Sunday, June 20, 2010

Obama Admin Holds Border Security Hostage to Comprehensive Immigration Reform

If you had any doubt that Obama was a thug of the most vile sort, you can put your mind to rest now.  He is holding Border Security, the safety of Arizonans and all Americans, and even our jobs hostage in order to get his way on socalled Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

No Amnesty!  Not now, not EVER!

I read and comment at The Blogmocracy. Another commenter there, Scott Madsen, noted this which you can find at Red State and which I duplicate here in it's entirety:

On June 18, 2010, Arizona Republican Senator Jon Kyl told the audience at a North Tempe Tea Party town hall meeting that during a private, one-on-one meeting with President Obama in the Oval Office, the President told him, regarding securing the southern border with Mexico, “The problem is, . . . if we secure the border, then you all won’t have any reason to support ‘comprehensive immigration reform.’” [Audible gasps were heard throughout the audience.] Sen. Kyl continued, “In other words, they’re holding it hostage. They don’t want to secure the border unless and until it is combined with ‘comprehensive immigration reform.’”

Sen. Kyl also said he reminded President Obama that the President and the Congress has an obligation, a duty, to secure the border.

(This part of Sen. Kyl’s remarks begins at the 3:17 mark of the video below.)


at the edge said...

And if that won't work, the jerk in chief has already made sure that a large part of Arizona's border cannot be fenced up by declaring some large park area as Federal property (or something). We have a treasonous regime in power!

Kirly said...

at the edge, that's right. I think i've written about that topic here. the enormous swaths of land (not just one either!) which are now no-go areas for ordinary Americans are the size of some eastern states. the Federal Government has basically given control of of these lands to the drug cartels. in case you are unfamiliar with the geography out here, it extends north to Interstate 8 which is 80 miles from the border in some locations.

Further, the activites of these human smugglers and the drug cartels extend far further than I8. Phoenix is the kidnapping cpaital of the country and second in the world only to Mexico City.

this situation is completely unacceptable. the man is guilty, at the very least, of dereliction of duty. and that's the nicest way i could possibly say that.