Thursday, July 29, 2010

Los Angeles Again Imports Their Racists to Phoenix

Immigration Protesters Handcuff Themselves to Jail so Sheriff Joe Arpaio arrested 50 of them.  Compare that to any Tea Party gathering where no one is arrested.

These protestors were, once again, bussed in from Los Angeles.  They are union members.  The busses left from Dodger Stadium before sunrise this morning.  Typically, one would expect that union members have jobs so who do they work for and why are thousands of them able to get the same day off every time they decide they need to come to Arizona and terrorize us?  They are here to intimidate not just Arizonans but any and all other states and cities that might be considering laws similar to SB 1070.

All pictures presented here and many more are available at KFYI.
They brought their favorite flags.

And they call other people racists.

Brown power racists.

Undocumented and Unafraid.  That's the problem.

And who knows what this actually meant.

I'm just grateful these fools were actually clothed.

Fortunately, this idiocy wasn't likely to survive the afternoon since a powerful monsoon thunderstorm hit us hard about 4pm.

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