Sunday, May 15, 2011

51% say USA safer now than before 911 attacks

Buried in a report about Janet Incompetano being the most unpopular member of the Obama administration (at 23% favorable), is this little gem:
With our borders more porous than ever, with more smuggling than ever - of people, drugs, terrorists and their supplies, 51% actually think we are safer than before 911.  This is insanity.  When the car bombs start, will these fools wake up?  When the suicide bombs begin at crowded weekend eateries, will these fools wake up?  When Beslan-style attacks on our public schools begin, will these fools wake up?

Or are these fools destined to be perpetual victims and beggars for government handouts on the backs of the tax payers?  Most of whom are not rich!

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Howlsatmoon said...

Safer? With signs in my beloved home State warning the American public not to traverse our own lands?