Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sacramento, CA illegally boycotting Arizona

Kevin Johnson, mayor of Sacramento and former Arizona Suns NBA player, you should be ashamed of yourself!

Sacramento council approves economic sanctions against Arizona
The Sacramento City Council (phone numbers and links to each members page at that link - Kirls) voted Tuesday night to place economic sanctions against Arizona companies in response to that state's immigration laws.

The sanctions passed by a 6-1 council vote are on par with the broadest actions passed by other California cities, including Los Angeles, San Francisco and Oakland.

They include forbidding city workers from attending conferences in Arizona on the city's dime, boycotting companies based in Arizona "where practicable and where there is no significant additional cost to the city" and potentially canceling current contracts with firms from Arizona.

Councilman Robbie Waters voted against the boycott, arguing, "We should be taking care of our business here at home first." He asked for a report on how many city staff hours have been spent to look at the city's contracts.

I spoke with Councilman Waters office today to let them know how much I appreciated their vote.  They were very pleasant.  Please call and thank them everyone!
And, if you wish, call the boycotters and tell them what you think too!

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