Saturday, July 03, 2010

McCain should retire

After losing the Presidential Election of '08 in part because he refused to see and tell the truth about Obama, McCain should have announced his retirement.  McCain should be endorsing JD Hayworth as his replacement.  Instead, he is fighting infinitely stronger against Conservative JD Hayworth than he ever fought against Obama.  He's fighting with infinitely more negative ads than he ever ran against Obama.  He tells us that we have nothing to fear from a President Obama and then acts as if a Senator JD Hayworth would be the end of the Republic.  Selfish, arrogant, elitist, fool refuses to accept his expiration date was last year.

I agree, he should retire.  To someplace like California.  And he should take that stupid wife and daughter with him.

Senator McCain urged to let go, retire.

by Jim Kelley on Jul.01, 2010  
In the last week of June, the electioneering of John McCain and JD Hayworth has gotten intense to say the least. Brian Rogers, spokesman for McCain for Senate 2010 has inundated me with three press releases a day reminding me of JD Hayworth’s stint as an infotainer. The Hayworth campaign continues to give me the daily information as to where JD will be appearing and any new endorsements he has picked up. The difference in style between the rabid leftist pit-bull that McCain hired from Al Gore and the steady conservative Mark Sanders of the Hayworth campaign is stark. Jim Deakin for Senate has a shot at some attention on Jul 16 and 17. He doesn’t have the machine to capitalize on it, but at least the entire state will finally be introduced to him. The only negative electioneering from him is that he says both candidates are politicians that have forgotten the citizen part of being a citizen legislator. He has no media consultants, no donor lists, no PACs; just him his wife, a handful of dedicated volunteers and the new social media.
John McCain lost to Barack Obama because he would not “go negative”. McCain praised Obama in public telling the American people we had nothing to fear from him. Any question of Obama’s fitness to be president by any reporter was marginalized and smeared as “wacko right wing extremism”. McCain pandered to the left and abandoned his conservative base. He wooed and schmoozed as much of the one world progressive PAC money as he could get his hands on. McCain is loved by the left, the progressives and every intellectual elitist snob journalist East of Albuquerque. But it doesn’t play well in Arizona, particularly Southern Arizona. One lone writer, Andrew C. McCarthy from the National Review said “What Arizonans need from NR (National Review) is what NR has always provided: an explication of principled conservative stands on the issues of the day. Armed with that, Arizonans can figure out which candidate would best serve them. Primary endorsements push us into the spin business, and if we’re going to spin, McCain is not the place to start. (
McCain’s problems with his campaign started becoming apparent in February of 2009. A lone figure in the back of the room at Star Pass Resort in Tucson AZ asked a small question. “Why do you continue to support Cap and Trade, does not this proposal in effect tax every American just for breathing?” McCain was quiet, he put his hand up to his forehead to shade his eyes from the glare trying to see who asked the question then shuffled his feet looked down grasped the microphone with both hands and said “It wasn’t supposed to be a tax bill. It was supposed to be a mechanism to encourage business to search for alternative sources of energy consumption.” Really? The bill at the time was in no way an “encouragement” it was a sledgehammer to knock every man woman and child into the template for an entirely new economy .
No one in the room that day had an inkling of what I had asked. No one had even heard of Cap and Trade. Everyone knows today. It is the “fundamental change” that Obama has promised. It is the template for global credits based on carbon dioxide emission including human breathing, instead of dollars based on GDP. It is the dismantling of national sovereignty. It is the re-identification of citizenship, culture and humanity to two words; carbon footprint.
Again in October of 2009, just a mere eight months later and many TEA Parties, including Tucson’s Last Stand at TEP Park, there was John McCain holding a town hall in Sahaurita AZ. The Sahaurita High School Auditorium was packed. John McCain, the mayor of the town and Jonathan Paton standing next to the Senator is welcomed by what at first appears a friendly crowd. Then the questions start coming. Questions of healthcare were asked and McCain said “Well, elections have consequences; this is what you get when you don’t elect me.” Really, as a Senator he could have stopped this larceny of money and liberty, but he didn’t. Gabriella Mercer stood up and took him on with immigration. McAmnesty stuttered. I asked about Cap and Trade, the Give Act and reminded him our Consitution is to be obeyed by our legislators not changed by them. He swore he would kill these pieces of legislation. Not yet he hasn’t. October 10, 2009 is when John McCain lost Southern Arizona.
So here we are. John McCain is fighting for the last gasp of his political life. He refused to be satisfied with the title of elder statesman of the GOP, retiring from the Senate and being the wizard of the mountains of Sedona where the new GOP contenders could come for advice and strategy. John McCain could have used his war chest from past campaigns and the donor list that is a mile long to help recapture GOP seats in Arizona. He could have used that money to establish the think tanks and PACS that could strengthen conservative education in Arizona. He could have established a chair at the U of A or that other university. But no, at 73 soon to be 74 on August 29th, he just isn’t ready to retire. Like all good power junkies he can’t give up the juice. I grew up knowing Barry Goldwater and John McCain is no Barry Goldwater.
So let’s look at the results of McCain 2010 election. His selfish quest to hold on to power is killing the GOP in Arizona. He is destroying the reputation and character of another Republican that will outlive him. He is holding on to political money, money received by ponzi schemers, instead of spreading the wealth to the local party organizations in Arizona. Shiree Foster Verdone and Mike Hellon are his appointments in Yuma with the 2010 Victory fund. He hoards his donors. The donors that should be supporting local candidates, local issues, local GOP offices. McCain will not let loose of that money.
His mean spiritedness in this campaign has turned his base against him. My parents, who remember when McCain limped off the plane that brought him home from Hanoi, are not voting for him. “He wouldn’t warn the US about Obama, he wouldn’t go negative on him but he lets loose on Hayworth. We forgave John all his indiscretions because we thought it was important to have him there in the Senate for Arizona. Well what has he done for us? The only time he seems to have any influence on anything is when he votes with the Democrats. But now after we forgave the treatment of his wives, the sordid associations with Keating and mobsters, he tries to smear Hayworth for a commercial? What a hypocrite.” John, they are 73 and 75. They have shown you great loyalty and love. They are asking you to step down and retire. Mentor the youngsters, shore up the GOP in Arizona; you have no need of any more wealth or riches. You are not protecting us anymore. Don’t be that guy. The guy that could have done the right thing and saved his party and his country by letting others take over but wouldn’t. You are not strong enough to do the job anymore. All you are right now is a spoiler for the entire party. It is you and your attacks that are hurting the unity we desperately need right now. We thank you for your service. It has been honorable and sacrificial. Now please let go.

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