Friday, May 27, 2011

Pima County Sheriff Dupnik, Why is Jose Guerena Dead?

Sheriff Dupnik, of Pima County, Arizona has gone from unavoidable for offensive unfounded hateful comments against Conservatives when Jared Loughner murdered 6 and shot several including Arizona Congressional Representative Gabrille Giffords to unavailable for comment in the case of a SWAT raid on a Tucson home which resulted in more than 70 shots fired in 7 seconds with 60 hitting and killing Jose Guerena.  Dupnik has hid behind a spokesman and issued as many as 5 different versions of the incident.

I don't know if Jose Guerena was a good guy or a bad guy.  I do know that he was a Marine and served our country in Iraq.  I know that he was in bed asleep in his home with his wife and 4 year old son in a neighborhood alleged to have a problem with home invasion attacks.  And the video below seems to indicate that this was a "no knock" and no announcement can be heard that it was the police.  I know that the safety was on Guerenas weapon and he never fired a single shot.  And I know that nothing illegal was found in his home.  And that medical attention, which arrived within 2 minutes of being called, was kept on hold for more than an hour and then sent away.  I don't know if anyone could have survived 60 gunshot wounds, but some effort should have been made to help the poor man whose wife said he was still alive.  Allegedly, Guerena lay there dying for an hour and fourteen minutes.

Dupnik.  You're done.  Resign in disgrace.  Go home.  Go away.  And take the officers who denied medical treatment to a dying man wtih you.

The family has hired an attorney.  No amount of money will replace this young man, husband, father.  But, they deserve to know the truth of why their home was raided.  They are going to sue Pima County, Arizona for all it's worth - probably for all it'll be worth for the next 100 years.

Update:  Blackfive has a lot of information and links to even more.


Anonymous said...

Safety on, no drugs, nothing that would warrant a search warrant. In most states, a search warrant has to be signed by a judge. In most states, this is done to take responsibility and insure there is reason to issue a warrant. Here is a young man, who went to Iraq, and I understand he went there twice. He had just got home from his night job, and was awaken by his wife who he was protecting, even as he had when he went to war to protect us. I know first hand what it is like to wake disoriented after finishing two shifts of work, and not even knowing who I am. 70 shots fired? Why? It would seem to me that this SWAT team should have a few years walking in this young man's shoes in a war zone. I hope, and pray this story does not go away. How, can this happen in America?

Kirly said...

how indeed. sheriff dupnik, that's how. out of control lunatic, that's how.

i saw innocent until proven guilty so, my opinion is that the intel was seriously flawed and there must not have been a double check at all - or at least not a serious one. from what i've read, one of the swat team members may have fired his weapon in error and the other swat team members thought Guerena had fired and they let loose. even so, *IF* that is what happened, it doesn't erase the multitude of errors which had already occurred before they ever bashed in the door.

this is such an outrage.

regarding your idea, anonymous, that "this SWAT team should have a few years walkking in this young mans shoes in a war zone"... no way i'd trust them to do that and no way i'd give them that honor. they need to spend a few years explaining themselves and sitting their asses in jail thinking about the orphans and the widow. and when they get out, they need to dedicate their lives to helping that widow and those orphans in every way imaginable... pay their living expenses, pay for their schooling, buy their food, etc. everything is on their shoulders, imo.

Anonymous said...

abolish pima county swat....time for the fbi a federal prosecutor and a federal grand jury..this marine guerena deserves that much....