Thursday, August 25, 2011

53 Mexicans Murdered in Monterrey

I wonder if any of those guns are of the Fast and Furious variety?

Obama, Holder, et al, I hope you're happy with overt act of war in arming the internal enemies of our neighbor, Mexico.  You should all be extradicted for your crimes.

MONTERREY, Mexico (AP) — Two dozen gunmen burst into a casino in northern Mexico on Thursday, doused it with gasoline and started a fire that trapped gamblers inside, killing 53 people and injuring a dozen more, authorities said.

The fire at the Casino Royale in Monterrey, a city that has seen a surge in drug cartel-related violence, represented one of the deadliest attacks on an entertainment center in Mexico since President Felipe Calderon launched an offensive against drug cartels in late 2006.

"This is a night of sadness for Mexico," federal security spokesman Alejandro Poire said in a televised address. "These unspeakable acts of terror will not go unpunished."

Calderon tweeted that the attack was "an abhorrent act of terror and barbarism" that requires "all of us to persevere in the fight against these unscrupulous criminal bands."

Nuevo Leon state Gov. Rodrigo Medina told the Televisa network that 53 people had been confirmed dead in the attack.

"But we could find more," said state Attorney General Leon Adrian de la Garza, adding that a drug cartel was apparently responsible for the attack. Cartels often extort casinos and other businesses, threatening to attack them or burn them to the ground if they refuse to pay.


Anonymous said...

So you think you're better than Mexicans? "Kirly" u are pathetic.

And please don't delete this comment -- it's the only comment you've gotten in years.

Kirly said...

i don't think any human being is better than any other human being. what an utterly stupid thing concept.