Thursday, July 29, 2010

About that Attack on a Sonoran (Mexico) Ranch

It turns out there may very well have been an attack on a ranch by a drug gang (cartel, mafia, whatever).  But, the ranch is in Sonora, Mexico close to Nogales (which stradles the international border).  This first story blames it on the US.  I reject that almost entirely except that if the USA would indeed secure it's border and control all egress, then this lucrative trade in drugs and humans would not be able to exist across that border.  Of course, if Mexico would control it's own territory and wasn't run by thoroughly corrupt racists, that too would help.  At least, it would help the Mexican people.  But, the corrupt politicians who run Mexico would rather remain corrupt, enriching themselves at the expense of all those brown people who they are very happy to see flow across the border into the USA remitting $20 Billion per year.  It's their biggest import.  They'll never give that up.  The only conclusion is that the USA has to shut the border not only with no cooperation from Mexico, but in the face of Mexicos actions to hinder that closure.  No crossings without express, prior permission (ie, a passport and a visa).  All you fools who paid for condos and timeshares down there will just have to plan ahead.

I came across this account which basically blames the United States for Mexicos inability to police it's own territory.

I have a ranch on the border of Mexico and the US. Unfortunately it is in Mexico. Daily they cross the “polleros” y “burreros”. Let’s leave aside the fact that they cut my fences let my cattle out, steal horses, and trash my ranch.

We are spending billions of dollars for border agents…..are they out there on the line where these people are crossing? NO NO NO.

I am so angry because in May the drug cartel came to my ranch killed my cowboy, my best friend that has worked for me for 10 years, ransacked my ranch, stole everything they could load their 4 cars with found nothing they were looking for but in their anger killed him and buried an innocent man next to my ranch house.

Why is this happening because the US turns a blind eye. If they controlled the border and caught all the illegal crosses it would look bad for them, therefore in order for everything to look good back in Washington they have a quota of how many they can catch in a month. A large % of illegals and drugs get across every month because the politicians don’t want the border to look out of control.

Go figure.

If the US did their job the drug cartel where my ranch is would look for another way to cross and well….my cowboy (RIP) would still be alive today.

The lack of law in Mexico, the US and their political agenda, and the death of my cowboy has really opened my eyes to all the corruption. I guess I finally woke up, I suppose I used to live in fantasy land, life was happy and fun. I enjoyed the challenges but now…IDK…I guess I’m still mourning his tragic death and searching for answers.

The attack happened on our ranch.

On Tuesday, May 18th my cowboy and I were at the corrals here in Mexico bringing in my hembras. Due to the fact we had 2 loads of cattle we went back twice to the ranch to pick up the hembras. The cattle were unloaded late and therefore my cowboy returned late to the ranch, probably around 8:30pm. I stayed to find a buyer and cross the cattle Wednesday morning.

For the last 10 years it is always customary to communicate with our motorola radios daily, especially at night if you’re arriving late. If for some reason the radios aren’t functioning I receive a text that they arrived fine.

My other cowboy wanted to take some days off so Jesus returned alone. I waited for what seemed like forever for him to call on the radio but nothing. My husband offered to go but it was already 10 pm and I didn’t want to send him alone. I assumed he would call in the morning. In the morning nothing.

At the corrals I saw my ranch neighbor, the ranch we need to cross through to get to ours to ask if he could check to see if Jesus went through. The answer was yes. I was also informed that 2 vehicles went through with masked men and some with their faces painted weird colors.

To cut to the quick after I crossed the cattle I immediately headed up to the ranch to find the ranch similar to an earthquake in Haiti and no Jesus.

Windows were smashed, furniture was broken, etc. etc. just a mess. I raced back to ask the police to investigate and help me look for Jesus.

There are many forms to fill out and unless there is a huge convoy to go up there basically they are scared. They said the scicarios have more sophisticated equipment than they do and well, Couldn’t go up till the next day. They needed to inform the mafia they were going up there before they could go. So the next day we went. They did their investigation…. found nothing.

Then I went to the soldiers for help me to look for Jesus and protection while I fixed up the ranch because the police wouldn’t. The soldiers said unless we find drugs it’s the job of the police. Well the police told me it was the soldiers’ territory. Everyone is staying out of it.

Our ranch is out there with no law and everything goes.

A month later Jesus was found buried less than a mile from my ranch house.

They tied him up with my rope, some say he was shot, others say he was hit with an ax.

The funeral home would not tell me anything, nor let me see him, nor I nor the family. They said it wasn’t allowed.

So I paid for a funeral, not ever really seeing him, we had to identify him by his clothes alone.
As bad as it is on the American side of the border, it sounds like hell on the Mexican side.  And I'm sure it is.  Their government has abandoned them to the non-existant mercies of criminals.

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