Sunday, June 20, 2010

ACLU and President of Gun Owners of Nevada team up?

I subscribe in my blogger dashboard to Stop The ACLU.   While I was not shocked to learn that ACLU sues over Nevada immigration initiative, I was shocked to find that the President of Gun Owners of Nevada is a party to the lawsuit.  On the wrong side.

Why in the world would the Robert Johnson, President of Gun Owners of Nevada, which is a single issue organization,, nonpartisan be involved with What Happens in Arizona Stops in Arizona, an ACLU group (they don't even have their own website!  it's ALL through the ACLU!  it's a fake front group for the ACLU) which has filed suit in an effort to prevent a ballot initiative similar to AZ SB 1070 from being put to either the NV Legislature or the Nevada voters.  Now, why?  Why would the president of a single issue nonpartisan gun rights group take that side in this issue?  This is not a rhetorical question.  I genuinely can't figure it out.

Their contact information is below.  They also have an online contact form.

I phoned them and left a message stating that if this Robert Johnson is acting on his own behalf and not that of Gun Owners of Nevada, then he should not be using his title as President of Gun Owners of Nevada.  Also, if he is not acting on behalf of the organization, then the organization should make a public statement about it and demand that he stop using their name for his personal political agenda.  And, I asked if he is acting on behalf of the organization, why is the organization getting involoved in this at all since their own website states they are a single issue entity?

Gun Owners of Nevada

1350 E Flamingo Suite 589
Las Vegas Nevada 89119
Phone: (702) 430-6051

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