Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lindsey Graham(esty) cannot be trusted on immigration

Why I do not trust Lindsey Graham when it comes to immigration reform... because he called those of us who oppose amnesty "bigots".


Brittanicus said...

Democrats have tried to drive a wedge between Hispanics and the General population, But the plain fact is that there are millions of legalized and multi-generations of Hispanic citizens, who wish to disassociate themselves from South of the border. Equally abhorrent are overstays recognized to be 40 percent of the illegal occupation. If Mexico and other countries has a way of tracking arrivals through ports of entry, by plane, ship or even over the Canadian border, why is this not implemented by Homeland Security and ICE? Hispanic and honest legalized immigrants are cordially welcome to join the TEA PARTY.
It’s more important than ever to join the PEOPLES party, the TEA PARTY. The Tea Party is for all legal Americans, naturalized citizens and those holding green cards. This un-American movement will not be tolerated, and should never be ratified without a national referendum. Our country is a nation of laws, especially when it comes to integration of other countries. Currently the Democrats desire to force on—ALL—the American peoples a new Amnesty, cloaked in Immigration Reform. Indirectly the Dream Act would have the same purpose, allowing these Students to sponsor family members. Chain Migration is already accelerating and costing Americans billions of dollars a year. Sanctuary states are another enigma, which is about sheltering foreign nationals which is California's and Nevada's cross to bare.
It’s unfortunate we don’t follow the same laws as countries in Europe, which is using a “PointsSystem” for legal immigration. Offering entry visas to the highly skilled people with profession experience in their specialized occupation, as they will not end up in the welfare offices? Today, in most cases through illegal immigration the American people are serving on a plate education to illegal children, free treatment in emergency rooms, pre and post pregnant women receiving free natal care and delivery, with food stamps, Section 8 housing and $600.00 payments for every child conceived. We are Catering to In-state tuition for illegal students, although America's children from other States must pay full cost.
The 1986 Amnesty cost taxpayers 76 billion dollars. A new reform package will cost an astronomical figure, which comes out your pocket. Even scarier is supporting the illegal alien household that has already settled here? Some say 12 million, but most non-profit sovereignty groups say it’s over 20 million and counting? Can we afford subsidizing the farming community anymore, as they pay nothing in benefits and small living wage? No health care and we pay their children's schooling. Temporary Guest Worker programs are rampant with fraud, as all special visas for employment. It certainly makes no logical sense when 15 million Americans cannot find work? We just cannot be the emergency room care or education entitlement for the rest of the world, anymore. Another major issue is foreigners voting in only-for-citizens election. This is no longer a isolated issue and States nationwide, need to enact stringent rules that includes showing picture ID to prove they are legally able to vote? Join the Tea Party and also ply your representatives in Washington, State or even local level for answers? Contact them at Senate—202-224–3121/ House—202-225–3121.
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Kirly said...

Thank you Brittanicus for that very informative comment.