Saturday, July 03, 2010

One Blood

Holger posted this video.  It illustrates some beliefs I hold dear.  One of those beliefs is that race an artificial human construct invented so some people can pretend to be superior to other people.  There is only one race: The Human Race!

The video also reminds us that Democrats were against Civil Rights for our darker hued citizens, Martin Luther King Jr was a Republican, Robert Byrd (Dead Democrat) was a member of the KKK for years (46 by my reckoning), it was a Democrat Governor of Arkansas, Orval Faubus, who called out the National Guard to deny black students equal education.

So, I clicked the link and found JoeDanMedia is definitely worth a look.  Holger, of course, is a must read every day.

Racists come in all hues.  In fact, I challenge every one of you to have your DNA analyzed.  You'll be surprised.  There are no pure bloods.  You're Navajo and think you don't have white blood?  Sure.  You're a descendant of slaves and think you don't have white blood?  You're white and your family has lived in the USA for 300 years and you think you have no slave blood and no native blood?  You're central or south American and think you're pure brown?  Puhlease.  There have been mixed offspring all over the world for the entirety of human history and in the USA for 500 years.

As for me, Not Racist, Not Violent, No Longer Silent.

He raises his glass to Arizona about 2 minutes in so, of course I like that.

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