Friday, July 16, 2010

KeepAZSafe update and Border Sheriffs need defense help too

Arizona County Sheriffs (all of them) are being sued pre-emptively by the ACLU before they even begin to enforce SB1070.  Local news says the lawsuit alleges future racial profiling.

The population of Arizona is about 6 million which means Arizona is less than 2% of the population of the USA.  Also, about 5 million of the 6 million residents of Arizona live in the Phoenix metropolitan area in Maricopa County.  That means that the vast majority of the rest of the state is rural.  These rural counties have low population and thus do not have the tax base to defend against these ridiculous lawsuits.

I know many people have donated to the state defense fund, Keep AZ Safe, and I personally thank you.  You have no idea what it means to me because I cannot put it into words.  As of today, over 100,000 people from all over the country (incuding Puerto Rico) have donated approximately $1.2 million.

If you could please help the Border Sheriffs in their defense as well.  Any size donation is appreciated. 


KG said...

What a disgusting state of affairs this is! Do you know if it's legal for people overseas to contribute Kirl?

Kirly said...

Gosh KG, I don't know! I do know it's not like a political campaign so it should be legal. It's Saturday here so I can't call and find out today. I'll try to find out on Monday!

KG said...

Thanks. I'd sure like to contribute to the Border Sheriffs fund.

Kirly said...

Their website says they are a 501c3 organization, do not endorse candidates / parties, and so contributions are tax deductible but nothing about donations from outside the USA. So, I emailed them. If I don't hear back by the end of Monday, I'll hunt down their number and call them. :-)