Sunday, March 20, 2011

US Ambassador to Mexico Resigns After Telling the Truth

I read BorderLand Beat fairly regularly and if you're at all interested in the actual situation on our borders and inside Mexico, I suggest that you do as well.  For example, while reading BorderLand Beat yesterday, I learned that the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico had resigned.  Hadn't heard anything about this on any news.  It seems he resigned after some wikileaks exposed his complaints about inefficiency and infighting among Mexican security forces - ie, he resigned after telling the truth.

Secretary of State Clinton said Pascual resigned "based upon his personal desire to ensure the strong relationship between our two countries and to avert issues" raised by President Felipe Calderon without identifying the issues or when they were raised.  Perhaps Calderon raised these "issues" when he met with Obama two weeks ago.

Calderon is on record as complaining about US meddling in Mexican domestic policy!  Meddling???  The wikileak quoted U.S officials describing "widespread corruption" in Mexican security agencies (TRUE) and "a dysfuntionally low level of collaboration" (TRUE), described the Mexican army as "slow" (TRUE) and "risk averse" (TRUE), and concluded that only 2% of people arrested in Cuidad Juarez (the most violent city in Mexico, wracked by drug-cartel-related killings) were charged with a crime.

Meddling??  Seriously, let's STOP all that nasty meddling, bring our surging numbers of law enforcement people operating inside Mexico home and use them to enforce our national border!   And while we're at that, shut down all monetary transfers to Mexico - every last penny.  Calderone can handle his internal problems on his own.  Enforcing our border will keep his problems out of our country.

If you think I just said that Calderone and the Mexican people that they can go pound sand and deal with their own problems, you're right.  I'm fed up with operating our own country as if it were the welfare agency for Mexico's browner population.  That's right, I said it, the Mexicans of primarily European descent don't care at all about their browner citizens of obviously more tribal descent and are quite happy to export them here and rake in $20 Billion a year from them. 

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