Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tammy Duckworth LIED

I watched Fox News Sunday on the local affiliate this morning to see Tammy Duckworth and Arlen Specter lie about the HR3200 and about the VA's use of Your Life Your Choice. I agree with what Jonah Goldberg said about the episode and, since he's a professional writer I'll just quote him:

I just watched Tammy Duckworth try her best to defend the VA "death book" on Fox News Sunday. The Iraq war veteran was severely wounded as an army aviator, losing both her legs, and is currently an Assistant Secretary at the VA. The administration sent her out to defend the book and to push back against Jim Towey, who first raised the issue. While she admirably held her own, her talking points were often very, very lame (she kept insinuating that Towey's bitter his $5 book isn't free of charge to vets). The upshot was she defended this irretrievably gross book on the merits and attacked the messenger to boot. And here's the thing, the death book is doomed, doomed. It's obvious Obama will pull the thing, because it's the right thing to do and because it's a political no-brainer while he's trying to shake off the "death panel" albatross. So they sent out Duckworth to stake a position that will be reversed, making her look like a fool. Just give it time.

So, Tammy Duckworth and Arlen Specter, thank you for your service. Now quite trying to help the statists take over the country! You know darn well you wouldn't support it unless you thought you'd be part of the elite! oh, but Tammy, we know you were born into it.

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