Tuesday, August 09, 2011

All of MiddleEarth Angry at McCain

Yesterday the Tea Party Hobbits (you know, US, the good guys who save the entire world!) politely asked Senator John McCain for an apology for turning the word Hobbit into an epithet.  Today, the Morder Orcs (Democrats) expressed their anger at him too.  In typical John McCain fashion, the venue was way too small and the doors locked 45 minutes before the event began.

I heard a clip of it on the radio where McCain said "...everyone wants to be rich..." and the crowd howled that no, they did not want to be rich!  LOL

If U.S. Sen. John McCain's town hall on Tuesday had a theme, it's that Greater Tucson has been dipped in a big vat of angry.

And the heat isn't just the domain of the tea party anymore, with progressives showing up in force, just as torqued as their conservative counterparts.

It didn't help the tenor that there were far too many people for the 150-seat venue at St. Marks United Methodist Church on the far Northwest Side. The doors were locked and people turned away 45 minutes before the event even started.

As McCain entered, waving, he was greeted by the standard applause, as well as the not-so-standard chant of "Where are the jobs?"

Although the crowd by applause agreed to some ground rules - no yelling, no shouting, respecting one another - they didn't mean it.

The catcalls and interruptions started early into his introductory comments, which McCain largely used to make his case that the economic situation has deteriorated under the Obama administration. Using a chart with the title, "He's making it worse," McCain said there are fewer jobs, higher gas prices, more regulations and lower housing values since the inauguration.

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