Thursday, August 20, 2009

Format Change - but The Book of the Banned is permalinked

Just a very short note to all who come looking for The Book of the Banned. I've changed the format to allow for the last 25 posts to show up on the main page. But, The Book of the Banned is now and will always be permalinked in the right sidebar!

We continue to welcome all those who have been summarily kicked to the curb, those who have been told to "Get your own blog!" only to be stalked, harrased, and had their identities outted! Join us at our network of blogs and in the Chat (linked under the picture of the dust storm also in the right sidebar).

UPDATE: Currently there are 926 Insidious Bad Applies listed in The Book of the Banned! Keep sending those updates in. We're headed for 1000!


Rose said...

Cool. What's the count up to?

Kirly said...

i should add that in the post! thanks for the note!