Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Dust Storm for Phoenix

Another dust storm blew through Phoenix yesterday.

This is what I normally see looking south from my home.

And this is what I saw yesterday looking south from my home.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures and info, kirls. Amazing weather phenom, but probably not so wonderful when you have to clean up, after.

The Osprey said...

Habib is lost in the haboob!

Kirly said...

Lauren, yeah, it's not that much fun during (grit in your eyes and lungs) or after - the pool deck had more dirt than i'd ever seen!

O - technically, our dust storms aren't haboobs which are sand storms. but, it's funny so i'll keep saying it. local radio dude wants to give the Haboob storm a rating system so we would know it's severity - you know, like category 1, 2, 3 for hurricans. he suggested A, B, C, D. LOL

Gecko said...

I'd love to see something like that, but I wouldn't be so keen on the clean up, lol