Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Georgia About to Enforce Immigration Laws

Georgians, don't let the "thousands" protesting disuade you!  The millions of productive citizens are with you but had to show up at work instead of at a protest.

Georgia Senate Passes Arizona-Style Bill to Restrict Illegal Immigration
By NewsCore

ATLANTA - Despite thousands of residents expressing their opposition to the legislation, the Georgia Senate Monday approved an Arizona-style crackdown on illegal immigration.

The Senate approved House Bill 87 after almost three hours of debate in a 39-17 vote, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

However, lawmakers eliminated a contentious piece of the bill which would have required businesses to register their workers on a federal program called E-Verify. The program determines if they are eligible to work in the US.

Because it was substantially amended the bill must now return to the House for its approval, before it can be signed by Gov. Nathan Deal.

Like the law enacted in Arizona, Georgia's bill would allow police to question suspects about their immigration status.

It would penalize people who transport or harbor illegal immigrants or use fake identification to get a job in the US.

It is estimated Georgia is home to about 425,000 illegal immigrants -- more than Arizona.

Thousands of residents of Georgia have protested the bill -- both in demonstrations outside the Capitol and in petitions.

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Anonymous said...

I think is a real good move their are alot of illegal people and need to go back home if they want to be in the land of the free do it the right way and get gren card