Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Burlington, VT illegally boycotts Arizona

The city council of Burlington, VT, is calling for a boycott of my home state of Arizona.  They do not care if it's illegal (all Interstate Commerce is governed by the Federal Government).  I say fine.  Just keep your butts up there in winter when it's 40 below and freeze!  We'll be here enjoying clear blue sunny skies and mid 70s temperatures all winter!

I can't reproduce the stupid AP article but it was pushed by the mayor, Bob Kiss, a Progressive, and the three Republicans opposed it.  Bob Kiss has an online comment form or can be reached at 802-865-7272 or via email at mayor@ci.burlington.vt.us.  I left a message noting the lies in their resolution and stating that I expect an apology by morning.

Here is the actual city council resolution Opposing Arizona State Law SB 1070 & Affirming Burlington as a City of Immigrants (it's a .doc).  It is filled with lies:
Senate Bill 1070 (Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act), requiring all local law enforcement to investigate a person's immigration status when there is reasonable suspicion that the person is in the country unlawfully, if the officer comes “into lawful contact with that person” regardless of whether that person is suspected of a crime;

SB 1070 encourages racial profiling ...
It goes on to blather that neither Federal funds nor local funds should be used to enforce immigration laws.  Well, that makes it pretty clear... they want open borders.  Anarchy.  Idiots.
All the City Council Members are listed here alone with their home addresses and phone numbers (wow, how incredibly stupid!).  I'm reproducing it here (minus home addresses) so it can't suddenly be "disappeared".  I'm also taking a screen shot.
Ward 1

Ed Adrian (2012) (D)
862-9851 (h) 233-2131 (c)

Sharon Foley Bushor (2011) (I)
658-3604 (h)

Ward 2
David Berezniak (2012) (D)
863-2598 (h)

Bram Kranichfeld (2011) (D)
338-1992 (c)

Ward 3
Marrisa S. Caldwell (2011) (P)
578-7325 (c)

Emma Mulvaney-Stanak (2012) (P)
540-0185 (h)

Ward 4
Nancy C. Kaplan (2011) (D)
862-8807 (h)

Kurt Wright (2012) (R)
658-1410 (h)

Ward 5
William J Keogh (2012) (D)
Council President
862-5270 (h)

Joan Shannon (2011) (D)
860-7489 (h & w)

Ward 6
Mary Kehoe (2011) (D)
862-5520 (h)

Karen Paul (2012) (I)
863-3817 (h)

Ward 7
Paul Decelles (2012) (R)

Vincent Dober, Sr. (2011) (R)
865-4907 (h)

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