Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Support the citizens of Fremont, NE

The citizens of Fremon Nebraska have voted to make it illegal for employers to hire illegal aliens and for landlords to rent to illegal aliens. The citizens of Fremont should be commended for their courage to do the right thing. These decent normals circulated petitions and got this referendum on the ballot and then voted for it in a landslide.

City leaders, some religious leaders, and some business leaders argued against the city passing the ordinance because, they said, it would be so costly to defend against the inevitable legal challenges. These people should be called out as the greedy cowards that they are.

Contact the Mayor and the City Council and let them know that you support the free citizens of Fremont, NE in their battle to retain control of their own city.

The Mayor has no email but can be contacted here:
City of Fremont

400 E. Military Ave.
Fremont, NE 68025
Ph: 402.727.2630

City Council Members
Steve Navarrette

Gary Bolton

Jon Gilfry

Jeff Kuhr
402 721 3332
Sean Gitt

Scott Getzschman

John Anderson

Jennifer Bixby

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