Friday, July 02, 2010

Huge Gun Fight 12 Miles South of Nogales, AZ leaves 21 dead

As long as the illusion of safety and prosperity can be maintained, nothing will be done to secure our border and idiots will ignore the danger until it's too late.

Twenty-one died in cartel violence Thursday night in Tubutama, a small Mexican town, just 12 miles south of the Nogales, United States border.

And, now, many are saying it's just a matter of time before that sort of violence explodes in southern Arizona.

"The cartels are obviously getting really good with their aim. And, they are killing more efficiently," facetiously said Republican State Senator Frank Antenori, who continued, "I'm waiting for any day now. That violence is coming! I mean, how many times do you have to get hit in the head with a brick? I mean the federal government is not getting the message."

Republican State Representative believes that message has already been delivered too late, "It's (the violence) has already happened. Look what happened two and a half months ago with the Pinal County Sheriff's Deputy getting ambushed. The war is already 80 miles north of the border and 40 miles south of Phoenix."

Those opposed to the new Arizona immigration law say that, despite the Mexican violence, the real villain is Governor Jan Brewer.

Today, protestors gathered in front of the state building in Tucson and carried signs of the governor that compare her to Adolph Hitler.

"I don't want to see Americans die. But, I'm from San Diego and border patrol there just beat to death a Mexican. So, it goes both ways," said Lee Van Ham.

Senator Antenori countered, adding, "How many Americans need to die? 30-40? I mean, what's the magic number? How many Americans need to die? It's disappointing!"
Local radio reported 21 dead, 6 injued, 9 in custody.

21 people dead 12 miles south of the border. (video at link)
NOGALES - A huge gun fight between rival drug and immigrant smuggling gangs in Mexico is now being called the deadliest act of violence ever in Sonora.

Officials say 21 people are dead and at least 6 others are injured. All the victims were believed to be gang members.

It happened about 12 miles south of Nogales, Sonora, Mexico just across the Arizona border. Local officials said nine people were captured at the scene along with eight vehicles and seven weapons.

Residents in Nogales, Arizona said they're getting used to all the murders and violence going on just across the border, but they said this most recent attack is different.

Jesus De La Cruz said, "We almost never hear of so many people getting killed in just one event. The situation is getting worse every day."

He said even people on the U.S. side of the fence are getting nervous. He said, "Everyone is scared and worried because just when the shootings slow down a bit...they come back and get worse like we just saw."

But not everyone is worried. Some said it's just a bunch of gang members fighting other gang members so they shouldn't be affected. (Some are ignorant fools with no knowledge of what bullets can do when fired from a gun in the hands of a gang banger who places no value on any human life - Kirls)

And based on the number of people heading into Mexico this holiday weekend they aren't alone. (These people are idiots - Kirls)

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