Friday, July 09, 2010

Salt Lake City, UT votes down boycott of Arizona

The Salt Lake City Council and Mayor Ralph Becker reject Arizona boycott

Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker and city council members have rejected the idea of boycotting the state of Arizona. "The mayor never wanted to go down that road," said chief of staff David Everett.

Council Chairman J.T. Martin said the notion was raised in the council meeting last week but quickly dropped as members didn't even want to discuss the issue. With Utah spending about $21 million per year doing business with Arizona companies, an economic boycott would have a significant effect on the state's economy.
Read it all.  It seems that Mayor Becker is still stinging from the boycott of Utah and all things possibly Mormon after California's Proposition 8.
I phoned them and they said they were getting quite a few calls and alot of emails.  Let them know you support them!

Contact them here:

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Anonymous said...

From iam7545

Hey Kirls - miss seeing you! Good post - thx

Kirly said...

thx iam. i've been mad, busy, mad, busy, mad, and now i feel sick and mad. i'm sure it'll all pass. just too mad to chat, i guess.

Rose said...

You saw Drudge today? Dem Governors are worried that Obama suing AZ will hurt their re-election chances. They aren't worried about the intrusion on state's rights... or crushing debt... or... and... just the party, that's all that matters.

Kirly said...

yeah, the dems don't care about the freaking armed invasion on our border. they care only about getting those illegal aliens to vote democrat. they are power hungry commies.