Saturday, July 17, 2010

First anti-SB 1070 lawsuit in court

The first of what will likely be many lawsuits against AZ SB 1070 hit court on Thursday.  This one filed by Phoenix police Officer David Salgado, who says the law will force him to racially profile even though the law makes racial profiling illegal, and the non-profit group Chicanos Por La Causa, a self described progressive community based organization (gee, doesn't that sound familiar?) which says it will harm the children who may not produce proof of legal presence fast enough.  That's right, the big mean horrible state of Arizona is in the habit of deporting children without bothering to contact their parents.
Three reports...

2 very good reports from local news organizations
Battle over SB 1070 gets first day in court

Immigration law gets first major court hearing

1 from the New York Times (wow, they are really worried about AZ winning, aren't they?)
Debate Over Arizona Immigration Law Comes to U.S. Court

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