Thursday, June 17, 2010

Portland, OR City Council calls SB1070 Un-American

The Portland, OR City Council is clearly a bunch of idiots.  They indirectly call us racists and say that we here in AZ are targeting people based on the way they talk and the color of their skin when SB1070 explicity, specifically, and repeatedly makes racial profiling illegal!

I'm am mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!  I called each and every one of these people and told them what i just said above and more.  If they are against racial profiling, then they should support SB 1070 which prohibits it.  This socalled "border violence" stretches all the way to Interstate 8 which is 80 miles north of the border.  Several national monuments are now no-go areas for American citizens.  The human smugglers, coyotes, are rather unsavory creatures raping the women who are making the trek and then hanging the womens underwear in trees as a sign of the machismo.  They hold these people in drop houses (50 and more people in 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom) and then extort more money from their families back home.  The drug cartels and the coyotes are armed with fully automatic weapons.  They are literally killing us down here!

Please call and email them and let them know that you do not appreciate this!  We are NOT racists!  WE do not racially profile!  We love the Mexican culture here!  We embrace the Mexican culture here!  If I were anti-Mexican, I'd have to to be against my own family members!  What we are against is criminal activity, including illegal border crossing.


NICK FISH, Commissioner of Public Works
(503) 823-3589

AMANDA FRITZ Commissioner of Public Utilities

RANDY LEONARD Commissioner of Public Safety

DAN SALTZMAN Commissioner of Public Affairs

LA VONNE GRIFFIN-VALADE Auditor of the City of Portland

Portland City Council calls Arizona immigration law un-American
The Portland City Council voted unanimously to oppose a controversial Arizona state law that allows police to check the immigration status of anyone suspected of being in the country illegally.

The vote was 4-0, with city commissioner Dan Saltzman absent. The Portland resolution allows the city attorney to assist in legal efforts by the mayors of Flagstaff and Tucson to overturn the Arizona law. The resolution also allows city lobbyists to push for stronger Oregon laws against racial profiling.

Portland’s measure stops short of boycotts called by Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and other cities to stop travel to Arizona and contracts with companies based in Arizona. Mayor Sam Adams does not think boycotts are useful or legal.  (Kirls - and yet he supports it!)
Portland’s city council is — based on their skin color — glaringly white. Still, each member spoke eloquently about the un-American nature of judging people on the way they talk or the color of their skin.

Commissioner Randy Leonard is of Irish descent and delivered, before his aye vote, a brief history of racism and discrimination in the United States, including the incarceration of Japanese and Japanese Americans in “concentration camps” during World War II.

Commissioner Nick Fish said he knows many people who could be "targeted" by the new law in Arizona, including his mother-in-law, who after three decades in the United States still speaks imperfect English, with a Spanish accent.

Commissioner Amanda Fritz emigrated from England. She said she knows her accent “is considered charming by folks, sometimes,” but that goodwill doesn’t apply to all accents.

“We are serious about equal rights in Portland, in Oregon, in the United States, aye,” she said.

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