Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chuck D really is an enemy of the public

The latest racist dumbass to hate on Arizona is Chuck D of Public Enemy who said "the governor is a Hitler".

I left the idiot a message on the contact form.  I repeat it here for your reading pleasure and to preserve it for ever.
the governor of AZ is a hitler?

have you even READ AZ SB 1070? CAN you read? if so, then read it

there are no concentration camps in AZ. there are no killing camps in AZ. there are no military round ups in AZ. we are enforcing FEDERAL LAW. if you don't like that, then attack the FEDS.

what we do have in AZ is a wide open border with rampant human smuggling (and the women are routinely raped) and rampant drug smuggling. these smugglers carry fully automatic weapons and shoot down anything that gets in their way.

five hundred thousand of the 6 million people who live here are illegal! you think that doesn't affect the unemployment rate? i bet you do think that. rich and out of touch with the normals who actually work for a living.

your statement is ignorant and foolish. drag your sorry butt over here and see what happens if you enter one of the huge areas controlled by the drug cartels.
As always, retrieved from the Mike Broomhead show on KFYI.

I got mad and left a second comment
i bet you can't do any math either.

500,000 of the 6 million residents of AZ are in the country ILLEGALLY. that's 1/12th of the population of AZ. so, out of every dozen people you talk to here, one of them is illegal. if we are LUCKY, then all they are here for is to take a job from an American.

but we aren't lucky. Phoenix, the 5th largest city in the USA, is the the kidnapping capital of the USA. it is second only to Mexico city in that record. Almost all are a result of the drug smuggling and the human smuggling.