Sunday, June 20, 2010

A House Divided? Not so fast.

I was watching a Rasmussen Report (Where is the Tea Party Strongest?) of June 18 and came across the above.  That should frighten not just politicians worried about hanging on to their jobs, premium private medical insurance, and extraordinarily generous pensions (6 years service to get 100%!) but everyone in this country.  How can a country function normally with three quarters of the people angry at their government?  The American Revolution only took 1/3 to be enraged at England!

But, this isn't really a house divided as in the Civil War.  This is a nation divided between the vast majority of it's people and the ruling elites.  That's the problem.  Our government isn't governing.  They are ruling.  They are elitists who believe they know what's best for everyone.  That is as Un-American as it gets.

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