp is one of several council members who plan to vote against a city resolution opposing Arizona's new immigration law.

The council is expected to have a lively debate this Thursday, and those on both sides of the issue plan to show up.

Meanwhile, several state lawmakers have announced their intention to introduce similar legislation in the next state legislative session in January.

Leaders such as San Antonio Police Chief William McManus and Gov. Rick Perry have said that authorities in Texas have no business acting as immigration officers.

San Antonio City Council

Mayor Julián Castro
(210) 207-7060
District 1 Mary Alice P. Cisneros
(210) 207-7279

District 2 Ivy R. Taylor
(210) 207-7278
District 3 Jennifer V. Ramos
(210) 207-7064

District 4 Philip A. Cortez
(210) 207-7281

District 5 David Medina, Jr
(210) 207-7043
District 6 Ray Lopez
(210) 207-7065
District 7 Justin Rodriguez
(210) 207-7044
District 8 W. Reed Williams
(210) 207-7086
District 9 Elisa Chan
(210) 207-7325

District 10 John G. Clamp
(210) 207-7276

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