Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dupnik Whines and Pontificates

Listen to Pima County, Arizona Sheriff Dupnik blather on about how the evil Republicans wanted to give "tax cuts to the rich" and then whine about the reaction to his stupidity (article here).  It's all despicable but listen to him whine and then pontificate at 1 minute in.  Apparently, the shooting is all about Ethel Kennedy who has to "go through this" again when it happens to someone else and it brings back painful memories.  So, that's why the rest of us should give up all our weapons.  Well, screw you Dupnik.  You can pry my weapons from my cold dead fingers.

He gets calls from Kennedys and all over the country in support and vile messages and threats from those who disagree with him.  Nothing reasonable in opposition.  Sure, Dupnik.  I called Sunday after the shooting and said "As the sheriff, a law enforcement official, you are out of line".  That's so vile.

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